Odd Encounter-Can Anyone Help (Psychics,etc)?

  • Hi everyone I just had the weirdest thing happen to me today. You know all my talk about my ex I post up in alot of my forums and how we havent contacted each other in 3 months?

    When I turned on my cell phone today his number and name popped up in my call log as outgoing call in my cell. That was weird because I dont have his number anywhere in my phone and I checked everything-speed dial, etc . It was awkward I tell you and my baby brother had my phone but there was no way he could have randomly called the number. It was crazy and I dont even think I have anymore minutes as a matter of fact.

    Then really crazy thing was I was on Facebook today and everyone liked my status but they had one like I couldnt see. At first I thought it was him (Everyone tells me he checks me out of FB lol) but I erased that idea from my mind quick.

    What do you think is going on here guys?

    What do you think happened?

  • This post is deleted!

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