On the Cusp of a New Age

  • a message from Mother Earth/Gaia channeled by Pepper Lewis

    "There is a part of you that knows that you have come through a great desert, and while you are not all of the way through it yet, already you can see that there is an oasis before you-there are new truths, new and fresh resources, the next and new beginning."

    And so we begin. As always, I greet you warmly, dearly, and completely so that no part of you is left behind, so that no part of you is unacknowledged. The moment becomes complete when you place yourself completely in the moment. Therefore let us create a moment in which we can share a greater truth rather than a lesser truth, in which we can share a greater moment, and perhaps a greater year, as it unfolds before you.

    To begin the year, it would be best to describe the environment in which you will find yourself. This environment includes your physical surroundings, your community life, all of the ways in which you offer yourselves in your life, and even the direction or the focus of your life. The year 2011, then, is a year that will go very quickly. It is hoped that it will go very lightly for you, but in order for that to be the case, you will want to pay attention. You will not want to think, "Hmm. Ho hum. This is a year as any other," for I tell you that already you begin to enter the next age. The moment the clock strikes January 1 of 2011, you will already think that it is 2012.

    Somehow it will already seem to you that you have missed out on something or that the year is already moving too fast for you. It will seem as if you are chasing a balloon that has just gone out of reach, something that the breeze has blown away, and the moment you approach it, already the breeze carries it just a little bit further so that you are chasing it yet again. When you finally get hold of the day or the year, well, hold on to it as best you can, for the year will continue to unfold quickly in just that way. Still, you do not wish to be chasing the day or the year, so the solution to this is to stay as centered in the present moment as you can.

    The year will unfold quickly because, in essence, it is already the cusp of the new year or the new age, and it will present itself to you that way. In fact, almost from the outset of the year, you will begin to think that changes are in the works. Somehow it will feel to you as if you must change -- as if you must change. And why would that be? Here I will tell you that you must remember that you are in the body of a human being; you are the owner of a human body. And so human nature, being very much a part of all things, including Earth and its changes, even your body as an organism, the human organism, is poised for change.

    A Leap in Consciousness

    As some of these changes unfold, they will begin to affect your behavior, because your behavior, human behavior, will come in contact with new contingencies, and it can be said that some of these will have far-reaching consequences. In essence, the changes that humanity will begin to undergo will bring opportunities, for the most part. They will reinforce changes that you have already made so that you will not lose these changes. With many of you, new environments might be presented to you for you to participate with in new ways. The new behaviors that will touch you lightly at first will also then invite other related behavioral changes as well.

    Interestingly, but not surprisingly, these changes will be in competition with some of the arcane, or older, behaviors of the last age. Some of these could be called "problem" behaviors, and you will feel this as an impact. You will feel this as a setback; perhaps you will feel it as an emotional setback. Perhaps you will feel that somehow much of the progress you have made pushes on you just a little bit. That will not be the case, but the impact on you to then change or to learn -- to do something more than simply adapt to the moment -- that will feel almost necessary to you.

    At the same time, you will begin to feel supported by a wanting to develop in other ways. And by the time you feel that gentle push on you, you will already note that somehow something has intervened on your behalf, removing a few obstacles and making it just a little bit easier for you to change or to move forward in some direction that feels appropriate for you. This will be different in individual cases, but in some way, you will feel that you are being propelled forward and, in many cases, quickly so.

    This concept of change, as we have said, has a far-reaching implication on an individual basis and also on the collective basis for a developing humanity, because it provides alternatives -- alternatives that move you beyond other, older concepts in which change only comes due to the passage of time. What we are speaking of here, then, is a developmental milestone: the ability to have a leap in consciousness. Yet before you can have a leap in consciousness, you must acknowledge the milestone that you have found, notice that the moment is different and unique from other moments, and then choose the change that is being presented to you. Then you will see that it is indeed a milestone that you can move into and beyond.

    New and New Again

    The importance of this particular time of change is that it is not simply the year that changes or some of the things that you are doing in this year that change; you are creating change that impacts change -- that impacts future change. In essence, you will begin to see that the response you have to life begins to influence a larger number of thoughts, actions, and decisions. And in essence, you will already begin to be affecting a more distant future, so you will feel yourself a little bit more carried forward early in the year than you have at other times.

