• okay, im a week a way from graduating nursing school. Im done with all my finals. problem is, i feel burned out and i need to start studing to pass my state boards that may come up in two months or so. but again i feel burned out.

    so, if its possible to grant me a little motivation of what i will be looking forward to in the future. by the way. im still sinlge, my son and i still live with my sister and im still not working at all. Im know this will all change when I pass my boards and start working but what can i know about my future that will motivate me today?...

    im hoping my guides, angels (and whos Jorge) can help me out on this one by sending me a msg TO PUMP ME UP =)!!

    yay! im finally (almost) done!!



  • Good Luck you should be proud of yourself, someone will help you.

  • Dear sweetoty,

    First of all, congratulations! You have been on a tough road, and not just educationally-speaking. I asked your angels what they wanted to tell you at this point in time, and here is what they said to tell you:

    "Dearest Healter, what a marvelous gift you are preparing yourself to offer the very many people you will come in contact with. Yours is not simply a matter of providing care based on book knowledge. That, anyone can do. Instead, you offer your knowingness. Your divine guidance. For you our dear one are a lightworker. There is no better profession for you than the very one you are pursuing. You will provide heart to your patients...a loving, caring heart that is most comforting. The reason you are different than your coworkers will be is you do not know how to be mechancial. Instead, you are compassionate. That is God's kind of RN.

    Do not worry about your exams. You will do your "system" of studying that you have mastered, and it will serve you well. We are your angels. Call on us as you study, and before your exams, to help you with your memory, to help you achieve a wonderful score for your end results. While you have to show up and do your part, we will be there and help you throughout the entire exam period. Before you head in, see yourself in this capacity, healing the sick, for they so very much need your help. You will not perform miracles yourself...for that is reserved for your Creator. But you will be a conduit for miracles to happen. On that, you have divine promise.

    Go forward and bless the many patients whom you will come in contact with. They need you. Just as we need you. For you are an Earth angel sent to bring comfort. A noble task. A much-needed task. And one we are so very very proud you pursued. Afterall, you were meant to follow this journey and you have done a marvelous job. "

    Your spirit guide's name is Roberto (angels are telling me this) and your guardian angels names are Lauren and Joseph. You have two.

    Thank you for your posting and angel blessings to you!

    Miss Beth

  • Miss Beth,

    thank you for taking the time to do this for me 😃

    it is very heart warming to know that Roberto, Lauren and Joseph are with me to help me be whom I should me.

    thank you again for this wonderful msg!! 😃

    love and hugs!

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