Need advice with this scorpio man

  • Hy,

    I'll just hit it.I've been in this mouse and cat chase for like almost 5 years by now with this amazing scorpio man.We've talked last time in december,I was supposed to call him back and never did.A few weeks ago he accepted my friend request on FB (I had sent him a friend request about a year ago but he wasn't using fb at that time) and also posted a picture of him (which is a big step for him...).A few days a ago I sent him a message on his phone,saying "nice pic on fb...thought I wasn't gonna see you".Just to let him know Im pending:)

    My question is...Was my message a bad ideea ?Will he be upset...He didn't contact me but I wasn't expecting it,I am already used to this.He'll contact me when I less expect,if he will.For the moment,he has my pics on fb to watch...If I cut all contact,I know he will search me.He did it before.I know he used to read my blog and my messages on a forum.I don't know what to do to take this stuff to a next level or to a certain statement (either black or white).I love our small games still.

    I am a cap woman,scorpio rising,virgo moon,pluto and venus in scorpio and also midheaven in scorpio.

    He's a tipical scorpio...

    I'll be back to give you more details if needed.

  • Well this isn't scorp specific however at some point even a man who loves the 'chase' will tired if he never 'catches' anything...

    Scorps like to test you to see if you're for real and only in their minds will you find out what they really think and you can't read his thoughts sooo it leaves us guessing where we stand( stinks i know)

    I say this being half in love with a scorp right now myself who probably only thinks of me as a friend even though there is a nice flirty thing going on, also long distance which makes it more of a guessing game...

    at the end of the day i almost wish , almost that we coudl just come out and say what we mean and have it received well instead of playing so many games

  • Oh yes,he has been testing me for so long...He has also opened his heart in front of me,showed me a bit of his soft side.We got closer the moment I broke up with my pisces man.Than,after 6 months of playing,I stopped calling him.He called me after 2 months of silence,saying he misses my calls...asking wether I am upset or smth since I did not call him anymore.At that time I was trying to fix my relationshio with my pisces man,and was pregnant (didn't know).When he found about my pregnancy wished me all the best,though was obviously sad.Still,he supported me moraly during the 9 months,meanwhile my pisces was extremely cold and not paying attention.When I gave birth he was there for me,took care of me like a true friend.We where acting like good friends,nothing more.Yet,when he came to see me in hospital,while taking a walk in the yard he grabbed my arm,then slightly touched my hand.We both looked in each others eyes and said nothing for a few moments.Then we separated,shy.Was a deep moment and I guess was like checking if I still have that kind of feelings for him.

    He knows I am in a complicated relationship with my pisces.Me and my pisces,we're like roomates.We take care of the kid,yet he's cold with me.If I try to sedce him again,I fail.It;s a lost cause I'd say.Havent had sex in a very long time...

    I would really like to be friends with this scorpio man.I feel spiritualy connected with him,like we read each others mind.We both know what the other one speaks about it.We have fallen for each other little by little,we have a lot in common,even small gestures,way of thinking and feeling,the way we share sorrow and joy.A friend of mine who is a psychologist and has a talent in reading people,without knowing about our stuff,told me "wow,this guy is so attracted to you.don't you see it?He's like mad about you".Was the first time she saw him.She told me she felt like leaving us alone,like there was a specal vibe between me and him.

    I hope I didn't do a mistake by sending him that message,that's all.

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  • Hi everyone dont mean to be rude or but in but I was wondering if you guys could help me with my situation entitled Taurus Girl Confused About Feelings. I only asked because it has to do with a Scorpio as well. Thank you so much guys, Id really appreciate it. God bless 🙂

  • Hrm i really want to come right out and ask are you trying to play house with you pices just for the sake of convenience or the kids sake? Staying together for the kids is 90% of the time the worst decision.

    Or is it you can't afford to solo parent? Maybe i misread wrong but maybe what your scop is looking for is a clear green light signal . Then again you might be looking for the same thing before you make a drastic move too?