    As you move into these newer behaviors, you will find that, as we have said, there is a decrease in the problematic behaviors you have had in the past. A problematic behavior is an inability to change. It is an inability to evolve, or great difficulty doing so. The feeling that you have, then, of being "stuck," as you have described it to Gaia more often than not, is a problem behavior. If you cannot move forward in the ways that you wish to and desire to, or you feel stuck in some way, unable to cross a threshold, this will make you more sensitive to your surroundings. And so this possibility time that you now enter will assist you in changing.

    New environments could become possible for you. Geographical changes in environment may become possible for many of you, along with the ability to change virtually -- to encompass new ideas that almost feel as if you have physically moved or changed. Some of you even will make a change from one room to another, needing another view, needing to face in a new direction; even a symbolic change will do. All of your environments will begin to shift in some way. It will not be enough to simply maintain or regulate your environments or your status quo as they have been. You will find that even in your home environments like the weather, there will be microcultural changes, and microcultural boundaries in how you offer yourself in the world.

    As you begin to make your preferences known in this way, you will then adapt to a newer or higher behavior, and this will more than likely have a lasting, positive change as you learn more about yourself -- or more about your new self. Again, I say that in order for this to have the greater or the more lasting effect, some of the older behaviors -- some of the older thoughts that you have had about yourself, about your environments, your realities, and your relationships -- must be displaced. Then you will truly feel the benefit of being on the cusp of the new.

    Initially, you will feel some of these changes -- you will feel them or feel their need -- before you embody them. And as you take on some of these simple changes, gradually more complex ideas and changes will come about, and these will knock on your door. You will find that there is a point at which you will recognize that a change, or some changes, have begun, and once they have been initiated, you will begin to feel them that much more profoundly.

    They will alter, they will displace, and they will transform what you have been until now, until you will begin to see and experience that some aspect of you -- of your being, of what you thought of as you -- is rendered obsolete. It is possible that from the beginning of the year to the end of the year, many of you will feel new and new again or that something has truly been left behind once and for all.

    Growth Is Your Only Choice

    In order for all of these changes to take place, even the very probabilities must be altered. You see, if you cannot see the possibilities of life and the choices that are put before you as completely different, then the change is also not a complete change, and you will only fall back on what you have been and what you have known. So of necessity, it could be that some doors close, not in front of you, but behind you pushing you along just a little bit.

    This is perhaps an opportune time to remind you of the nautilus. It closes the door on itself as it begins to build its next chamber. It already knows that it will be impossible to squeeze itself back into the last chamber, or the last belief or the last thought, where you are concerned. What is being said here is that in essence, growth is your only choice; change is more available than anything else that is put before you.

    So in some ways, the consequences of this year could also feel as if they have been forced on you. Therefore this is a fine time to remember that all that comes to you, knocks on your door, or asks something of you comes at your request. If you cannot remember making the request now, perhaps you will search your memory and see that at one point in your life, you said, "Let this be so; let me be larger in my thinking, in my actions. Let this moment carry me swiftly across every threshold so that I will know myself to be the very best that I can." You will see, then, that although some of the changes might seem insignificant in the beginning, as you begin to move more forward, they may have a more dramatic impact on you.

    Now, as you begin to change -- to become, to unfold, to discover a new sense of being -- of necessity your community, the community that surrounds you, will also begin to change, because they will have access to the changes that you make. Therefore you will have access to the changes that some make while others will have access to the changes that you have made, and you will begin to see that the world around you changes. Moment by moment, being by being, by each community, by each direction and directive the world begins to make itself anew. The world stands on the brink of its own culmination of its own next and future existence.

    Light in Unexpected Places

    As always, the microcosm helps to define the macrocosm with the macrocosm offering the same advantage to the microcosm. Therefore as we begin to explore those occurrences of the world -- the manifestations of spirit on Earth, the thoughts that consciously and unconsciously become humanity's reality -- it is important to look both within and without.

