Why my virgo friend is acting like that?

  • hi!, this is my story...i'm a saggie born on dec 20th 1985...like any saggie i loveeee my friends, traveling and anything fun....i have so many friends that i have two cell phones and text all day and im facebook bla bla....i knew this virgo but i never talked to him before, so we became friends...i like that he remembers everything i tell him...and trust me i can have very girly and stupid conversations lol but he remembers every detail...anyways he flirt a little at a party we went but he will stop if my friends were around but i always saw him like a friend (all my exes were my friends first by the way)...so just to keep things clear i told him how i have had a few guy friends that i lost bc they though i liked them and how it hurts me to lose friends like that....and he also knows that my exes at first were my bestttt friends...we had a cool friend ship but he is a bit wierd he will be texting me all dayyy for one or two days...and than he will stop for 3 or 4 days and like that...i found that wierd bc he is single and all my guy friends text me every day...and we cant hang out every day bc we work and go to school...anyways our conversations are cool bc i can tell him everythingggg and he always listens, what i found wierd is that when i talk about my plans in life like marriage, family and future kids he always includes himself....i always say "i dont know about u, but me and my future husband" u know just to put things clear....also i joke a lot and he takes things kinda seriously...but he thinks everything i say is cute and how i make him laugh....its really nice that he offers himself to help me with school and always tries to remember my family members names even though he doesnt know them...he never said he likes me, i dont like him like that but if the guy is super sweet and fun i might just go for it, like i did with my ex never liked him like that and we had a 4 year relationship lol.....well back to my virgo friend, sometimes he ask questions that had to do with sex, i answer them like a friend u know and i find that a bit wierd too lol....anyways we decided to hang out on the weekends like friends.....oh my gosh!!! he is not that fun, he is a good guy i love talking too but not fun at all....and dont get me wrong im not that hyper and crazy on the winter but u know u need to be fun with a saggie lol....and i think he knew i was bored bc i almost fell asleep in his house watching tv...and he was kinda nervous and he was mirroring me the whole time, also he wanted to read me his essay about bussiness he did at school...errrr boring!! i told him he can do that later and he kept telling me things about his family and his life...i listen to him but it was boring really...than he kept saying how im his type of woman to marry with, but how we are just good friends...anyways he saw i guess how bored i was he didnt text me or call me for almost two weeks..and than again he stared to text me all day long for 2 days and than stop for 3 days and bla bla....i guess thats how he is...so by texting i was joking about how he might be gay....and he got all upset saying "just bc i didnt tried to kiss u think im gay, and just bc i dont have that much friends and i dont go clubbing" "we are just friends, we have nothing in common"....i told him "friends dont say that to friends, that never cross my mind ever, im sorry i made a bad joke that upset u....but now ur making everything uncomfortable for me bc every time i say something i will think ur thinking that of me, so i decided that i will ignore all this, if i ever met u...i dont remember" and i deleted his cell# and i've been ignoring him".....i feel very sad that i lost a friend but is it like that with all virgos?....by the way he always says i play mind games and he hatesssss me texting so much, he doesnt even have a facebook account....dont know if i should talk to my friend again, after all he is a good friend and he has told me so much about his family and secrets, i feel bad sometimes 😞 .....thanks

  • high expectations, mixed messages will kill this friendship. sometimes a comment can come across as being snarly to another. tone down your need to say everything and work on listening.


  • tokameki,

    if i were you i'd leave the man alone. it confuses him, and you from the sound of things. Being 'friends' shouldn't be so much hard work.

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