Taurus man and Taurus woman in difficult times, please help!

  • Obviously she have made her stand very clear~ I wouldn't denied that she had already make up her mind and I believe u also know the result~ u can try to talk but the percentage of getting it back is very difficult~ I won't say impossible because I don't wish to see u lost the hope of loving~ if it doesn't work out, why not think of this way, loving someone doesn't mean u need to have that person rather you wish to see her happy. Out there in this world, u need to be more open~ if u acknowledge your mistake, the next person u be with treat her well and don't repeat the mistake. We as a taurus are stubborn, but we must know when we shouldn't be~ =} although I don dare to say I am good enough because till today I am still learning. U should look at the big picture and do wat u can~ don ever forget, u mustn't regret in your life~ hope this would help u~ =}

  • Then perhaps writing that journal Taurus7 suggested will be forfeit if I tried to give it to her when she came back. I know it is bleak circumstances. I am not sure if it makes a difference but I am her first boyfriend and she does not have much experience in relationships.

  • Well take it as a lesson an experience. Journal still can use for that~ at least u tried before an actual answer is given to u~ for the fact u won't regret~

  • daisai - I think you need to reread her email again. Here is why, there is something in there that is so key. To love someone so much, that their partner, priotorizes their needs before their own. And, I have experienced this, it is so effortless, that you do not even realize what you are doing before you do it.

    You know how you hear people say, well, relationships take work, they take communication and listening. And, from what I have learned much self reflection. So many times in life, we meet people whom we are in love with. And whether it is our age or circumstance of social skills or simply a lack of understanding of what love truly is, we can be in those relationships for just a short amount of time.

    I think you should still continue to journal, really think about what love actually is, continue to self reflect and pray your way through this. She may come back to you, cause you know how we Tauruses love the 'feelings" often forgetting about substance and reality at times. Or she may not. But, regardless of what transpires between to the two of you, you can grow and learn from this.

    I did some what laugh at her little email speech, simply bc being a Taurus, I know how we hold onto our self pride, and our speeches ! 😉 I am just wondering why she did not tell you that in person. Was she already gone?

  • Those emails were what caused the break, she was already on exchange. I would have appreciated at least a phone call but what transpired has already happened. There's no reverse. I feel that she has been caught up with her feelings so much that she has sacrificed the substance and reality of it all. I have read countless accounts of couples where one goes on exchange that this situation occurs so I guess it is not out of the norm.

    The prioritise part was purely miscommunication though, mistake on my half. I tried reaching out when her feelings have shifted. I am doubtful she will come back, but I have decided not to be the pro-active side in this situation anymore.

  • Our definitions of love did align at the outset and during the relationship. However, I honestly think she has lost track of it and am not sure if she will realise it in the future. As painful as it is, I do love her and in order to do so I have to set her free and wish her the best.

  • based on that, she is definitely in the moment. I would even say, caught up by feelings and emotions and perhaps not that much of reality.

    What kind of exchange is she on?

  • Sort of a study/holiday exchange program, so a group of students of similar age living together and playing together.

  • Definitely in the moment.

  • If only she could see it that way, I am probably just spoiling her fun in paradise. Don't know whether she will snap back to reality when she returns and when she does would she want to get back together again. Either way, the decision is hers to discover and make. I have to take care of my own life. Sigh.

  • Well life is cruel~ if I'm not wrong she's about 19? Just wild guessing

  • actually me and her are about 22.

  • well it's confirmed, she is going out with a guy over there on exchange with her from another country. sigh.

  • Daisai - I am sorry. I know how the confirmation of those things hurt.

  • Dai~ just relax~ even though it is confirm don get so upset. U must be strong~ =X

  • Daisai

    Sorry for what happened to you.

    A Taurus lady can come to a man’s life sweet, calm and nice but when you break her heart disappears of your life quiet and calm just like a piece of cloud.

    They are loyal and faithful so if she is in another relationship you won’t have so much of chance. You better move on and remember: some people are in our life for a season and some people are in our life for a reason. Next time if you want to win a Taurus heart arm yourself with flowers, poems, and a good cologne on you that smells like clean, ocean,… anything related to the nature.

    Win her heart and trust no one ever can steal her from you.

    Taurus lady.

  • @baran20036: I honestly do not think I broke her heart, in my circumstances, I do not think anything I did would have changed the outcome as she was the one that drifted away and said her feelings have shifted to another person. That said I am not trying to pursue her back. No matter how much trust is there in a relationship, if effort is only one sided in a long distance relationship it will not work in my opinion.

    @Mikyo: I am trying my best to relax and not to think about it.

    @Taurus7: It's ok, everyone saw it coming, it was only a matter of time before confirmation. Just did not expect Tauruses to act so soon and abruptly. Do you still think it is in the moment? I hope she would realise what she has done sooner or later.

  • On one hand it feels like she was stolen away, on the other, I should accept that she is mature enough to make the right decisions for herself. What does everyone think?

  • What u have just say is only giving yourself the reason to stop thinking abOut it~ sometime move on is better~ if she's being stolen away, ask yourself wat happen and think about what u have done. In a relationship, anything goes wrong is not one party fault. It's both

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