    You will look to see what is taking place on the world and the world stage, and it will take at least some of its cues from your thoughts. The reality you live and see before you is one that is created by you and by the greater all that contributes to it. Therefore this year, as it continues to unfold, light will seem to be dancing around in a variety of places, in pockets of energy like sparkles of a rainbow.

    It will be difficult to see where that light appears and where it disappears. Many of the places that you had expected light or lightness to be or to come from will surprise you when the light perhaps does not appear in them, as if the Sun did not appear in the east as it normally does. The Sun will appear in many different areas, but some of these will be least expected.

    So if you are a student of the light and the lightness of being, be a true student of it. Begin to look for it in many different places: in some that are expected and in the least expected among them as well. This way, you will be excited when you discover something new, and you will be less disappointed when you do not see what you had hoped for. In other words, a prism displays light in a variety of ways, and you cannot always see from which facet that light will appear.

    If we are to examine these metaphors, then, by looking at the world at large -- or those that are the larger players of the world -- these too will have some surprising consequences this year. Already you have seen in previous years how the mighty have fallen and how some that were mighty were no more than smoke and mirrors after all. This year will continue that theme, but out of different pockets of energy will come other surprising results as well.

    For those who are indeed sharing themselves and their light, there will be more resources coming forward than ever before. Already you have seen that there are many who have put forth their resources and their fortunes for the good of certain projects and for Earth. This year will continue to offer itself in that way too, and you will see that there are many who will pledge their own resources and more.

    In this case, "resources" sometimes means words. Sometimes it means art and art forms. Sometimes it means science and discovery. And sometimes it will be to pledge what is not theirs to offer but theirs to reveal; so you will see that some will offer to the world the best that they can by revealing secrets that have been held by others -- long-protected secrets of certain families, those who have protected fame for one reason or another. These secret veils will begin to lift, and they will be at loose ends.

    Lifting Veils and Removing Masks

    Once this process begins, many others will step forward, as if they have already seen the courage come forward, and it is now their turn to do the same as well. So the veils will begin to lift. Once some of those things you have thought were grave secrets that were held for a very long time come out, you will more than likely say, "That was the big secret? It did not seem so worth protecting." But remember that there are yet layers and layers to come forward, and this is only the beginning. You must always look not only beneath but beyond what is said. Remember that what words bring forward, energy still protects.

    So now is the time of the lifting. It is the time of the coming forward. And in order to see what comes forward, you must determine as well who is still in charge. From what vanguard do they emerge? What is their truth, and how much of it do they uphold? And in fact, you will want to know what side are they on.

    It is not always so easy to tell, you know. It would seem that you might be able to say, "Well, they come from this party or from this country and that background," as if that would say enough. But it does not, for moment by moment, just as you are changing, so are they -- so is truth changing, emerging and turning and re-emerging in a different way. So it is important to look at times in the corridors of light as well as in the corridors that are not yet well lit. Remember that in order for you to see light, it must dance with the shadow as well. Only in that interplay can you see it in its full grace and unfolding.

    As the world continues to offer itself, to lift the secret veils, you will begin to see the inner workings of the world that you have known, the world that you have lived in. Sometimes when you see only the beauty of the surface or even the parts that you are most accustomed to seeing, it is a bit surprising when you see the mechanics beneath the surface. After all, when you see the engine room and what feeds the engine, it is sometimes a bit shocking. So this year will have its shocks and surprises as well. The inner workings of the world that you know are a bit more rudimentary than what you would think. In some ways, you will say, "I thought this world or those in power were more sophisticated than that. I thought their power was greater than that."

    As the veils begin to lift, the masks will begin to come off as well, and you will see that the powerful are only powerful because you have allowed them to be, because you have given them that position and entrusted them with that power. And perhaps now is the time for you to begin to evaluate, yet again, whether or not you will continue to renew that contract of trust. If you will continue to empower those with power, how will they carry it? Whom will they share it with-in what corridors of light and shadow? You will have many more choices this year than you have had in others, but in order to have these choices, you must recognize that they are yours.

