Do you leave a water sign who's playing games alone?

  • this guy!!

    sun- cancer

    asc- scorpio

    mars- pisces

    I don't know what to do. I feel any time I try to "get it out of him" (like, him asking me out or expressing his feeling to me) it never works. Do i just let him come to me? that seems to be the only time he does, when i'm not trying. but, this leaves me nervous/anticipating too often/too long and i don't think my gut can take it anymore!!

    also, another gut wrenching thing: i've noticed his ex on his fb recently. idk what to do? should i just forget it?

  • Sounds like he is living up to his ascendant sign. Especially if you've noticed more interest in him when you "ignore" him. Mind games are also a Scorpio trait.

    Ignore his behaviour, but not at the expense of your boundaries.

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