Trying to understand my Cancer man....???

  • Hi everyone, I started dating a Cancer man three weeks ago. Being that I am a Virgo I figured this was going to be a great match. I had an extremely hard time with his disappearing acts and almost ended things. However I just (instead of wining) told him in true Virgo form that I needed contact every day. Even if just once that would be fantastic. To my amazement he is fine with that. Go figure. He likes to keep to himself but is opening up more and more. Starting to share with me when he is pissed off at the world instead of just leaving me wondering. We have been slept together just twice. He tells me that he loves me and I tell him as well. He has the most sweet and gentle heart. I love that about him. The question here i guess is....why does he not tell anyone about us? He encourages me to to tell my family and such and I did but he hasn't told a soul. Maybe he doesn't trust the situation yet? I am not sure. Any ideas?

    I would love a reading if you could that would be great.

  • Curtz41,

    3 weeks and you have exchanged that you love each other?

    You been intimate already?

    This is too fast too soon!

    I don't want to rain on your parade, but you need to really think about this situation.

    Please read as many posts on this site as you can about these particular men.

    I wish you all the best

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  • You got it doeyeyedpisces!!

  • Ok So let me fill you guys in on the whole relationship. Perhaps that will change your view. I should have been more clear...but it may help.

    So we met on Dec 23rd and had coffee. We both really liked each other, so we said we would get together again soon. We made plans for dinner about 4 days later but my daughter had a bad break up that day and so I wanted to be there for her....I cancelled. He was very disappointed but understood. Then we met up again on New Years Eve day. We went for a walk at the park. Had a fantastic time. He held my hand for the first time. We talked a lot about our hopes for the future and our separate dreams . He wanted to kiss me goodbye but I wouldn't because it was too soon for me. I am a Virgo woman and don't move that fast.

    Well we text-ed for a few days and then I didn't hear from him. He started this ignoring me process. So in my mind I dumped him and moved on. Then a month later after many dates and such with other guys. He texts me. Out of the clear blue. Well being that I was so pissed off I went up one side of him and down the other. I guess I was pissed cause I hate being ignored. It is so rude. I called him a loser and someone who can't be trusted. He got pissed too but didn't say much. I thought I would never hear from him again after that but in true Cancer form....if they want something can you stop them? lol Anyway, he contacted me two weeks later and that is when we started texting. He asked if he should have kissed me that day we went for a walk and i told him no....and that he would never get a kiss from me now cause i don't like him that way. I had started dating someone else and so we could be just friends. Well I figured i wouldn't hear from him after that. But it was every day after he found out that I found someone that he texted me. Religiously. So the guy I was seeing .....well it didn't work out. I asked W why he disappeared. He told em it was because i stopped communicating so he did too. I told him that was an out right lie. He didn't say anything. I am not stupid there had to be a good reason. So W. (my cancer man) and I went for coffee and skating at the pond here in town. I couldn't wait to see was weird because the draw to him has always been....well excessive lol. I was skating he was on his feet. (said he hadn't skated in forever) we had a beautiful time. I knew I was in love with him from that first walk we went on New Years Eve day. Seeing him again just cemented those feelings. When we first walked to each other we hugged for what seemed like 10 minutes. I felt like I was home and almost started crying at that moment. I have never fell for a man so fast in my life....but I guess there is a first time for everything. Ok so we kissed that day and spent a lil time parking. The next day he came to my place and spent the night with NO sex. We made out though. The draw was amazing. That evening he came out of the clear blue and asked me to be his gf. I said ok but he better not vanish on me again and I made him promise not to. He promised. Well he came over two days later and we got pretty physical but still no sex. He texted me till that friday then vanished for the weekend. He went out of town to pic up his boys. Which was fine and I panicked that whole weekend thinking he changed his mind again but he didn't. We slept together on the Sunday night and it was amazing. Then i didn't hear from him from the the sun. Panicked again. I started researching his sign and started to decide i couldn't take this and I was done with I was gonna tell him it was over I couldn't....I had it all planned then I would see him and....all bets were off. This brings us to this last week. He has been over every day after work and we have been spending time together outside of the bedroom. He told me that he loves me and I love him very much as well. But he still hasn't told anyone about us and until he does....I won't consider this a "serious" relationship. Like I said before he agreed to text me every day and he has done so. Even if we aren't together I can handle it as long as there is some communication. He has followed all of my "rules" if you will. (Ha!! thats a Virgo for ya tee hee) So I am wondering, Is this for real? I made him work for didn't come so easy for him lol.

    I dunno. I would like it to work but if it doesn't it doesn't. Just curious is all.


  • Curtz41,

    I only know what I know.

    If you like rollercoaster rides go for it!

    If you like hot/cold

    If you like the push/pull

    If you like the elusiveness/evasive behaviour

    If you like the secretiveness,

    By all means go for it.

    A relationship has to be equal, if someone has you guessing and has you constantly thinking, then something is wrong.

    I read up on this sign, I took things slowly, I saw red flags and chose to ignore them, I just feel when you start to question things and your not communicating, that is not a good sign.

    I am no expert, but as I said, I just know what I know.

    You have to make your own mind up if it is worth while or taking a risk for.

    Sometimes we go through an experience and maybe its there for us to learn something from it.

    I know I did, and I have to be grateful for the experience, he taught me well.

    Go with your gut, only you know, we can give you advice but at the end of the day the choice is yours.

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