Healing lights request for Midnight GMT Mon 14th Please

  • Hi

    I realise that this is short notice and that i am asking alot especially with jlinaangels thread 'alternative for those in need'. I am not one for jumping queues, please let me explain before i dig myself a hole.

    A friend who lives 2 hours from me has got himself into a fine old mess and begun drinking heavily. He reached out to me last night which was a very difficult thing for him to do, and i have promised to visit with him tonight. Due to family commitments i will not arrive until late evening.

    I have done some healing work with crystals and hands in the past and it has given minor positive results, though my confidence in helping him is low as far as my abilities go. Anyway, i am hoping that visiting, talking, just being there and performing some healing i may be able to give him some relief.

    Just to stress that although i have offered to visit with him today, he first approached me.

    Being able to visit him is not always possible on a regular basis, hence my request for a boost from you guys tonight.

    If any of you could join me at midnight monday 14th GMT in sending through some healing lights and positive energies i would really appreciate the back up.

    Not sure how you would all work out your time zones so i am sending this at 9.15 am if that helps.

    Thanks in advance if any can help

    Karen x

  • Hello Karen,

    I'm in the UK and usually awake at midnight so I will be thinking of you and your friend. I'm going to need you to believe in yourself a bit more, really open up to it. Literally, so you can receive all the help you need 🙂


  • What time conversion is that for Easter dear?

  • With daylight savings in effect, Eastern is currently GMT -4, so 8pm. Pacific would be GMT -7 or 5pm.

  • thanks you guys

  • Okay, will do. Whats his name?

  • sorry been at work his name is Steve on my way there now.

    Thanks so much x

  • AB stick it on the alternative thread as well as that gets a lot of traffic. I will be asleep at that time, it being here GMT+1 but I can send some energy now if that helps.

  • I'm with you also AngelBoots,

    as a recovering alcoholic for almost 14 years,May Steve be ready for a new life that begins today..."One Day at a time"...

    Karen, sending you strength,Love, hope, healing and light to the both of you...


  • Just returned home - Thank you all so much for last night.

    Pisceanhealer - i believe i did open up when the time came to it thank you for instigating my self confidence.

    Thanks also to poetic and paddifluff i didnt have time to post on the other thread and really didnt want to upset the apple cart so to speak i just hoped for a couple to give me a boost.

    And thanks also to myjourney for your insight and the rainbow i kept that picture in my mind when the time came to it.

    It went very well, and as he believes anyway it made it all the easier for him to let go himself.

    The most amazing aspect though was the heat i felt through the back of my elbows to the tips of my fingers at 12.10 to 12.20 the heat was so immense it made me stronger and he slept after that till 6 this morning, so soundly it was just so incredible.

    He has a very long road to travel but he felt the world around him for the first time in a long time he told me this morning but would not give me any insight to the dreams that he had. I know that they did not disturb him though as he slept so soundly.

    Massive massive thank you to all of you for the help and the experience. I believe in myself enough know to know that i can send him my healing thoughts and light and that i do not need to be there physically. Very powerful experience for me and will def be offering my services to jlinaangel's thread

    Sorry cant stop saying it THANK YOU XXXXXXXXXX

  • God Bless, sending him more light.

  • thanks poetic i think i messed up on the other thread but i hope you all get my meaning

    Thanks again x

  • We do, don't worry all is love.

  • I am so glad it was a positive experience for you both Karen 🙂

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