• Turns out it was my computer, as some of the pages had errors, rebooting and I found it, where the clues said it would be! Thanks!

  • fish are still swimming, but not groupon. thanks islandsq

  • Thank you for the clues. I finally found the Pot of Gold. Wishing all of you the Luck of the Irish and a Happy St Patricks Day.

  • HI guys thanks for the clues got my pot of gold and was fun hunting with you all.

    wishing you all a

    Happy St Patricks Day

  • I am really not getting this one today...any other clues that could help? I have looked everywhere in the fish world. I have to be missing something...

  • I found it. I must have had a browser issue, it wasn't there where I looked before. Thanks!

  • I am not finding it ....I looked all over Pisces! Please help? I can't even find a Groupon thingy. What part of the Pisces forecast?

  • Finally found it, its was like me the Lion chasing my little Pisces daughter ha ha..

    Thanks everyone..

    i went to the same page 3 times, finally there i saw my gold appear..

    love and light


    Happy St.Patrick's day to all:)

  • I'm with you. I can't find it either or that "groupon thingy"

  • I'm still looking and I'm pretty sure it's just not showing up yet. Think it's a browser issue for me too. Yesterday it took me about 3 dozen visits to the page the pot of gold was suppose to be on until it finally appeared - right as I was about to give up!! Guess I'll keep trying!

    Many thanks for all the great clues...they're always spot on. 🙂

  • Poeartermer, you may need to change browsers. I opened the page in 2 browsers. It didn't show up for me in Firefox but it was right there in IE - All about Pisces page. I have an ad blocker so I never see the ad. On top of that, my norton software barely allows any for fear of an attack.

    This is the first time I've had to use a different browser to get to the picture.

    Hope that helps.

  • I think for some reason it may not be all of our browsers, maybe Tarot has a small glitch.

    i went back to where i found the gold and it was gone...

    those Famous Pisceans, were getting allot of names called ,but Famous was not one of them 🙂

    love and light


  • ok the pot of gold is back lol...

  • 2go-

    Thank you. I finally found it. I had already been to that page a half dozen times.

  • Found it Thank you excellent clues!! I keep forgetting that the clues are posted pacific time so they are 3 hours behind lol well I m off to go get a guinnis for St Paddys day and i will raise a toast to all be safe if you go out & have fun!!!

  • I cant find it 😞 is it still out there? can someone give me another clue??

  • Yeii!! found it!!

  • thanks tenchi2go,

    I was all over the site of Pisces, horoscopes and such and could not find it earlier in the day. Just remembered I have yet to collect today's pot o gold,

    and conversation about browsers and such, helped me find it, somehow I missed the all about Pisces page, Thanks.

    Erin go bragh

  • Ha-ha!! Reading all the posts since i left my clue around 3:50 am (pacific time), I am finding it amusing the connection between this last hunt for treasure being all about the Piscean twin fish and the Gemini Twins (me) creating a clue for the gold, while almost everyone searching and commenting made at least one post (one twin/one fish) saying they couldn't find it, and then another post commenting on how they did find it after all (second fish/other twin!). The double edged pot of gold--ha! The energy of twinship was all over pages 6 through 8 here with this forum...pretty funny, I think! I'm so glad everyone ended up with their second fish/good twin finding their pot o' joy! Blessings to us all...& Happy St. Patty's night!

  • Your welcome Purplequeen, ganda234, cakekennedy, shadowmist, Happydoc, Myjourney and all the rest who gave a shout out (direct or indirect!) to me for the clue I created in hopes that you'd all more easily find it but not have all the fun of treasure hunting taken out for you. 🙂 I did realize after creating the clue that the Groupon ads change to other ads from time to time and that it may confuse some, but I hadn't considered that some may not see any kind of ad at all because of their software blocking them. Hadn't crossed my mind, but then again, I'm not a huge tech/computer person by any stretch of the imagination. (!) I have accepted that a computer can be a useful tool but I refuse to have an intimate relationship with it. Call me crazy. Not there yet...and uh...I hope I never am there with it! Ha! That said, I will remember in future "hunts" to give clues knowing that some of you may not see the same ad I'm seeing, or any at all. I think that will help. I hope that will help. Namaste.....and blessings of light and love to you all, wonderful astrologically-attune-people!!!

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