Conflicted around Pisces man

  • I had been interested in a pisces man i know years ago and professed my feelings. Timing not so good so i moved on but still never got over him. Over the years, met someone whom i love deeply, got married. The pisces man is back in my life now (hes single) when we met up recently over a dinner. Have been in touch through video chats and emails since and have rekindled a great connection that we once shared. I feel myself getting those old feelings back and am torn. To make it worse he has suddenly pulled back after facilitating the connection and enjoying our interactions.

    Walking around with a constant tightness in my heart not knowing how to deal with this situation. Not sure if i'm more distressed about my feelings resurging while being married or trying to figure out why he is suddenly pulling back....just not a good state of being all around

  • Dear Gemgirls,

    This pieces fellow would have been yours years ago, but destiny happened and you married the man you were suppose to be with, now it seems that the Love Goddress is smiling on you again with a revisit from Mr. Pisces. Gemini's and Pisces clink in the mental way, but you just may be unable to subtain when it comes to the depth that would be required of you from this man. You like mental stimulation as well as the physical pull, he will have the pull but will also have emotion's that you may not be able to fathom, as he will go deep. You may like to keep yours near the surface and keep moving forward, where he holds on to things emotionally that would pull you down a bit. Your husband I feel is more of a fire sign Leo, Sag and he is able to understand you and move forward also, you may now be at the stage of your marriage that brings in boredom and has to be rekindled with the memories and love that is still there and where your foundation has been built. The choice is yours.

  • I can't believe what I've just read from you two above! Right when we may think we are the only one going through something that is unique to our own being, we can click the first page to a forum discussion, and read our own life played out in it's current state of grace (or non-grace in gemgirls & my case!) within a stranger's one paragraph! And then Shuabby... everything you wrote in response simply adds to "my" story/situation, in a way that feels almost uncomfortably familiar! Geez. Well, least I know I'm not alone in this journey, eh?:) Wish I could go out for tea with ladies like you and converse

    not just in the virtual world! Curious, Gemgirls? Your birthday? The Pisces? And your "Leo"/"Sag" (according to Shuabby, that is) husband's birthday? Wondering if we hold even more synchronicity?

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