    You see, you have lived for a very long time assuming that you did not have a choice or assuming that your choices were only the minor ones: "Well, I can only choose between this or that. It's not much of a choice." But that is what you have believed until now. Now that you see that the powerful are not so powerful, perhaps you will begin to see that not only have you given them more choices than you have given yourself but perhaps you will also then begin to determine that it would be all right if you gave yourself that same option, those same possibilities.

    A Most Dangerous Game

    So those who believe that they are in charge -- the rulers of the world -- will play liar's poker with each other this year, each one bluffing to the other that they have the highest cards in the deck, that they have the most resources, the most power, and the most ability to purchase or to have. And of course they will set a course in which they are at odds with one another more than ever before, because it is the time of unraveling, you see. Before the new age can come about, this age -- the one that is now ending -- must begin to unravel. Eventually, it will shred itself so that the other can fully come forward. It is due. It is its due. It is time. It is appropriate that it come forward this way. And of course, it is those who made this world that must unmake it in some way.

    So now is the time of doing and undoing, and as this continues, it will be seen who is holding the resources. I tell you that in this case, the resources are not monies. The resources are those things that are true and necessary to the Earth. They are those things that complete life. They are those things that make life possible for some and impossible for others. It is with these items that the powerful will negotiate with one another or bluff about who has what or who has purchased or has conquered.

    As they begin to shift and to change, it will be difficult to see who is on what side. It is too simple to say, "Are they on the good side or against the good side? Do they serve the light or the dark?" It is too simple to consider it by these means, for these are simple times that are hidden behind complicated untruths. And so as the sifting process comes forward, it will be difficult to tell who is in charge, what side they are on, and which way they will turn.

    Behind the scenes, there will be more and more negotiations -- buying and selling and trading and exchanging, perhaps even with your name or your number on those things -- for humanity will be seen as a commodity as well, even less than that at times. The world will remake itself one thought at a time, one bargain at a time. And as you know, some regard it as a game. They see themselves and others as players of a game: pawns, pieces on the chessboard of life.

    While the powerbrokers are playing their games, there are those who will, of course, be entering the political stage and playing their own version of the game. This will be true around the world and in almost every country, as some of the older players attempt to hold their places, holding popularity, if at all possible, while others relinquish it altogether. There will be a continuing of those who simply retire from this old game, knowing that they can no longer win. They can no longer win because they do not understand the new rules, only the older ones. They knew how to play the old way, but the world continues to change.

    On this political front, there will also be those who would inspire you and give you hope -- for indeed, as we have said, this is the cusp of the new age. This means that the new is already entering. It is entering by fields of its own choosing. There will be new names to consider. There will be others you have heard of before but had assumed were just the status quo, just like the old times and the old ways, but it will now be time to take a second look, and sometimes a third and a fourth. It will be important for you to make up your own mind rather than waiting to see what is simply offered for you to take.

    Those who put forth the strategies in the political arena have honed their abilities, and just as your social network marketing has freed you in some ways to connect widely around the world, it has also freed and expanded their abilities to connect with you, to find you, and to influence you. Some of these ways will be interesting and innovative. Others will be quite subversive. So if you have a mind for privacy, this would be the year to mind it as best you can. If you have an interest in public and the public policy, then so be it. Your time has come.

    Walk with Lighter Steps

    There is an interplay of energies now, the old with the new; they are still entwined. Sometimes they will look the same, and they will masquerade one as the other. So it will take your discernment to move carefully through the year -- not as if you are walking on a tightrope, but as if you are walking firmly but with one foot in one world or one age and one foot already in the other. Your mind will operate the same -- one day here and another day there. In some ways, your heart will be torn between a world that you knew, that supported you, and one that you have birthed yourself into time and life again and time and life before.

    So it will be difficult for you at times. As much as you are certain that you wish to close the door on the last age, you will see that your heart strings will yet tug you, hold you, pull you into the last age, and you will find yourself in some ways waxing nostalgic about what had supported you, about the old times and the old ways. In some ways, you will feel that you must leave behind some of those you have known in the old ways. However, you will see that as the new era presents itself to you, new opportunities will be proposed about how to be and how to share yourself with others.

