• hi sagirl01, yes i have pulled the FOOL twice today and I feel I don't have to do anything when it comes to starting something new either taking action and I guard myself just stay home. lol.

  • hi justicegirl:

    your funny.. just keep your eyes open! from experience, i find that even if you pulled any card for a daily card, which i think that is what you did, that card kind of stays with you for a few days. So since you posted on 6/8 and today is 6/11, for the past few days, did you find that you had to innocently keep your eyes open???lol..

  • Hi All.....

    Gratitude for our instruction here. Thank you.

    I have been interested in Tarot since age 12 but didn't get my first deck until I was 30. I need to dedicate myself to learning each card so I can put away the 7 books I have! Just found you today but 'will be quiet and just try to learn' something. The cards I know I feel I know well. There are many which I don't know. ((Laughing here ->)) ...Too bad there isn't something catchy like the alphabet song to teach me!

    My YIa YIa read ( she was from Greece) for family and friends and never seemed to miss. She was my inspiration. She must have been psychic as she knew things without the cards. I have always been highly intuitive but that's it. I have been especially thirsty for tarot knowledge the past five years.... I'm excited to learn!

    Thanks again...

  • Hi Everybody,

    Sorry I have not been around for a whiled but......

    With my Birthday 🙂 followed by a small summer cold 😞

    I am BACK!!!!

    So, The Fool Reversed.

    Well, here is what I think.....................

    The Fool Reversed: meaning is controversial among Tarot readers.

    In general, a reversed card indicates that the qualities of the card have become blocked, distorted or channelled in another direction.

    For the Fool a reversed means first of all a failure to follow your instinct. It can mean not taking a chance at some crucial time, because of fear or depending too much on plans and the practical advise of others.

    Another reserved meaning of the Fool will appear at first to contradict the one just given.

    Reckless, wildness, crazy schemes all seem the opposite of over-caution. And yet, they originate from the same weakness, a failure to act from inside.

    the person does not trust the unconscious to act as a guide and because there so afraid will do nothing.

    The second reversed meaning of the Fool suggests another dimension to the card. the awareness that great chances must be taken only at the proper time.

    The basic thing any oracle teachers us is that no action or attitude is right or wrong, expect in its proper context.

    Waiting to see all your replies,



  • Hi, next week I'll post the The Magician.

    Peace and Unity,


  • hi all;

    Sekhmet Goddess- what made you want to teach this class? I think is a wonderful idea to dedicate your time and all.. but still what made you do it?

    Also, since the class seems to be very popular it seems a bit disorganised- with people of all levels which is kind of distracting and hard to follow.

    I wish we can be more organized, Also cards by themselves anyone can read the meaning in a book- I was wondering if you can go more deep into combinations, anologies with astrology and time lines. I know certain cards display time and season.

    Can you do that? Thanks so much.

  • Hi



    Yes, I understand what your saying. And it is titled Tarot 101.

    To lay the foundations first. Thus the definition of each individual card first.

    When this is done I will start going into more depth.

    Hum, your the only who asked why I started this post. Well. I think and believe I started this post for numerous reasons.

    Which are as follows, I like to teach, I also like to read and learn from others thought and expressions. I also like to read the Tarot and this keeps me in practice. And I get to meet new friends. 🙂 .

    And as far as being disorganized this is a free post and class. Any one can post what ever they like, when ever they like. So......

    But I try to come in and put up an interpretation and let others discuss it and or there thoughts on that particular card. Keeping an open mind to see what will develop and can be discovered and learned.

    So, HighP09- what is your take on the reversed Fool? I'd love to read your thoughts and insight.



  • Hi-

    Ok- for me reversed Fool it means someone making a mistake. It is a mistake made by wrongful judgment. It can be something crazy or something that they will regret doing it. When I see this card in a reading I reconsider my initial thought and make new plans.

    The fool is also representing the Chakra 7: sahasrara which is located on the crown of the head. Therefore when this card is reveresed ther is a problem with the understanding of things.

    So it can also mean misunderstandings.

  • Can you do a reading for me? We can use it as a case-study. Just a general reading..

    here are the cards I got on the following question:

    will I relocate overseas in the Fall?

    1. 3 of cups (R)

    2. crossed by the chariot

    3.crowned by the knight of coins

    4. in the past Death (R)

    5. 2 de cups(R)

    6. front the Moon

  • sorry-

    the rest of the cards are

    7. world (R) - the internal

    8. the temperance- the external

    9. hopes and fears: 9 of swords (R)

    10. final outcome: 9 of wands

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • hello, im new here so i thought i would try to answer this idea of yours! i believe in the all knowing so with that and picking out cards to show this and speak of good things to come or to caution the negative has a huge impact on everyones future, always think positive even when your sprits are low. thanks all hope is in the air.

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