Please help!

  • I feel a lot of pent-up frustration now and I would really appreciate if someone could do for me a reading here.

    I met this guy 9 years my senior about 2 months ago. We were infatuated with each other and both agreed that we would hang out for a few months first before deciding whether or not to proceed further. He went out a couple of times, talked everyday on the phone -- there were no signs that anything was going wrong. But just 3 weeks ago, he suddenly stopped contacting me without giving a reason why. And when I finally asked, he said he has been really busy with work and told me to move on first, adding that he will still want to go out with me in the future "when things are more settled" on his side.

    So I thought that was the end for us both. I'm still trying to get over him, but he's still been calling me every now and then just to talk and ask me how I am. It really feels like he is just stringing me along and I really want to know what he is thinking and what he actually wants, because it is really hard for me to move on like this.

    My name is Carmen (born 29/12/90) and he is Kelvin (born 28/1/81).

    Please help me out here!

  • If you ask me it just sounds like he is scared of commitment. I think there is a lot more lying under the surface for this guy than what meets the eye here. Be careful, it sounds like you are on the way to a let down again.



  • Thank Chocomoose. Can anyone please do me a reading to tell me whether I should just move on and not wait for him? big thanks.

  • This post is deleted!

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