MissBethAngels and anyone else who can read for me?

  • My name is Pailyn (I go by "Nina" my middle name) and my dob is Sept. 4, 1992. I'm very interested in a young man named Andrew (dob Sept. 12th, 1991) who lives in my neighborhood and used to attend the same school. He was a year above and he's now in college far way. He was dating a girl who also went to our school but they broke up in the fall before college (and she says that they broke up to pursue new journeys at separate colleges).

    I would like to know if there's any romantic future with us. He used to ignore me and be somewhat dry when we first met and then later on he would be hot & cold as if testing the waters (this was after he started dating his now-ex girlfriend). Then, by the end of his last year, he would sometimes say my name playfully while seeing me around without actually saying "hi" and he would sometimes tease me playfully, although usually ignoring me (and by that time, if I were to start a conversation, he would actually hold it, and not responding with dryness like he had at the beginning).

    I now only see him around when he comes home from university breaks (since he lives in my neighborhood). I would see him when I exercise outside... oftentimes, I pass by his house while exercising right when he happens to be outside or coming outside. However, now, he gives me a few awkward glances while also seeming to pretend that he doesn't see me so that he doesn't have to say hi.

    I would like someone to please analyze our relationship. Tell me please if there's a possibility for anything romantic between us, how he feels about me, maybe tell me why he acts this way, and whether or not the distance plays a factor in whether or not we might have a possibility for a romantic relationship (I know that when he broke up with his ex, she said that it was b/c of the distance - that might be true and if it is, then the distance probably plays a role, but she also treated him very roughly and sometimes with a lack of respect and so it's also possible that he used the distance as an excuse to break up and maybe distance doesn't have as big a role in our chances of being together as I might think).

    Thank you so much if you can help,


  • Anyone?

  • HI DesiringLove, Usually when readers see that you have had a reading done, like yourself from the captain..they tend to leave the on going discussion with the reader that has tried to give you answers to which you are seeking...

    but you never know someone else could post something here...

    love and light


  • funny you should say that! Actually, I answered this post but in middle of responding had to leave so just deleted it--thinking--you know, someone will get this. I read Captian's and it pretty much echoed my main impressions even though we each pick up a little extra the other doesn't and we express ourselves differently. First, you may not get many responses as it is true others may sense you are just shopping until you hear what you need to hear anyway. You are young--searching for love is intense. My main impression said sparks--so yes an intense attraction--both ends. So yes possability--but not without awareness of your issues. You can grow together or hurt each other--though it will be you suffering mostly as he can turn it on and off--very protective--but young--he's early in the process of opening up past his fears of vulnerability. You are craving the sparks--ready to go for it--the sparks scare him a bit. He pulls in close but then feels your eagerness and it makes him bolt. My advice--test this--instead of looking for proof psychic shopping. Spirit says--back off. No jogging by the house--no mental radar to him--you do have a planet connection---stop filling your head with him. After doing this for several weeks--I think 3 will be the telling week--and HE aproaches YOU and you feel him being open and showing interest even suggests getting together. You have your answer---and if after a too great time--feeling the sparks he suddenly goes distant---as if he disapeared--you have your answer to the truth of his issue. If you do not acknowledge his shadow side YOUR shadow side will only use this hot and cold issue of his to feed your pain issues--feeling rejected--abandoned. --- you two have the opportunity to heal or feed the demon. He is who he is and he can grow but it will always be his basic nature to be intimacy shy and need space. It will take a secure woman to work with that reality. BLESSINGS

  • Dear BImoon,

    Thank you for your response.

    Actually I'm not "shopping" for the answer I want to hear, although I am familiar with that - I was once torn up about a man named Michael (dob Sept. 12th, 1984 - look at that! the same birthday as Andrew, but a different year... I've always wondered if there's a reason for that) and did keep on asking psychics for help and anytime something positive came up, I would grasp onto it as healing.

    I still have the habit of asking multiple psychics about the same question, but not so that I can find the answer I'm searching for. To be honest, there are many psychics who just don't connect with certain people as well. That's not to say that I think they're not actually psychics, but that sometimes they just don't feel connected with you enough to give an accurate reading. What I'm doing here is trying to find the majority. I'm going to pull what the readings have in common to help me make the best decision, regardless of whether or not it's positive.

