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  • Paddi,

    I'm so much better. I was already in the midst of dealing with all the things I had buried throughout my life when it hit and that could have been why I was so floored as it was already a balancing act. But afterwards, I had to dig so much deeper and although not the least amount of fun, it was needed. I was very close to resolving the inner issues when I asked for the chakra balancing and it made a tremendous difference since then.

    I'm very close and getting better everyday, but the last issue (the one with my husband and how to find my place in HIS home) I was avoiding.

    It was not denial but I knew I was not in a position to think rationally about it. Gave it time and got most of my balance back, so now I have to decided what I want to do about it.

    There is mcuh to be said for altering my thoughts, letting it go and just be. My husband is happy here, my son is happy here, why don't I just accept that I can be happy here and then do it. Join the family again. Some may think me stubborn, and oh I can so be that (usually to my own detriment) but I do know I have to make a "real" peace with this issue inside myself or it will come up again. So, I am meditating and softening and awaiting a responce from the universe. It may be so subtle, I do not notice it or something big I can't ignore, we'll see.


  • IBeleive I know that dilemna, my kids are happy here, my husband has his business but I am not able to settle in an feel lile it is my home. I don't know why. It never has felt that way. We bought it when I was really pregnant with my first daughter well let us be honest my husband wanted it and I went along with him for the sake of keeping the peace. Should have stood my ground. Silly woman!me that is.

  • Oh yea! Keeping the peace.

    But what to do now??? I was always the kind to own up to my mistakes, live with the consequences, move on and make the best of it. Ya know, life gives you lemons, you make lemonaid!

    My plan at the moment, is to take over a space in the basement (not the choice I would make but the only one I can diplomatically prempt) and make it a goddess grotto. Put up a curtain separating it from the rest of the space and try it out. Add water features, plants, calm comfortable colors, surround myself with "My stuff" and see how it goes.

    If he says anything about it, I'll tell him to "kiss my **ing a" (sorry but that is literally what I would say) After that if he starts his pouting and brooding to get me to "comply" I'll get my own home and he is welcome to come along!

    I really do want to try and find the peaceful solution. Make it just not an effort but a reality to fit in. Baby steps.


  • Wow, you sound like me a lot, ego has a lot to do with things and don't I know it! Battle of wills, going to lunch at least you know what the issues are. Good Start.

  • Coco,

    If you want a reading, you have to post your own thread or post in a thread where the reader is volunteering. Someone will answer you.

    Your probably new here so, just so you know, it is looked on as poor etiquette to jump into someone else’s reading request to put forth your question. Sort of like interrupting a job interview in progress to ask for your own job interview. I understand you feel an urgency but it doesn’t put a good light on it.

    I do not normally do readings, but as I wanted to give back something to Paddi and we had some connection already, I opened up to do so.

    Do post your own thread. Its easier to get responses if you post a question and sometimes details along with the DOB. Gives you a better chance of a more readers feeling something and choosing to answer.


  • beth,

    Yes, good way of looking at it. Thanks.

    I came to find out that he was tired of waiting for me to conform to his lifestyle! HUH!

    I'll speak on this more on the Beth thread.

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  • Coco,

    Apology accepted. I thought you were new so was trying to explain it nicely to you.

    At the top of the postings is a light bulb symbol with a "Create a new topic" link.

    Click on it and a new page will come up.

    Put your request for reading in the title and your information and question in the response box below it.

    Good luck.

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  • 🙂

  • Where is the beth thread?? Sorry not very up to date. Our house is too small to have an own corner, we have 3 floors (Dutch build up not out) and our bedroom is on the top floor and the kids (4 of them)are not allowed in to it, it is realy the only rule we have here and they are good about it. So that is really my sanctuary mind you it is hardto get away during the day and I would rather have a place of my own. So the goal that you speak about was to move to Ireland, get a huge house in the country where we could all have our space. But we have no money to make the move so it will just have to be put on hold for a while. Another goal in the to do box. MY husband would never try to make me conform to his ideals at least not conciously. It would be more a case of him conforming to mine LOL he is never here anyway.


  • Hey. you found it! Good, I was so busy I did not get back here to read till now.

    I can not tell you which goal or dreams have to go or stay. You will do that.

    But by all means make the most of what you have now, for you. You have a space that can work as your sanctuary (and he's not around much anyway, thank goodness for small favors when we need them) use it and allow it to do for now. All things in their time. Make what you can with what you have and when more comes to you, do the same with it.

    It's not so much about letting go of your dreams but allowing them to mature and reflect who and where you are at the moment. As you probably read in the Beth thread, I have my own dreams to make into reality. Since the old ones don't fit in the present, I can shuck it all and chase after or I can allow the dream to fit in this new reality.

