Captain! Date, and nervous

  • I have a date tonight with a Taurus guy, and I'm super nervous. Probably since I haven't been on a date in oooooh 2 years or so? I really like him and think he's an amazing father to his little girl, and think we have a lot in common and can relate to one another.

    How do you see this going? His birthday is May 12, 1986

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  • It will go well if you behave with honesty and dignity and do not try just to please or impress your date. Remember what you want is important, too. And don't go in with too many expectations of a more permanent relationship. Just go to have fun and relax!

  • Compatibility-wise, this is probably best for friendship. You two can have great times together - you both have a good sense of humour and love group activities. Your relationship can be exciting, vibrant and colourful. You AriesMama can get put in the position of giving too much, however - if you are not careful - sacrificing your own comfort to your more irresponsible new friend. A love relationship will have trouble establishing stability - differences in values, goals and philosophy can prove divisive and prohibitive. You two both need to be free to pursue your own idiosyncratic lifestyles so anything committed like marriage would not suit.

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