Pisces woman, leo male

  • Hi everyone,

    I am a pisces female engaged to a leo male. I have read a lot of things that say that these two signs are incompatible for the long term. What do you think?

  • Interested in hearing thoughts on this pairing.....I, too, am a pisces and involved with a Leo. Actually 20+ years involved with one child. It's been rocky.

  • My son (Leo) was involved with a Pisces and what DRAMA. Leo's like to be the center of attention and pisces always have all these emotions.........whew! I was glad to see them break-up, too much drama for me. My sons jupiter is in pisces and yours maybe in Leo. My son is now involved with an Aqarius, not sure if that is better for him but I like her. Sun signs don't matter all that much, know his and your whole charts. Good luck! Capricorn with moon in Aquarius.

  • My hubby is a Leo and mother in law is a pisces. They get on really well ! Aquarians are the opposite to a pisces and is probably better for your son,moondreams! They are fairly independent and Leo males like that in a woman. I'm Gemini with an aquarian moon and libra rising....and I've always attracted and been attracted to Leos. Not planned!

    Pisces do tend to be sympathetic listeners and will help people out etc and will take on the waifs and strays etc....that could annoy the Leo who is proud and dominant and likes the attention on him...

    However craftybeaver, no one can predict how long any relationship will last so if you're happy with your man, and as you are engaged I presume you are, then enjoy your relationship today and if you get any niggling doubts address them before you get married! Good luck & enjoy your life.

  • Hi, I agree w/rnr chick. I know a Pisces and she does take on the strays etc. And I don't mean romantically.

    Enjoy what attracted the both of you together.

  • I am a Pisces Woman living with a Leo Male. Things can get rocky like anyone else's but when i start to get very emotional he will give me the space and I keep him in the center of attention. We had both figured out that the compatibility bettween us helps that he is a Monkey and I am a Rat and they are perfectly compatible. Look at all and not just the sun signs. There is the chinese and the Celtic Lunar. It's all worth it though when there is love.

  • Hi Craftybeaver, I too am a Leo and in love with a Pisces. The good is that my pisces will give me emotional support consistantly and will love me and never willingly argue, she prefers to talk things over. I am so attracted to her. She does get under my skin so times, but it usually when she is drinking or having an open discussion with friends. She cannot readily accept the fact that someone may not see the fact the same as she does. It's like her answer has been researched by a team and is proven to be the law.

    But get this everytime I find myself attracted to another woman, she is a Pisces. I think it's something in the chemistry between Leo and Pisces. The attractions are very strong, but not acted upon by either person. It like they know that each other likes the other but no one will state it. I have never cheated on her and she is very knowledgeable in the things that she speaks of, but people are still entitled to have there own belief even if it is wrong.

    Leo's are very rigit and some what antisocial and on the other hand a pisces is very loving and giving and never meets a stranger and loves companie. They really make a great couple and compliments one another weak and strong points.

  • I am a pisces married to a leo man. We have an amazing bond. I do believe in looking at the entire birth chart and finding out what your moon and ascendants are and considering all the aspects as well. I find when I do give my leo the attention he needs that he returns the favor with respecting my piscean social needs and our connection is healthier. We have open communication and a wonderful connection. Best wishes to you!

  • Hi everyone,

    thank you for your input and words of wisdom! We do love each other very much, but yes, things were rocky at times. Then again, I'm not completely sure I should attribute that to the signs b/c every relationship has to go through the ups and downs. In regards to the chinese calendar, I'm a pig, and he's a rat. LOL. I don't really know how to figure out my moon or ascendants or anything like that...I've always been intrigued with astrology, but was confused when I tried to figure that part out.

    In some ways, he is a typical leo, in others not. He does love the attention, but never really tries to be the center of attention. For example, his friends tend to crowd around him...but when he's in a conversation he never really speaks about himself, he is always more about the other persone. Also...as far as communication goes, he's the one that tends to want to "talk" about everything. He is very intuitive to how I might be feeling and always pushes to me to talk, though I don't always want to.

    As far as taking in strays and such, we both do that...literally! We have 4 dogs that we have adopted.

    Don't get me wrong, we are pretty opposite in a lot of ways, but I think that is what makes it great. He is strong where I am weak, and vice versa (as jaayboyz said). I think this is why the attraction is so strong.

    All in all, I know that marriage is going to be hard regardless of what signs we are.

    thanks again everyone 🙂

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  • Hi There! Well, I am a Leo with a Pisces rising and I think I am fabulous...(of course, right?). Seriously though, I do get some conflicting thoughts/actions but overall I think I'm a good combination. For some reason I surround myself with Leo's. My fiance is a Leo, my best friend is a Leo and her husband is a Leo...

    ...perhaps we're the only sign that can stand us? 🙂

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