• Hi Everyone,

    I've decide to start this post to teach beginners about Tarot.

    First let me thank you for reading this post.

    I believe before any one picks up the Tarot and starts reading they should read/study at least three different books on the topic.

    And understand where they come from and how they became to be.

    Starting with there history.

    Does any one here know when, where or who made the first refences cards of there kind?

    I'm very interested in knowing if you know. I do and will post the answers in three days. To give every one a chance to answer.

    Before you read you MUST learn. Till you know and understand in an instant what the cards meanings and translations are.

    Do you understand where I'm coming from? Would you visit a surgeon and have an operation if the Doctor didn't know what do in an instant? Or didn't have a degree?

    The same applies here.

    I have read for hundreds of people. I have been studying and reading Tarot for the last 14 years.

    I look forward to your answers. And this forum.

    Peace and Unity

  • ok here goes..The first tarot deck was introduced in Italy in the 15 century..before that they used regular playing cards started in china in the 1300.. How did I do?

  • Darya,

    Your on the right track. Keep going. 🙂

  • This forum is a good idea... Ive been dabbling with the Ryder Waite for the past 10years, there still is much to learn. The card meanings come to me quite easy. Sometimes i have a hard time intrepeting from their positions, which i like to use the celtic cross. Im hoping to gain some more understanding about that from these conversations...

    Getting back to your question SekhmetGoddess... Didnt Alister Crowley dabble with them as well?

  • one theory is that tarot originated in china where playing cards were definately used before the eleventh centry AD but there is little evidence to support this. Alternatively india is apossible birth place and it is feasible that the fours suits of the minor arcana could refer to the four castes of hindusim the cup to the priests of brahmins, sword to the warriors or kshatriyas, the coins to the merchants of vaisyas, and the rod to the serfs or sudras. major arcana possible links with buddhism the fool could be the wandering monk whose path of enlightenment paralles the path taken by the tarot fool.

    first documented appearance of the cards in europe can be traced to 1392 whan a sum was entered in the courtledger of king charles VI of france. a painter jacquemin gringonneru painted pack of cards illustrated in gold and divers colours ornamented with many devices.

    1377 brother johannes of bedfeld, switzerland wrote an essay on the cards.

    pagan origins on the original cards. that`s why today they are referred to as evil etc.

    revival in eighteenth century soem claim it originated in egypt.

    nineteenth century french rosicruicia and cabalist eliphas levi stressed links between the twenty letters of the alphabet and the major cards. Tree of life

    celtic images also began to appear around 1180 - 1200 which took europ by storm. for the updated version of tarot from 1440 to 1983 you can get the information from cynthia giles`s book tarot the complete guide isbn no.070905095X hope this was of some help to you. anne venus

  • Hi all, I think this site is a good idea too. I have been reading the tarot for many years and would like to add the following.

    A good tarot reading depends greatly on the reader themselves. By all means use a book to get you started and give you the basic meanings of the tarot but once you have those, may i suggest you put the book away. No single person is a text book reading. We are all individuals and therefore text books dont apply. A truly good reading depends on the ability of the reader to interpret those cards. Tarot are merely a tool though I have to say a very useful one. As a clairvoyant medium, my psychic abilities and guides are what give a truly good reading. Most importantly, familiarise yourself with the cards, perhaps starting with the major arcana if you find the whole deck too much to start with. Rememeber, practice makes perfect so practice alot !! lol Love & Liight, shimana xx

  • Hi,

    So far darya is still the closest answer at this point.

    I look forward to the continued debate on this subject.

    In two more days I will post my answer. 🙂

    Peace & Unity

  • The first distinct Tarot decks were developed in 1410 and 1430 in the Italian cities of Milan, Ferrera or Bologna.

  • Hi


    Your getting closer. Who penned the first refence cards? 🙂

  • Visconti-Sforza Tarot circa 1450 ad.

  • Only one more day till I'll post my answer. Okay I'll give you a hint yes. The first refence cards were made for the Visconti Family. But who actually painted the set for the family?

    Side note the Visconti Family was from Milan.

  • jacquemin gringonneur 3 packs of cards illustrated in gold and divers colours ornamented with many devicses.

  • sorry correction first recorded cards were made by the above artist for king charles vi of france in 1932. visconti family had theirs painted by bonifacio bembo and he was actively painting from 1447 to 1477.

  • Hi

    Everybody i just walk in give me a couple of minutes and I''ll post my answer.

    Peace and Unity

  • Hi,

    Sorry my post is so late tonight. but, I've swamped today and this evening. I hope evey one is well.

    So, My answers are similar to others answers.

    The first set was painted by Bonifacio Bembo. He was an artist the cards were made for the Visconti family of Milan. They were called "TAROCCHI" Later called Carte de trionfi (Trump cards) and (Trionfi) The English translation- "triumphs" or "trumps"

    They were painted between 1410-1430.

    A court record in Ferrara in 1442 is a written statement of them.

    The Visconti family is from Milan so the belief is they were painted there. Some, how ever say its possible they were painted in Ferrrara or Bologna. My belief is they were painted in Milan.

    Peace & Unity

  • Hi

    Everyone, (sorry about my type O's. LOL)

    I think are next discussion should be on divination.

    What is divanation?

    How did divinaton start?

    Why do we get and or want readings?

    Let's get into the nitty, gritty and have some fun here.

    Because every one is differnt and there'll be a lot of different opinions. Which we can all learn some thing new from one another. 🙂

    I think this will great fun.

    Waiting to see everyones response.

    Peace and Unity

  • Hi,

    Well you know me its 2am my time and here I am.

    So, I thought I'd like discussion going with this thought

    READINGS teach us general lesson and a very important ones.

    In a manner no explanation can possibly equal, they demonstrate that no card, no approach to life, is good or bad except in the context of the moment.

    All sysmbolism, all explanttons given can only prepare you to look at the pictures and say,

    " This card tells me....."

    What do you think?

    Peace and Unity

  • Divination (from Latin divinare "to be inspired by a god", related to divine, diva and deus) is the attempt of ascertaining information by interpretation of omens or an alleged supernatural agency [2], either by or on behalf of a querent. If a distinction is to be made between divination and fortune-telling, divination has a formal or ritual and often social character, usually in a religious context; while fortune-telling is a more everyday practice for personal purposes.

  • how did divination start..that's a tricky question..my opinion is when God spoke to people through out the bible [adam &eve]..were the first..other than that I have no idea because I'm sure people have always been curious about life and the future. dinner time I'll be back..time to ponder..

  • people get and want readings for about everything you can imagine..if you look at the different cultures over time it's a vast question..

    In my opinion readings can give us a look into the unknown or unsure..the divination we choose to use or seek out is like a spiritual link to the other side or the higher knowing..the card or whatever are meant to pass on information we seek from a spiritual level..did that make sense or was I rambling..lol..it made sense in my head..

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