Hi Captain...

  • Hope you've been well!

    Just would like to 'bug' you with another question again please.

    A few months ago I was asking you questions about a new job - and now I've finally been made an offer by a school (what I'm been wanting) in a capacity I would enjoy too.

    The only thing is I will be taking a slight paycut but I'm sure financially things will improve a few months after I join them. Or at least that's what they told me.

    I just hope you can - with your psychic abilities - tell me what you see in my working future. Like are the people nice to work with, will I be happy there, etc. I got nice vibes during my interview I have to say. Can you also tell me what they really thought of me? Coz they told me they like what they saw during the interview, but they also took some time in geting back to me. I hope I ain't 'second-best'.

    I appreciate what you would be able to share - thank you very much for your kind help once again!

    • TC

  • Can you afford to wait for another job? Take this job if it is offered to you and if you don't like it or it doesn't live up to what was promised, then find a new job. But at least you will be getting paid while you look around.

  • And don't make this into a popularity contest. That issue you have to deal with yourself. Keep it out of your professional life.

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