    One of those "Don't Worry, Be Happy" senarios that then when you are not looking have manifested in front of your eyes and you realize it was what you were really looking for all along. Just to be happy.

    BTW, there is this beautiful mansion just down the street up for sale and so out of our price range. It has an observatory in the midst of a Japenese garden behind it (Complete with the little brige over a creek leading to a pond.) This observatory is made of brick but has a exterior stone balcony all around the dome held up by godess columns. OH, I soooo want that piece of property.

    Now mind you, I don't really want the mansion that goes with it, cause who the heck wants to clean all that and maintain? Gives me the willeys! But I'll take it as long as I can have the observatory for mine own space/sanctuary oh and the garden too but I will share that.

    Problem is, my husband wants the observatory for his space and my son wants it for his space. If we could buy the property I would not. I want the observatory and I am not going to give it up. I also do not want my husband or son to forever think they sacrificed it for me. Only solution is to build 2 more. Doesn't stop me from dreaming of it everytime I go past it.

    But you know, I'm always dreaming up spaces and so maybe I aught to just make one instead of waiting for it to appear or fall into my hands. I can always add or subtract.

    I did not really want the basement. I wanted the sun room but it needs fixing and we can't afford it. I've often thought of a shed out back as a possibility as well. Just sitting and thinking of them makes me feel better sometimes. Get it where you can.


    PS: If I ever get the observatory, I'll invite you all over to share it. It would make a great guest house now that I think of it. Maybe I'll build 3 more just like it!

  • LOL dreams are good! I just reckon if I can afford a mansion I can afford the cleaning lady as well. Your place sounds wonderful. This is mine:

    We have been inside it and made good contacts with the owners and they have already dropped the price by nearly 25% but we cannot afford it. Not at the moment anyway.

    xxhappy dreaming!!

  • Love it. Beautiful and so full of potential. Needs some plantings to go with the feel of the place.

    I especially was intrigued by ths room description:

    Sitting Room:

    22' x 19'

    Beautiful slate floor.

    Large open fireplace with stunning stone surround.

    OH, I so want a slate floor.

    One fo these days, I'll go by the place I described and take a picture of the observatory to post.

    Don't tell anyone but, I got a digital camera 2 years ago for christmas and I have never learned to use it.

    And yes it is still on my To Do list and has been for 2 years.


  • HI IBelieve,

    thought you might like to know that I took the time for me, well as much as I could, and discovered that I am in a me-hate phase and that I really don't dedicate enough time to honouring my own temple. So I guess that is my goal for the next while, looking after myself, making sure I look good on the outside and feel good on the inside. I am not good at either of these. I love a challenge.

    Oh and the one who was after her own intentions has dug her own grave without any help from me.

    Hope you are keeping well, digital cameras are a piece of cake. They are made for people who don't have a clue.



  • Paddi,

    So glad to hear that the lady showed herself! (leave them alone and they usually do come out from their hiding places)

    I'm also gald to hear you are taking time for YOU. You deserve it gal!

    I was wondering how much of my reading was for you and possibly how much was projection.

    I kept having to go back to the cards I pulled to get back on track while I was writting. I very rarely read for anyone besides myself or my family.

    Here's to hoping all the best for you and in a timely fashion.


  • Oh really? Well I would love to have the ability to read a future with the cards. Maybe I mistrust them too much. And of course I am having terrible guilt feelings about having to discipline this lady and wondering have I got it all wrong and who is playing who. Such intrigue. All I want to do is help people with my gifts and leave the business people to do what they are good at.

    xPad have you offered readings on this forum?

  • No, I haven't offered.

    I give insights when someone asks and I feel something when I am reading their post but yours was the first tarot reading I did here.

    I knid of waited to see if someone (more experienced) would answer you and then did the reading to see if something came through and it did, so I posted.

    But it really takes a lot out of me. Maybe because:

    1. I write too much and it all flows out of me at once?

    2. I am not experienced enough to know how to shorten it down to the bare bones?

    3. I worry whether I am getting it right.

    With yours, the cards all fit with what I was getting and when I was not sure and looked back at them I could see where I was getting off topic and pulled back but that's knid of why I wondered how much matched.

    You know after a few days thought, was it any good?

    I do know that the warning was the one item that made no sense with the rest of the reading and it was NOT one of your questions so I was uncertain whether to include it. Then I finally deciding on putting it at the end by itself as that is how it appeared to fit best. Separate.

    I do not know how I would discipline someone. I am rather short and blunt like this is what it is and there is really no argument to be heard. Usually not taken very well but, hey, not like I haven;t had to learn a tough lesson myself.

    Maybe if you can think of a time when someone had to discipline you for a mistake or failing and feel in their shoes for the moment. You do no one any good by letting them sneak by on their mistakes. It's a thought.


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