• I have cancer in several spots in my body. I have been receiving radiation and chemo pills. I also have a potassium defiency. will this be better soon?

  • Not until you find and deal with the emotional cause. Deep hurt, long-standing resentment, deep secrets or grief eating you away, carrying hatred inside, feelings of 'what's the use?'...

  • The places in your body where the cancer has appeared are clues to the cause.

  • I have been working on the causes. It seems like I'm getting somewhere. Do you have any more insight for me? thanks

  • Do you have any more

    insight for me? Thanks

  • What type of cancer is it and whereabouts in your body is it occurring?

  • I have brain lesions, bone cancer in left arm,and lung cancer on my right side.

  • The brain represents our inner computer, the switchboard of our body. Ill health in that region indicates incorrect deeply established beliefs, stubbornness, a refusal to change old patterns or attitudes or ways of doing. You have to be willing to change what is not working for you in order to heal, to release negative actions or thoughts, to be flexible. Reprogram that faulty computer and you will get well.

    Arms represent the capacity and ability to hold the experiences of life. Ask yourself what burdens you are carrying that are harming you. What needs to be put down or given to someone else? What responsibilities or duties are not giving you joy, that make you feel weighed down?

    The lungs represent our ability to take in life, to breathe easy. Problems here result from depression, grief, fear of or feeling unworthy of living.

    The left side of our bodies represent the subconscious mind, the side that does not recognise or understand what is going on or why we do what we do, where things are hidden from our awareness. The right side is our conscious side, where we are fully aware of what is happening or what we are doing and why.

    I urge you to discover whether these issues are something you can resolve so that you can recover your health. All these problems indicate a deep and urgent need to change the way you think and your whole approach to your life. It's time to stand up for yourself and demand what you deserve and want. You can't devote your whole life to pleasing others - you also have to please yourself. Good health is all about inner happiness, peace and harmony. You must sort out that which is not serving you in your life and release it. People, attitudes, beliefs, diet, duty/responsibility, situations, possessions, goals whatever...

    I wish you well-ness.

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