    And actually, your reading was very similar to a few that I have gotten. One of the readers mentioned that his fear of committing or coming forward has to do with how his last relationship ended. He dated Jessica (dob February 12th, 1992) for more than a year... they were very good friends for a long time before then and it seemed that they would be together forever. They weren't very affectionate, but they seemed to be very connected. When they broke up, it was apparently because they were about to head off to separate colleges. I'm hoping that what happened with them didn't wound him (they're still on good terms). I don't see why it would because they broke up only because of long-distance, unless that was only used an excuse for breaking up over another issue.

    Even before I had become attracted to him I would jog by his house... that was just my favorite path to jog. Do you suggest that I purposely find a different path to avoid him?

    How do you think he'd approach me? Online, perhaps? (We're friends on Facebook).

    He's in college far away and so I don't see him much anyway.. it's been more than three weeks! Lol. Do you think that the reason he hasn't come forward yet as you have predicted is because even though we haven't seen one another for three weeks, every time he /is/ home in the neighborhood he can sense my vibes?

    And if we do go on a date with one another, what can I do to stop him from pulling away? To help him become more comfortable with his vulnerability?

    Should I be nurturing and affectionate, yet let him be in charge and allow him to throw his weight around? To show him that I am willing to be gentle and loving without hurting him or restricting his independence?

    Thank you so much,


    P.S. Sorry I ask so many questions I do that a lot with these sorts of things... my brain is always hopping around and coming up with more questions. Sorry. 😞

  • Dear Nina,

    I will be most happy to get your angels' take, but won't have a chance until this weekend. I'll write you back then.

    Angel blessings in the meantime!

    Miss Beth

  • Thank you, Miss Beth.

  • I do understand connecting or not with a psychic--I had the same psychic for ten years before she passed away. I'm off to bed so this is short. Yes, I did mean for you to avoid going near him--and thinking about him--trying to figure him out. yyou start giving away your power when you do that. BE YOURSELF! Let him show he's interested. Doing all the work with this one will not help him grow. I told you his issues and nature. What he's looking for and what he needs are going to clash at times. Part of him feels the need to have a woman communicate "for him". A woman who won't question his hot and cold--intimacy fears. He needs a strong woman who is secure enough to let go without feeling hurt or rejectied--- just a sense of boundries. He has to come to you. He needs to be figuring you out! To keep this man you must never give too much

    because of his nature to withdraw. You will lose yourself if you begin trying to please him "closer". Be yourself--he has to love you as your perfect imperfect self.---feel safe in that---never settle for less. Let go of him and if he's capable of being vulnerable "just for you!" you've got a healthy start! BLESSINGS

  • Thank you BImoon,

    You say that I should be myself. So I guess I shouldn't "play" hard to get or any sort of game, but I should genuinely start to fill my life up with hobbies so I am naturally and genuinely less available.

    I always thought that he might be the kind of guy who's a born pursuer - who wants to be the one to make the first moves with a girl, etc. I guess it's true that he wants to be the one in charge, but for different reasons than simply being dominating.

    If I let him be the one guessing and doing the work for a long time, do you think that one day he might let me give love and nurture him?

    Do you by any chance know where this insecurity comes from?

    Thank You,


  • You should trust your gut more often---you tend to then think too much! We all do that at times. Usually the gut knows best. You analize--and he likes that because when you are busy in the head over him--he in a distant way "owns you"---can you understand the power exchange. His issues are both nature and nutrture. I feel in his planets and genetics is a Mars issue that he is stuck with managing--it keeps him distant--intimacy issues. A parent or strong female figure--I see two--mother and sister or grandmother who never challanged his issue but instead--felt things FOR HIM---anticipated his needs---made it easy for him not to ask--they just took care of him and never expected more--and accepted him---trusting he loved them saying " oh that's just how he is". So he will be attracted to very abliging women who will give lots and accept less and excuse his disapearing into his shell periods. A woman with abandonment issues or low self esteem will hang on to him but it will feed her pain. A smart healthy woman will break the cycle and break the old patterns and will demand more from him--but he will be uncomfortable and resist. He will do it for the one he can't resist. Leave him be long enough to find out if that is YOU! Otherwise he is not motivated to change. Think with your head---he is who he is----if you see your self not getting hurt when he withdraws after the most intimate moments when you just felt gloriousely in love and felt he connected--then he goes cold? How are you going to deal with that. Yes, you better be a busy lady with a big big life that fills that empty spot or you will crumble. Chase him once--chase him forever. BLESSINGS!

  • Thank you, BIMoon.

