FUN dream vision of your future self

  • What had happened was…One night we were talking (Me and Pfree) and well it got to be kind of fun.


    I'll share my dream vision of the future with you. I want to be this little old lady dressed in a hippy dress (you know, the bright colored maxi peasant dress) with a floppy hat and sandals. I walk out to the beach and set up my easel facing the surf, then proceed to paint a mountain scene. Yep that's me.

    BTW, I don't paint and I don't really like the beach but you get the picture. I much prefer a nice cabin in the woods overlooking a babbling brook, you know, like a hermit. Maybe you can be my neighbor but not too close, don't want to feel crowded. Then we can just visit the beach in the winter.



    With a green house of course and fish in the stream lots of critters, crickets and frogs chirping bird feeders abound and a feeding spot for feral cats and dogs not to mention squirrels and badgers and skunks, deers, etc... a picture window overlooking a meadow w/ wild horses grazing, a room for my loom and spinning wheel, sewing machine a office for the computer, TV. Huge fireplace in main room small one in bedroom books galore in the library...this cabins getting big! But I would need at least 2-3 acres. Wonderful vision!!




    This is so cool. We should start a new topic!!

    I had a library in my old home and I have a library in my new home and well, I just don't want to go with out it so, YES, a library it is.

    And lets not forget my Goddess Grotto. (It's the female version of a man cave. LOL)

    I'd actually like to have it built into the rock and it should definitely have an opening to the water, where it sort of meanders in and pools into it.

    We'll invite Aunt Buck to run the cat sanctuary. I'm not sure how she feels about dogs but I have a feeling they might want to be in separate areas.


  • I'm busy cleaning my yard now from recent storms and ducking in and out between sporadic rains trying to do some spring planting. My next dream home will have sounds of nature period! The closest neighbor at least 1/2 a mile away preferably farther.I enjoy my birds and so do my cats but I live in a suburban neighborhood where caucasian is a minority so their chatting, yelling at their kids and music is all in Japanese, Chinese and Mexican so me it's just unbearable noise. Plus every day there is the beloved grass blower! Hammers included of course. I cringe when ever a teenager speeds up or down the street. Not only for the kids who play there but the cats and raccoons. My next home will have the bubbling brook and birds chirping and wind in the trees. No human noises! My dance room will of course be insulated so I don't disturb others. Blessed Quiet.

    Cheers P

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