    You will find that it is easier to live on the surface of your being or the surface of your thoughts, that to live on the surface does not mean to live superficially. In other words, you will be able to be more honest in your truth and in your emotions. You will be able to state them more clearly, without being overconsiderate of how they might be perceived or whom you might offend. It will be easier to carry a truth; it will be lighter to carry a truth.

    But you will find that in order to do so well, you will also need to set aside such a strong hold on your identity. You will struggle with your personality: Your personality will insist that it knows who you are and how to be, and yet a part of you will know that that is only who you were, that it is only shadow, and that it is all right if that shadow now moves into the background.

    In all these ways and times, do love yourselves; look back fondly so that you do not find a need to return to the past in order to reclaim it or rename it. As you look back fondly, it will be much easier to take the next lighter step and the next lighter choice that presents itself -- as we have said earlier -- as an opportunity instead of a challenge.

    A New Name, a New Face

    As the world continues to offer itself to you differently, the emotional responses to you will be quite unique and different as well. For instance, in terms of the economy, you will begin to see it for what it is. In essence, the world will feel as if it is getting, well, a "face-lift" is the best way to put it -- a lift in general. The world will begin to look to itself with a few loftier thoughts.

    There will be thoughts that the world is in recovery, that in some way, something important has been salvaged, lifted, and brought forward and that it can now begin to rebuild itself. As it begins to rebuild itself, it will also begin to search for a new name, a new way to define itself, and so the world economy will rename itself. And as it does, some of the world's economies will be pushed forward, and others will then move into the background. It will be no surprise to see which ones do.

    The world will begin to look even more unfavorably on North America and on the United States of America. Those from this country will be seen as the culprits, guilty of all that has brought down the world economy. Of course that is not necessarily the case, but remember that it is simply that for those who crave the power; this is a game. And the game rotates from one player to the next.

    Therefore even though it is not entirely the case, the greater populace of the world will look to this country and say, "It is your fault. It is your fault and the fault of your bankers. It is your fault and the fault of your consumer ideas. It is your fault because of how you envision the world and its power as a superpower." Again, this less-than truth will matter little as the world searches for the one to name as the number one enemy. So it will fall to this great country to see itself that way in the world's eyes, and it will be difficult to undo what has been done.

    This country will continue to claim itself to be the most super of all powers. It will launch a campaign -- an advertising campaign, as if it were a product -- to rename or repackage itself as the world's friend. It will attempt to make its bankers look not only professional but also friendly, as caring and compassionate toward the smaller man or the smaller country. This time the world will not fall for the story so easily. In spite of all of the major campaigns that are put forward, the world will still say, "It is your fault." And so those who then look to the world stage will begin to look to other countries and to other markets and economies and place their trust and their investments in those other countries and the commodities and resources of other countries.

    In some ways, there is advantage to this, for the wealth of the world will begin to rotate again and to move again, as if the jet stream had stalled and now begins to move more healthily again. On the down side of this, because the great superpower that begins to be less than super holds so much weight with the rest of the world, as it begins to fall, it will take much and many down with it. This is important to note if your holdings are here, if your properties are here, and if your beliefs, your ideas, your hearts, and your passions are here.

    Hold on to That Feeling

    In spite of all this, it will still seem that the world has gotten a face-lift. It will seem as if the moods that have followed under a dark cloud have lifted, at least a bit. It will already begin to feel that there is a new horizon to look toward. And there is. In fact, there is an inner sun within you already. You can feel it. There is a warmth within your heart. There is a part of you that knows that you have come through a great desert and that while you are not all of the way there yet, already you can see that there is an oasis before you -- that there are new truths, new and fresh resources, the next and new beginning. And you will feel this.

    At first it will seem a little bit like a false start. You might even say to yourself, "Why would I feel as good as I do today? As I look around me, I see no good reason to do so." And you will be correct in that. But perhaps you do not need a reason to be well or to feel well. Perhaps the inner light from within you simply knows that you have come near the end of a very great journey, that you will have a small rest before the new beginning, and that all of this is appropriate. So allow yourselves to feel this way. Give yourselves the right and the privilege to feel well and wellness within you, even when others do not.

