Opheucus the 13th zodiac sign

  • Opheucus is the serpent bearer and the 13th zodiac that disappeared eons ago. It now came back to our view challenging the zodiac. I have always thought of myself as a capricorn. With this new thing going around the math of 13 zodiac changes my sign to saggitarius. It upsets me and confuses me. What to do now?

  • Ignore it as it is fake. You are still a Capricorn.

    Western or Traditional Astrology utilises the Tropical Zodiac. In other words, it uses the name of the constellations, but not their actual physical locations in the sky. This is the way it's been done for centuries.

    There is another form of astrology called Vedic Astrology. It does use the constellations by position in the sky, but even they don't have a13th sign called Ophiuchus. Or anything else for that matter.

  • Pisceanhealer,

    Thanks for your response. I feel relieved yet curious about the whole thing. Not long ago news says Pluto is no planet. How does that affect the zodiac. Or does it?

  • On a scientific level, Pluto is now termed a "dwarf planet". But as far as astrology goes, there is no significant change.

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