Odd Encounter-In Need Of Insight!!!

  • Hi everyone I just had the weirdest thing happen to me today. You know all my talk about my ex I post up in alot of my forums and how we havent contacted each other in 3 months?

    When I turned on my cell phone today his number and name popped up in my call log as outgoing call in my cell. That was weird because I dont have his number anywhere in my phone and I checked everything-speed dial, etc . It was awkward I tell you and my baby brother had my phone but there was no way he could have randomly called the number. It was crazy and I dont even think I have anymore minutes as a matter of fact.

    Then really crazy thing was I was on Facebook today and everyone liked my status but they had one like I couldnt see. At first I thought it was him (Everyone tells me he checks me out of FB lol) but I erased that idea from my mind quick.

    What do you think is going on here guys?

    What do you think happened?

  • It's not a sign from God that you should get back with your ex. It just means your thoughts are still on him and are triggering his name to come up.

  • I agree with Captain. And I have found that if I don't delete numbers on my SIM card...when I get a new phone or download a new update, it will pull that number back up and into my directory but having it as an outgoing call..huh....interesting.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Aunt Buck I know its weird lol! The thing is I dont have a smartphone or a touchscreen phone just some regular phone (but hey its still good lol) I dont have a new phone or any new updates. That was so confusing but I never contacting him or anything just to figure out if he called me or not lol

    @Captain-I never thought it was a sign about us getting back together, I just thought it was really weird. Im at the point where I still care for him but not to the point where Im going halfway crazy asking every question under the sun lol. But I am end the process of letting go but honestly I think Im pretty close to being complete. I will tell you that I am having all these weird dreams concerning him and random thoughts. My intuiton tells me he's getting better (no I havent been checking up on him lol) but he feels bad about what happened and he doesnt like to talk or think about it. He always considered me a special, precious wonderful person who brought alot of positivity and happiness in his chaotic often hard life. Admist the problems he had in his life, He was often surpised at my good nature and qualities. Sometimes I feel as if I was the only one who could've helped him and I think he is generally fond of me as a person and regrets hurting me. (Not that I want us to be together just reflecting-it was honestly a life changing experience) Am I right on the ball Captain?

  • No that is all coming from you, Asia - what you want him to feel and what you need to feel about yourself. He is still very focused on himself and his own needs.

  • Alright thank you so much! Captain I guess I'll just ignore any thoughts on him lol seems as if he doesnt care so why should I? Oh well all I can do is know that Im better and focused on myself. Theres no sense of worry bout him anymore seeing as if he's going to be about of my life for good as of now. Is all this reflecting and understanding, and questioning making me better (I feel so) or is it holding me back?

  • Holding you back.

  • Think about him? Someone told me....send him love and blessings and drop it. Dwelling on it doesn't do you any good. I know that at times something will remind us of them, but I have found that if I send love and blessings and drop it, I can focus on my life again and where I am heading and what I need to do to get there.

  • dawn dont leave phone around g. t w !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Thanks dawn lol but what does gtw mean Im not familar with it?

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