The Queen of Pentacles and Knight of Swords

  • I have been getting those two cards in almost every reading I do. What does it all mean? They are usually relationship readings and I am not all that skilled at interpretations yet. I looked up the meanings of the cards and got a general idea but would like to hear feedback. Anyone?

  • If you look at those two cards as presenting the "common theme" of your readings; they are exact opposites. The queen of pentacles and the knight of swords are about as far away as you can get in term of relating to one another.

    Opposites attract, very much so, but you have to have some link other than attraction.

    Do you have anything in common? Are you at odds with one another?

  • We do, there was someone that did a reading on me that said I am becoming more like the Queen of Pentacles and my ex is the Knight of Swords (I assume this because he is an aquarius and I am not involved with any other Aquarians or any other person who is in the Air Element) we are at odds right now and I am wanting to find a way to patch things up with him as we used to be so close and now I feel so distanced from him.

  • I would say the prevailance ofthe two cards relates to the being at odds then.

    You said:"someone that did a reading on me that said I am becoming more like the Queen of Pentacles and my ex is the Knight of Swords."

    The knight of swords stays an adolescent while "becomming more like the the queen..." refers to growing up.

    It may be more than the "at odds" in that case as you are growing apart. As you move on and forward, he will want to stay in the same place. He may be content there, but for you to go back is to become stagnant. You will want more than the usual. He may not be able or want to join you.

    Think about where you are and want to go. Then think about whether he will actually be content to be there with you.

  • Thank you for your insight on this. I just can't seem to get over the fact that we parted on such bad terms and I wanted to find a way to smooth things over but, I guess I should probably just get on with my life and leave the past behind. Thanks again



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