Looking for suggestions in how a Taurus female can get a Sagittarius male back

  • I have been a "lurker" on this portion of tarot.com for a few years, so I know how kind and thoughtful the responses to the topics are and I now find myself in need of your thoughts, suggestions and help.

    I am the full definition of a Taurus female. I went on vacation in December and met a wonderful sagittarius guy. I was staying for 3 weeks he was staying for 2 weeks. A person that was there when we met said it looked like two frieght trains hitting head on. Well I was on vacation and I took a few years off my age. He extended his stay by a week costing him double the airline fare to do so. He left on a thursday I left on Friday we met up for a great night, then he put me on the plane home. We have an ocean and a continent between us. We have been communicating via email and I decided to tell him the truth about my age which did not go over well. He normally dates women 5 to 20 years younger than himself. So we have been fighting via email. I sent two emails trying to smooth things over but so far no joy. This was hard for me to do because as a full flung taurus I never give ground but he is worth it and I did.

    How can I get through his sagittarius head to give us another try?

  • Sags hate dishonesty. He feels the whole time with you was a lie and has lost trust in you. I doubt you can get it back now. Anything you say he will mistrust. Take this as a lesson to be more truthful next time. And you need to look into your own issues about why your age is important enough to you that you need to lie about it.

  • And any guy who has such a strict agenda for the age of his partner is not good love material anyway. It means he puts more emphasis on outer appearance than inner. Sounds like you both have age issues.

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