• I am a scorpio female who met a taurus man many years ago and fell in love with just looking at him. He was a womanizer we became friends he asked me out but never came thru. I waited and waited for him believing he was the one. Every time I thought of him he would appear or dreamt of him he would appear it was like fate...years later i finaly moved on. years later as fate had it we bumped into each other again. He engagned to be married, me marreid on my second child. We became friends again and his relationship ended. Two years later my marraige ended. Six months after that we started to become intimate. however two obstacles commintment issues and didnt want to date a woman with children. However here we were best friends and great chemistry. TWo years later and in present time and off and on with him..he calls me on our off times to tell me he loves me he misses me we go out on a date and sais he cant live without me. I love him alot too. He now wants me to wait until we finish school to i guess be together not clear on that one but he keeps saying u have to wait for me. i dont knw if i should and what i should do. we play with each other alot. He calls me almost every day sometimes twice a day. we dont see each other as much as i want but i love him and i am sort of believeing he loves me. but he is very very slow dont knwo what to do.

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  • Hi. As long as both of you are not committed with another person, then go for it! Wait for him if you REALLY love each other. Good luck!

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