Ready For My Success!

  • I am really ready to be happy & wealthy I have a burning desire to become my own boss and see myself going very far in life rather it be investing, marketing or in general its Real Estate. My question is what is that I need to do to get out of the situation I'm currently in and create a new for myself and children. I really pray for my blessing to help guide me toward my success in life!

  • What is your current situation? Are you going through a breakup? Do you read about the law of attraction, manifesting, etc.?

  • i am new here and just found what i m looking for. i am ready to be happy and give time for myself and be free too. have money and pursue a hobby. prayer really do work wonders. I am crying for help and really want God will speak to me and give me signs for guidance and one day by calling my guardian angel repeatedly, I found myself here now full of hopes to walk in the right path. I feel really good and i am happy now, much better.

    And you will too, I believe.

  • I would look into Feng Shui and doing some work on your home to bring in new energy. There is a discussion group on people discussing Feng Shui. This really worked for me to get out of my rut and to move ahead.

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