Major crossroads - help understanding

  • Hello all,

    so, I have been going through some major shifts for the past 4 months (from the birth of my baby). So much emotional debris has been brought up to the surface, in addition of me going through post-postpartum blues/depression. I am re-evaluating everything: from my personal life views to my relationship with my family, etc. It is never a dull moment of me digging inside, figuring out, crying over, releasing, rinse, repeat.

    I have also decided that I hate working for corporate America, and want out. I can do what I do for a living from the comfort of my own home and for more money. It seems like the only thing that holds me at work is health insurance.

    So, last night I did two quick 3 card spreads. But being so upside down with my emotions, I am having hard time really getting to the bottom of the message.

    Please help?

    First spread was to gain some clarity in my emotional state. I just pulled three cards without identifying which one is what: Wheel of Fortune, King of Cups and Knight of Cups. All came upside down, if it matters (I usually don't take that into consideration).

    Second spread was a question to the cards about my decision to leave work. The present situation card was The Moon, forces at work card was Eight of Pentacles, and possible outcome card was The Sun. Woah, right? 🙂

    But again, my intuition is pretty clouded right now, can someone help?

    Thank you, thank you, thank you,


  • Hi Katya congradulations on you baby. I hope you get as much rest to help you over your post partum depression in answer to your questions there is no reason for you to not work for yourself some insurance companies offer health plans for individuals at very reasonable rates.

    If you really want to work for yourself start by testing the market part time (it is what I have been doing and now I am looking to really put more time & turn it into a llc & go full time I am also looking into grants. working formyself is what I have always wanted but never had the confidence until now to really pursue it good luck & if I can figure out the grants & stuff I will let you know

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