What do I need to do to be happy?

  • Help.

  • You'll have to give more information than that - we are not mind-readers here.

  • This post is deleted!

  • lol Good point Captain! A bit of a topic would help!

  • LOL Hi GoldenEgg3, I like your nickname, it reminds me of Easter when I was a little kid.

    What do you need to be happy? that's a great question... have you tried journaling (writing down) your thoughts around this question... seat in a quiet place and ask this to your self and do some brainstorming... write everything that comes to your mind...

    and yes providing more into to either the Captain or MissBethangels would help... you want happiness in your career/professional life?, romantic?

    you can vent here, tell us what challenges you are encountering 🙂

    Cheers, HD

  • I've fallen for someone but I don't feel like I am good enough for him. Physically, I mean. He is great but it leaves me depressed. I really want to feel beautiful enough for him. I know no one can help me with that. I just need advice.

  • GoldenEgg3, i'm sorry to hear that you dont feel good enough for him... I'm sure that is not true.

    You should value yourself because of YOU and just that, you need to change your perspective.

    Dont give your power away... take care of yourself.

    Try daily affirmations like "I'm worthy, loving, caring and beautiful" I'm sure you can find good ones that resonate with you, and repeat them over and over through the day...

    Feel beautiful, because you ARE beautiful, because it is YOUR life and you need to ENJOY it to the fullest! And of course good nutrition and excercise never hurts.

    It is not worth doing it for someone else, do it for YOU!

    You can do it... you can do it 🙂

  • GoldenEgg, you do realize your thoughts about yourself are illogical and caused by insecurity, not fact, don't you? Why would this guy be with you if he didn't want to be?

  • He's not with me, we're friends at the moment.

  • Oh I see. You need to explain your situation fully if people here are to give you appropriate advice.

    If you give off insecure and 'feeling ugly' vibes, you won't attract anyone. Why would anyone else like you if you don't like yourself? Spending some time on self-love and appreciation and acceptance will boost your chances of finding love.

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