Reading help, My First I-Ching

  • Since are offering a free love I-Ching reading, I took the bait. And consequently paid for the upgrade heh

    I asked: Where am I now with regards to my ex?

    The answer:

    Hexagram 19 "Approach of Spring"

    Changing lines 5 and 6

    future hexagram 61 "Centering in truth"

    Since she moved out, my ex and I have not had any contact whatsoever. She even felt the need to cut me off on Facebook. I believe she may have also changed her email and phone as well. So I'm unsure of what the I-Ching is trying to tell me about "hopeful progress" and to "act now" before the opportunity is lost.

    As advised by changing line 6, I am therefore seeking "objective advice from those respect".

    _Love and light,


  • Hi marc I am just familiarising myself with iching also...

    From what i understand from what I have been reading of the iching is...that it generally refers to yourself and how you should deal with a given situation....what approach you should take this situation? What is the inner truth you feel about this relationship?

    Line 5.....Wise nearing is the style of a great prince. Auspicious'

    'The answer is advising you that you have a responsibility to yourself and that you should only attract people to you that can be beneficial to you, so waying up all the factors, has this person proven to be a person you can trust? Some one you can see a future with?

    Line 6... Generous nearing. Auspicious. Without fault.

    The next line suggests that you if you do get in touch with eachother again you could be at a disadvantage, ie thinking of that person before yourself? often ending up hurting yourself in the long run.

    Hex 61 can be about a person who is really difficult to influence or bring under control, it can be done but if it all falls apart then only hate will remain. is this you or your ex?

    it could equally mean how you are approaching acceptance of the end your realtionship. working on yourself, seeing the real reasons it broke down?

    but from what you say about the situation, as the ex is the one that has cut all forms of communication it could be them that needs to approach you....if you have done all you could'e done then as the saying goes, if someone is meant for you they will find their way back to you.

    Its hards letting go....i know ;-(

  • Thanks forevervirgo, you hit the nail squarely on the head several times there!

    My instinct is telling me to leave well enough alone. That I shouldn't get in touch with her, but to allow her to make the first move and to take it from there.

    No, she isn't someone I can currently trust and there is no future for us without a lot of hard work on both our parts.

    My lack of boundaries has certainly contributed to the failing of the relationship, I have often put her first, above and beyond my own needs. And Hex61 sounds like her. She would certainly be left with hate if it all went wrong again. In fact, I daresay she is close to feeling hate for me now.

    Very insightful of you forevervirgo, thank you 🙂

  • I ching is very accurate, and Ive played with this oracle for about 20 years now. I rely on it totally... tarot is much harder to read for oneself,, I think. tarot is good too, but I Ching will provide much greater clarity. I always refer to the lines changing. I must have 50 I Ching books. hehehehe

    line 5 and 6 are suggesting that once you have learned your lessons, and understand what went wrong, you will be able to correct your mistakes. it's also good for teaching others from what you have learned in this relationship.

    there is something there that you did not do or felt you could not do... generousity or sincerity from the heart. that it was possible that you were not able to trust her and because of that, you would not share your finances.

    if you do not correct the mistakes that were made while with her, there is no chance of a reconciliation. if you correct through the sincerity of your heart, and once you become wise, you will see your mistakes. there is still a chance,,, but not for long.

    don't dig your heels in, you may regret it. good women are hard to find.


  • Ooh thanks HF.

    At the risk of sounding egotistical, I do sincerely believe I have learned my lessons and grown from the failing of this relationship. I know where I went wrong, the mistakes I made, and what I need to do to avoid repeating those mistakes.

    On the flip side, when we split, she didn't believe she had made any mistakes, that it was literally all my fault. So would you mind elaborating on your last words please? What do you mean by not digging my heels in?

    Again, thanks for your insight HF.

  • after a certain amount of time has passed, she will begin to see where she made her mistakes, all has to be responsible for oones own actions, no one else is responsible. there are boundaries, lessons in every relationship. hard to change ones habits overnight cannot be done. one must be very patient when the heart is in love. the rational mind always interferes with the heart when it ocmes to matter of love. allow more time to pass before you make contact, and your instincts will know when. give more time for her heart to soften, you both made mistakes. trust is key, but commicating openly and honestly takes courage, and some of us have the courage to risk all, or half of all LOL

    Much love aloha.. Hawaiian flower

  • digging ones heels in means becoming too stubborn and too set in your ways with points of view and not sharing the burden or taking responsiblity.

  • Wise words. Thank you HawaiianFlower you've brought me peace of mind. If there's anythnig I can do for you, just reach out.

    Love and light to you

    ~ Marc

  • Mahalo and Aloha


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