    There is a slight chance of course if you ought and out say to , well most any man 'i really like you' they will smile and run for the hills but it almost sounds like maybe in this case you might have to think about something like that. Or ever get situated on your own for a while then see where the scorp puts himself in your life. Latter sounds like a healthier idea actually.

    be advised i'm not saying any of this from a psychic perspective just someone with feelings and ideas of her own.

    Wishing you lots of love and good timing with all this!

  • Thanks for your answer...It's exactly how I feel.I can't afford to be a single mom.Im on my maternity leave right now.I intend to start work again,then arrange my life and see if my scorp decides to be a part of it or no.

    By the way he called me yesterday,saying he got my message but couldn't call me at the moment.We talked about us,I sincerely and gently complimented him.I told him that there are certain things going on right now in my life and that I am trying to put order in it suggesting there might be a chance he gets the green signal sooner or later.I could never go on for an affair,I want to be a one man's woman.I tried to be everything for my pisces man but he is so cold.I guess,no matter the sign we are born,the love we get in our childhood from parents (mom especially) has a lot to do with our emotional development.My pisces got none of that...I am very open to him,I told him I am not happy with our relationship.He would continue ignoring all my efforts.It's like he's pushing me away,but doesn't want to break up.He has a scorp rising too,a dark nature.With a soft look though.

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  • ah adbots... sigh

    One thing i will mention as a general rule, of course this is good for most people, but don't lie to a scorp i mean don't fluff them up with false compliments sincerity is good.

    but then again they are so sensitive so even if you see him wearing a hideous tie and want to sarcastically say 'nice tie' thinking you'd both get a laugh... if he really thinks it's a good looking tie you end up hurting him, and of course the pinchers come back on you

    one thing i am finally starting to learn, in regards to your pieces , is sometimes no matter how much we kiss the frog he will never become a prince... we as females of eh species are more apt to see the best inside everyone, especially men, and think if only we can nurture the good bits the rest will come along... doesn't always work out that way.

    also some guys and some gals are just not good fits for each other so no matter how you might make the puzzle piece go it won't fix into the bigger picture puzzle...

    i think i'm mostly just echoing what you already know on some level inside...

    as for me i'm in a wait and see about my scorp fella, see if he wants to become my prince and king or just is just another frog in the pond lol

  • Oh,qauagirl you just synthesized so well...the fact about the pisces man.It's like ever kissing the frog hoping he ll become my prince.

    I complimented my scorpio sincerely,I just said his foto is nice and that I love to see him smiling,he looks so nice when he smiles ,he should be doing it more often or at least we should both try to smile more often (regarding the difficulties we re both facing now).My scorp rising makes me never make fake compliments I guess,or my education too.I also hate BS 🙂

    And regarding my pisces man,we had a very,very deep and sincere conversation.He told me he will never be able to love me the way I do and I want to be loved(extreme,unconditional,beyond reality)and that,from his point of view his needs are fulfilled and he thinks we re fine.We're looking for different things.In the begginig I was very attracted by the fact he was silent and seemed cold,I thought I will discover something totally different inside.

    I still believe we all have a certain someone that is able to bring out the best of us,I guess I am not the one for my pisces.

    And,the scorpio...we have such a connection.He knows when I am sad,he knows me without any words needed.And when he opens up to me,gosh,he is so lovely,,,a totally different person,different from the outside.He is so carefull with me:(I wish I had met him long time ago...

  • just in case you didn't catch it there was some ad that was posted (and thankfully removed) right above my more recent post lol

    anyhoo i do wish this situation works itself out for you for your optimal happiness and all the good things that go with it

    i will just give one cautionary tid-bit, i am enamored of a scorp now i will call j, however a while before him i had a flirtation going on with another scorp i will call s... he decided on his on the distance to great and noticeably pulled back from me after i went for it so to speak. again don't know if this is a scorp thing afraid of his own emotions or what...

    however i am obviously kinda thankful he did as i don't think my eye would have ever landed on j...and i'm praying to god this one (j) is one i can keep!

    again gl and keep me posted!

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