    You see, there will be moments when you will even find yourselves feeling, well, guilty, as you see that others in some way suffer or have not yet come through the desert, and you are already beginning to feel that wellness. It will seem to you that you must wait until others have been served in some way by the same light so that you can feel this together. But in this case, I will say that you should allow yourselves to feel individual. Allow yourselves to be unique.

    When the moment strikes that you can feel wellness, when you feel invigorated by life and a willingness to take the next step -- not simply with a good amount of courage but with desire and with creativity as well -- then do so without hesitation and with all of the longing that you have carried thus far, for it will indeed be the time to do so. And you will find in your own way that there is a certain wealth in this. Wealth does not always come from the economic sector, you know. Wealth comes from a deep understanding within that you are able to give to yourself, to achieve, and to draw to yourself and attract all those things that are important, necessary, and creative.

    So as the world understands this face-lift, you will also feel as if in some way you have been lifted by the world, and so when this occurs, do not struggle against it. You will find yourself conflicted at times, because some of the news on the horizon might give you very little reason to consider yourselves fortunate, and yet in some way, you will do just that; you will say, "How lucky I am; how fortunate I am compared to others or compared to where I was last year."

    Do acknowledge this, the sooner the better. The earlier in the year you are able to do this, the better off you will be for the rest of the year, because it is likely that this outlook will sustain you much longer. But if you hesitate and hold it off, waiting for it to look more real to you and waiting to see if it still sustains you the next day and the next day, afraid that it may dissolve, then it will be that much later in the year before you are able to claim your prize or your opportunities. Do not sit in the energies of the old when the new world already begins to present itself to you.

    A New Game and New Opportunities

    As we return to the economic outlook, then, you will see that there are many brokers of commodities that come forward, each with their own wares. Imagine yourself almost as if a caravan had come to town, each vehicle opening to reveal its crafts and wares to present to you. But in this case, they will be economic wares -- this particular currency or that, gold or silver, and other precious metals and commodities, each broker saying to you, "Look, this is more secure! Look, this is where you will be safe in the now moment and the next!"

    There will be new ways of marketing these commodities to you, and you will find yourself in some way enthralled by the idea of ownership and what you might own for a small piece or a small price. Do take care in this regard. There are indeed new opportunities, but there are charlatans at work as well, those who can milk, or extract, from you what little is left. They will also be part of that great caravan, so as always, look before you leap.

    Those who offer their products to you -- their money products and their investment products -- are very good at what they do; make no mistake of that. They will bring suggestions to you that will seem almost too good to be true. You will see that the world will do almost anything now to reignite a stalled economy. It will rewrite your ideas, it will rewrite your debts, and it will even rewrite your bank account, allowing you further abilities or resources that you had not had before.

    New projects on how to fund your own projects will come forward. New ideas of how to move into the new economies will offer themselves to you, and some part of you will say, "This is the way to restoration. This is the way to restore what I have lost over the past several years." And in some cases, they will be. There are certain programs that will come forward that will benefit not the many but the few, but they will benefit some, and so when some of these are presented to you, look. Some of these indeed will be a gift horse. There will be those who will write down or write off debts completely by inviting you to join a different or a new program. Be wary, but be willing, because some of these will be of great benefit to you as well.

    These new programs are put forward by way of beginning to introduce a new economy, a new way to relate to money or wealth or wealth management, and they invite you to participate, to dabble once again, and to do so with confidence. Just as you have already become accustomed to accumulating points and cards and rewards, this will continue as well, in new and more enticing ways. In the beginning, these will be worthwhile, and so as you choose to participate in these programs, do so willingly if you like.

    Take advantage of that which is put to you, but at the same time, recognize that you are stepping into uncharted territory. It is not simply another version of the same thing; it is a new game altogether. You are being invited to play in a new game and a new economy, and just as you have become accustomed to the old rules that did not suit you, these new rules will suit you in some ways, but only for a short time. Still, take advantage of them as you will, for this year you will see that there is a road back to wealth again, if you are aware of it and do not fear to try.

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