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    My thought is I thought divination was started because people want to know whats going to happen in advance if possilbe.

    And I agree there are a lot of stories in the bible of divination. IE: Joesph interprets for Pharaoh.

    There are a lot of religiion with similar accounts.

    Peace and Unity

  • What about Moses, do you think there was some divination there? Him passing on God 's message for the Pharoah.

    I agree with your thought that divination was started because of peoples need to know, but I also feel that it goes back further with the other sides need to connect with us and pass on information.IE: dreams and premonitions..I dont feel that it has to do with just the tools used today. I feel that it has a bigger and broader connection..

  • Here is what I have studied. Tarot cards were invented in Renaissance Italy in the early 15th century. They were originally a variation of playing cards with four suits. Tarot cards, the Italian Tarocchi, were used primarily for playing card games, not for divination, study, or meditation. It was not until the late 18th century, in France that the cards were used in any other way.

    Tarot was studied in England by a group called, The Golden Dawn during the end of the 19th century and into the beginning of the 20th century. In 1910, the Rider company of London published a tarot deck designed by Golden Dawn member, Aurthur Edward Waite and illustrated by Golden Dawn artist, Pamela Colman Smith. This deck is now called the Rider-Waite tarot deck.

    The Minor Arcana and Court Cards are made up of four suits, Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles/Disks. There are ten cards for each suite numbered one (ace) through ten. These forty cards are referred to as the Minor Arcana. Arcana is derived from the word arcane, meaning hidden or secret.


    1. One (Ace) represents new beginnings and opportunities

    2. Two, partnership and balance

    3. Three, trinity and magic

    4. Four, foundation and completion

    5. Five, strife and chaos

    6. Six, perfection and beauty

    7. Seven, spiritual seeking and questioning

    8. Eight, infinity and stability

    9. Nine, magic and is the highest single digit number

    10. Ten, top number of fulfillment and harvest.

    In addition there are 16 court cards, or royal figures. They represent the anima and animus, the female and male attributes of the elements. These 16 cards also represent stages of maturity, depending on the suit (wands, cups, swords, pentacles/disks) and level of maturity, a court card represents a combination of element and personality. The King or Prince represents mastery, power and strength. The Queen embodies her element with depth and maturity. Knights denote action, quest, and movement. Pages represent exploration, seeking, and learning.

    The remaining 22 cards of the tarot deck are referred to as the Major Arcana, they are the trumph cards that tell the story of the journey of the individual soul.

    I have been studying tarot for the last seven years and am still completely fascinated by it's power and ability to guide me. The first thing I do every morning is sit down with a cup of coffee and do a three card reading for the day. I use the information from that mornings reading to assist me in making decisions all day long. For me it is a form of meditation, I am a Gemini and find it extremely difficult to quiet my mind long enough to meditate through silence.

    Well, I am by no means an expert and most of what I've learned and studied is derived soley from the Rider-Waite deck.

  • Hi Myviewpoint

    Thanks for your in put.

    How ever right now were discussing divination at this point.

    Do you or any else have an opinion on divination?

    Later, on we will discuss in details the complete deck starting with the Opening Trumps:

    Symbols and Archetypes. ( Each individual card).

    Peace and Unity

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    When it comes to psychic phenomena, divination refers to seeing the future in three ways: The


    The desire may explain the search for the divine tends to be so deeply intertwined with divination- the practice of foretelling future events through supernatural means, prophecy, or intuition . In fact, "divine" and "divination share the same root , which means "pertaining to God."

    I like to call it tapping into the "conscious continuum."

    The practice of divination in one kind or another ranks among the humanity's oldest and most honered of activities.

    I believe that whatever type of divination is used, Its to understand in some way, the spirtual patterens that under lie our lives.

    Peace and Unity

  • I agree with that..You just said it better..LOL

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    Thanks. 🙂

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  • Hi

    Eveybody, I thought it might be good to start to discuss the Major Arcana.

    Staring with the "THE FOOL,0".

    Peace and Unity

  • Hi,

    Does any one have any opinion on th Fool?

    Reading other ideas and thoughts are always good to get others views. Did you ever get the Fool in one of your readings and say, "what'?

    Lookin forward to your thoughts.

    Peace and Unity

  • To all those who are interested in learning Tarot. I believe either Monday or Sunday night depending on my schedule. I Iwill post an in depth interpretation of the Fool 0. Looking forwarded to your opinion and interpretations. 🙂

    Peace and Unity

  • Sorry about the type o's you know me. LOL 🙂

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  • The fool to me represents a careless, innocent , footloose who is begining his journey through the tarot... in some decks he is sometimes referred to the last card in the minor arcana. I never quite understood where that would fit in. If pulling this card and it is definately telling you to keep your eyes opened, use caution.

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    For your in put.

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  • Hi,

    I don't know where to begin for myself. And I'm speaking about me-I like to use the acronym KISS. Or keep it simply stupid. LOL

    So, my first reaction when I see the Fool is short and sweet. Leaping without looking. And that is really simple BUT..................... Then there really is a lot more to the fool. So, here it goes.

    I use the Rider Waite Deck. But others work just as well.

    Imagine your self entering in a strange land scape. You can only enter by jumping from a height or crawling in a whole What ever way you choose. You are now the Fool.Why look into a deep world of mind? Leaving your security, you may not get back.Leaping may bring joy, adventure.

    And if one keeps going it may get better. Or perhaps the soul before enlightenment.

    The Fool is also know as The court jester or joker.

    To society the way of the Fool , instinct rather than rules, is danger to insanity.

    The animals on the card symbolizes the force of nature and the animal side of man. All in harmony with the spirit who acts from instinct.

    Roses symbolize passions while white is the traditional colour of purity.

    The bag behind him carries his experiences.He does not forget but they do not control him.

    The eagle also the symbol of Scorpio raised to a higher level. That is sex raised to spirit.

    He carries a stick which is actually a wand a symbol of power. It is black which means all things are possible.

    In the Divinatory meaning the Fool speaks to us about courage and optimism, urging faith in ourselves and in life.

    The fool reminds us that our own inner selves can best tell us what to do.

    The Fool symbolizes beginnings, courageously LEAPING off into some new phase our are lives. Particularly when that LEAP is taken from some deep feeling rather than a careful plan.

    Well I'm getting tired and I will finish up the reversed real soon I hope all who read this post enjoy it. Good Night.

    Peace and Unity

  • Hi,

    Does any one have any interpretation of the reversed Fool they would like to share?

    Peace and Unity

  • Hum,

    I noticed my three letter word was starred out and there was nothing wrong with it. So, how do I tell you the word with out using that word?

    First letter is a..... S

    Second letter is a.. E

    The third letter is a.....X

    Hopefully the three letters won't be starred out. LOL

    The eagle also the symbol of Scorpio raised to a higher level. That is "___" raised to spirit.

    Here goes nothing.

    Peace and Unity

  • Hi,


    I have been busy. I will post my interpretation of the Fool reversed in the next couple of days, looking forward to reading others interpretations.

    Peace and Unity

  • This is very helpful, I am starting to get to know the tarot.


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