Can I get a reading from a psychic here?

  • I'd like to get a reading on someone born on March 15, 1993

    and a reading on someone born on July 9, 1991

    Whether it is temperment, personality, ect.

    I'd like to know as much as possible on each. It's for an astrology class project.


  • Then don't you want an astrologer to answer, rather than a psychic?

  • An astrologer would be good too 🙂

  • Astrological profile -

    March 15, 1993: visionary and creatively talented, sometime to an extreme degree, this Pisces will nevertheless have their share of ups and down on their life journey. Plagued by what may be a lifelong inability to settle down and direct their creative efforts in a productive fashion, they may indeed inspire others, yet fail to come to terms with their own true calling. Their verbal powers may be quite astonishing, yet they may have any number of conflicts with those in power due to their rather high-handed style. As gregarious as this person appears to be, they do have a dark moody side and a tumultuous personality. One challenge is to learn to control their very short emotional fuse and tendency to explode in anger. They are often attracted to troubled individuals who may be projections of their own internal struggle. Feeling peculiar, misunderstood, irresponsible or disorganized may be the product of being told this in their childhood. Rooting out this negativity is essential for their health.They will also need to release a secret belief that they are somehow better or more gifted than the rest of the world (though it may well be the truth). Yet establishing a good connection with a higher source of inspiration and creativity will doubtless imbue this talented person with the necessary measure of humility and, if they are careful to apply themselves and their talents in such a way that their gifts can be enjoyed by everyone, they are likely to realize lasting and profound success, as long as they do not allow themselves to get sidetracked by romance and trust their own inner calling. Improper relationships - stemming from a fear of putting themself in the hands of someone who may mistreat or ignore or professionally undermine them - can leak into their career if they do not resolve old issues.

    July 9, 1991: whatever the obstacles on their path toward higher development and a sense of mastery, this Cancerian is likely to overcome them in a unique fashion. In fact, they can bring a real sense of fun to this life journey and will doubtless be possessed of a lighter heart and generally less dour attitude than many of their fellow travellers. They are here to knuckle down and master a craft or an art to a specialist level. Their natural affinity for unconventional people will lead them to find the right person to help them in their development, but the circumstances that will bring them together with a mentor may be unusual in some way. Personal discipline and proper training will aid them in turning their often wild ideas and fantasies into tangible reality, yet they may not be marked for material abundance and reward until they tough out a few lean years of hard work. They must feed their need to escape by structuring regular, periodic vacations and time off because they can have workaholic tendencies. They set very high standards for themselves and the quality of their work. This Cancerian will always be acutely aware of how they appear to others and will cherish their image highly. They may also have very high even unrealistic expectations of other people which can lead to problems in relationships. They can be so self-protective that they fight people off and prefer to be miserable alone or working, rather than in the company of people who demand too much of them. They fear being controlled by someone who is not sensitive to their needs. They will find fulfillment by developing a few close associations with those in their field or a similar one.

  • Do you have a reading for someone born on July 14 1993 also?

  • July 14, 1993: this Cancerian may be too charming for their own good. Able to convince others of their plans and schemes, they often bite off more than they can chew in the way of responsibility, and take on too much for their own good. They also need to be responsible for their own nourishment and welfare. On the other hand, ambition may cause them to retreat from the challenges of life into selfish and egocentric behaviour to the detriment of their higher spiritual goals. Still, in the fight against society's ills and inequities, they are likely to come out a winner - provided they can control their often excessive desires in the interest of accomplishing a larger, more enduring goal. They will find satisfaction in acting without restriction to fulfill the plans they view as being for the good of all. This Cancerian can be a maverick in their professional life and will do best when granted autonomy in their working environment. By developing relationships with independent individuals who are freethinkers but are also willing to operate within the social norms, they will become more balanced in their outlook. Once they give up fighting the system to instead work within it, they can be a trailblazer who sets new standards or breaks new ground. This lifepath tends to encourage more individuality and solitude than group involvement. Although a series of brief love affairs can be typical of this person's romantic life, finding one life partner is more grounding since it teaches the core lesson of this lifetime of how to be responsible to others. There is often a wandering gypsy or nomadic aspect to this person's life. It will take will and effort to settle down to hard work and achievement. Cutting corners, taking shortcuts, and avoiding what they consider boring (especially in regards to healthy habits) and a dread of consistency or the rigors of education can keep this person from success.

  • Would someone born on Nov. 14 1991 have a similar reading to the Jul. 14?

  • No.

  • sunnysummers

    just a gentle reminder! Please say thank you to the Captain who has done your reading so generously and patiently:)

  • I am thankful! He's helping me a lot on the readings! He's like astrogod! lol 🙂

    I was just wondering what a reading for someone born on Nov. 14 1991 would be though lol

  • How much of this is a school project and how much is just personal curiosity? I mean, don't you know something yourself about these people?

  • The last 3 were for the project. The Nov. 14 is the personal question. It wasnt to 'learn' about this person, it was mainly to see how similar or different the reading came out to this persons character.

  • Nov 14 1993: Though realistic and very 'together', this Scorpion may nevertheless have to work hard to overcome self-interest in order to realize their higher goals and dreams. Security issues from early life may be a problem, and they may succumb to their childhood demons, refusing to risk greater advancement or involvement in the interest of not making waves or simply protecting their own immediate concerns. Fear of being rejected and judged for their body or performance can hold them back a lot. Blessed with keen judgment, considerable diplomatic power and fine work skills, they are highly effective at generating reform from within a structure or organization. Their realism can also be their undoing if it is not fired by passion and inspiration, and devolves instead into cold calculation or manipulation of others to do or be what they themselves dream of. Still, they are capable of great innovation in any number of areas, once they nurture their creative and spiritual aspects by giving greater credence to all that is possible such as the possibility of change, and less to what is merely probable. Satisfying their natural desires can often entail cataclysmic and tearing events and relationships. Large doses of both pleasure and pain will be involved in a relationship with this person. This Scorpion can be highly loyal as a friend, but not particularly faithful as a lover, for they exhibit a considerable inability to commit to one person. It will take maturity before they can make such a commitment and they may be surprised at how happy and content it makes them. But before this can occur, a significant reform of their sexual and moral sides must occur. They are capable of deep transformation but, until that time, everyone around them must be extremely understanding and willing to stick with them despite the tumultuousness of their life. They may be regarded as immoral or uncaring but, on a societal level, they want nothing more than to help improve the conditions of their fellow human beings. Because of their intense need to get involved in and reform what they see around them, one of their essential requirements is to actually see the fruit of their labours and to know that their efforts have made a positive difference. Personally, they must indulge only in moderation in order to be happy and healthy. What they like may precisely be what is worst for them, especially in large doses.

  • I had ment the year 1991


  • I had ment the year 1991


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