All things Virgo.........

  • OK so I just read somewhere that a Virgos motto could be "perfect is almost good enough". Which to me is very funny because no matter how clean something is our organized I could always go back and reorganize it just because something about it is driving me nuts. I know what drives me nuts about something I am cleaning and it is the simple fact that it could be more organized. UUUUGGGHH!!!!!!!!!! Sometimes my sun sign drives me NUTS!!!! You would think a Virgo needed counseling over this, uuummm, what could be the word.... Fetish maybe? What do you all think? LOL!!!

  • Oh lol and another thing... I keep reading that in relationships I am picky which keeps me from being happy or keeps a good thing from happening.. I would have to say that I disagree there because I have had and am in a very good relationship. I am just picky every where else in life. Well relationships and FOOD for sure not picky. LOL!!

  • Oh yea and have you Virgos ever read that Virgos and Taurus's actually have there own planets? Which is nice to know. I forget what they are called but the planet for virgos keyword is Thunder. Doesn't that sound more familiar than always thinking mercury? LOL!! To me it really explains a lot. I really enjoyed hearing that.

  • Yeah thats almost exactly how I am. Especially with the organizing. I do love being a virgo but it is exasperating sometimes LOL. I'm too picky with relationships and I feel like it holds me back but I would rather be too picky than not picky enough for obvious reasons. I have read a lot of natal reports on myself and being a virgo is something that some of my friends picked out immediately and that kind of freaked me out. My best friend is a taurus btw, which is funny.

  • <-- Also a Virgo. Also picked out as a Virgo almost immediately in a crowd... or standing beside the crowd watching curiously as a bundle of people jump up and down for no apparent reason other than music is playing too loudly, which also just gives them the chance to spill their drinks all over the place... Has nobody ever heard of fresh mint tea to keep themselves from throwing up profusely after that drink becomes a dozen?

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