It happened again!

  • Hi i have been having these dreams,I posted one when i first joined,"why are my dreams so bad" well I must say,talking about it out loud helped wonderfully. Now it's happening again,my dreams are so confusing I wake up some times not wanting to ever sleep again.four years ago I was able to be with a person that I and he had cared for, for many years,we were finally able to be together and it was the most wonderful thing I had ever experienced,we were totally on the same page with each other,and felt we would have a great life finally.Well I was able to be with him for a year, and he suddenly became very ill and in a matter of three days he passed suddenly. I have been so lonely without him,I have been trying a new relationship,but I can't feel any of the things I felt with him.Iam so confused,and ever since he passed my life is just breathing.I think its me, I been haveing alot of dreams about him,he always apears to be there I just can't get to him,i think iam crazy but who knows.last night he was there again,and he showed me,there was a way out,but Iam not strong enough for that, Iam on medication to help me coupe with life. ( the meds are not the reason,because Ive always had a sixth sense so to speak) I don't have any thing since he left me,no money no home,and no real happiness,the worst part is Iam just getting very tired, and Iam at a cross road between life and no life. I can't kill my self because it would hurt too many people and I won't be responsable for that kind of pain.I just want to know why I dream of constant disasters,I need some peace, Ive tried alot of things to fix my life,but not working. I drempt last night that I was at a water front not sure were I was,and there was a fire behind me,I was all alone and so scared. there was a women in the water that kept telling me it was alright, but the fear was so intense I couldn't even hear her very good.then a big fish of some sort came up and took her away. behind me the fire went out ,and the sun was shining but my friend that passed was still there,just looking at me,wow this does sound crazy! my life feels so upside down and I feel I can't go to sleep any more.what do I do?

  • when you dream of your friend that passed..have you ever considered that he's coming to visit and let you know he's ok and in Gods place [which can be many different backgrounds] You don't have to let him go..carry him in your heart and know he's in a good place and you WILL see him again..As for taking your own life DONT DO IT, it will not get you the results that you will be slung right back into another life until you learn the lessons you were meant to learn this life..maybe a part of your lesson is to learn to enjoy life, see the good around you and to love yourself more..Next time you dream of your friend talk to him,you might find comfort and peace in knowing he's always with you even if you can't see him..Don't be afraid that's God's way of showing us were not alone and he loves us and life goes on..

    Love & Light D

  • anngora I had a visit from my grandmother and I know it was a visit because it was very vivid and in color which I never remember dreaming in color and after I woke up it stayed with me and didn't fade like a dream does. I am told that's how you know the difference. Visits are vivid and you don't have trouble remembering it. They want us to know they are around and know what's going on. My grandmother told me that my grandfather new wife was driving him crazy. All I could say was oh. And she was gone. I told my dad the next day on the phone and he told my grandfather that she had come to me and he said she came to him the same night. I don't believe they want us to be unhappy or to be with them on the otherside. But they want us to know that they know what's going on with us. So they want us to be happy and learn what we are here for.

  • you are going through a lot of grieving at the momment. youre friend was there to help you along you chose not to listen because you are hurting real bad. he came back to see if you were ok and you chose not to go forward into the calm water but wanted to stay in pain of the fire. he was there helping you along you chose to stay still. he is encouraging you to take a leap into faith. the lady was also there to guide you. you will need to put your trust in the living which is the water not the fire which is an ending. he is willing you to go forward with your life but you do not seem to be listening. i know its hard but we must all move on sometimes for our own life. he came back to make you move forward and showed you the way. take any new opportunity you have because i am sure he will put few more positive things to you do not ignore them. there is time to grieve and a time to move on. he was looking after you when you had this dream. love what you had but try to move on he is giving you the push. please take it as your life is for living. we all have dreams and the fire was the pain you felt in his passing but the calm waters are your new life. it will happen again and again until you are ready. now you will understand that there is more to life than just hanging on to things that need to move on. i feel you have suffered so much but help is there and you are not wiling to listen. enjoy your dreams from now on they are a sign and also a clearing from the past hurt. you will sleep better if you understand this message. love and light.

  • Before you drift off to sleep ask a question to him. Practice this each night. If you feel like you can't ask the question before you fall asleep write it down and place it on your night stand. Ask just one question until you get the answer. Have you tried praying that you find peace with your love death? I wish you well.

  • He is coming back to comfort you and lead you forward. Take his guidance, as he can see a bigger picture then you from where he is. He is at peace and wants you to be. Pray to be released from the pain of the past and you will be....each day will seem a little brighter and clearer. Your love for him and his love for you need never be forgotten, and it never will be, as it is the only thing that is real in this world. Feel blessed that you had the opportunity to be shown pure love from someone and to be able to love will be able to feel that again with someone because of that. It is time to move forward with the rest of your life and not to feel guilty or will unfold beautifully if you have faith. Look after yourself and sleep peacefully knowing you are truly loved and watched over .

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