    Yes, I do suppose that I overanalyze quite a bit with him - I think that a lot of girls do that with guys they like but I think that being a Virgo, I take that to a whole different level.

    My gut instinct /does/ tell me that he wants a girl who gives more than he gives and who, while giving, allows him to have the power. I now see that a relationship with him would mean that I give a lot and I may not get as much in return (not because he doesn't want to give but because he's afraid/uncomfortable about it). I also see now that he DOES want someone nurturing and that just because he escapes into his shell, that doesn't mean that he doesn't care - he just needs alone time once in awhile and that's just who he is and it doesn't mean that he doesn't care.

    Is his fear of intimacy and his desire to pull away the only thing stopping us? Do you see any other barriers besides this one that we've been discussing? Such as physical distance (since he's in college far away from where I'd be?) or disapproval of family members/friends?

    He was in a relationship for more than a year and I wonder how that was possible but I do know that his ex, Jessica (dob February 12, 1992) was very independent and had a full and busy life, although near the end of their relationship I noticed she became much more clingy and needy. Perhaps that's the true reason they broke up and he told her that it was about the distance just to avoid any emotional confrontations.

    Thank you, I do see things coming together.


  • I'm thinking that while I wait for him, I should throw myself into my music and into working on my dreams of being a novelist, playwright, and cookbook author.

  • Dear DesiringLove,

    I read your question but didn't read any one else's responses because I like to get your angels' take on the situation straight from the "source" so to speak. For this, I called on Archangel Michael because not only is he my own guardian angel, he is also the most direct, to the point (and yes blunt) angel I've personally "met". As you may know, I am clairaudient which means I hear our angels speak and then I, in turn, repeat back to you what is said. Here is what Michael wants you to know right now:

    "Our dear seeker of romance, we understand your hopes and desires in finding that very special someone to share your life with. And to be honest, there is more than one man who will fit the bill for you. What is happening is you are ready to find that special someone, and the one in your line of vision is not. You are both also on different soul planes which means that you have lived longer (in the history of things) than he has. It is very very difficult to have a relationship work out...not because of distance, but because of your different spiritual levels.

    Distance is just another word for spiritual distance to us. You think of it in terms of physical distance, mileage. That isn't the issue though. If you were truly truly meant for each other, distance would not matter. How many good solid friendships span miles and countries for long periods of time, only to connect within mere seconds upon seeing each other again? Romantic relationships are no different. And romance blooms from friendship. That is where you need to start.

    Do not rush these years for you are young. There is no hurry here. Take your time. Enjoy meeting new people. Enjoy nurturing your friendships. Because out of your friendships will arrive your intended. Be open to opportunities. Be open to letting people in to your "closed" circle because you do have a very closed circle. As your angels, we are here to help you find that special someone. This boy you mentioned is a boy in relationship to your womanhood. All you have to do is look at your relationships (both male and female) to date and you will know that you have always felt a much greater sense of maturity than many of them. No in terms of your age...but in terms of your inherent soul-deep knowledge. When you are on different spiritual levels, you cannot change them. You will always be the person who has learned the lessons he hasn't. Why settle for that? You owe it to yourself to pursue the love you deserve...at the level you deserve it.

    Call on us to help. We will find friends to begin with. Then let romance kindle in embers before it expands into flames of your heart."

    Angel blessings to you!

    Miss Beth

  • Thank you, Miss Beth!

    Wow, although I've often felt that I was much more mature than the boys around me, I've always felt that Andrew was more mature than me (that's one of the reasons I felt attracted to him) - however, I'm going to think about the angel's message because perhaps there's another message in there that's not necessarily meant to be taken literally.

    I /have/ been told many times that in order for there to be romance, it's better for there to be some sort of friendship base - perhaps the angel was reminding me about the advice of others and telling me that they're onto something!

    Thank you, Miss Beth!


  • Dear Nina,

    Your maturity speaks for itself! Your angels definitely said that your relationship will stem from friendship first. It won't be a "love at first sight" type of movie drama relationship, but one of good friends who evolve into a loving relationship. Patience is the key. Don't try to pressure situations to generate relationships. Ask your angels to intervene, and help you find the right friends and then ultimately the right relationship. Enjoy this time of your life they say. They just now said "There are a lot of Andrews in the world, but none of them are right for you. Let's together find your Prince Charming...albeit without the white horse." And they smile when they said this.

    Angel blessings to you!

    Miss Beth

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