What is Feng Shui???

  • Hello fellow people.. I was wondering if anyone could explain to me what Feng Shui is exactly??? Hope you all have a nice day!!

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  • Feng shui is about balance and harmony in your surroundings and yourself to achieve peace, joy, energy, and -plenty. It is about the yin/yang in you. They say to balance ourselves we should have a yin and yang in us, i.e. a male character and female. If you are female and do female things also have interest in a male thing to balance your core.

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    Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system of origin Taoist based on the conscious and
    harmonious occupation of space, in order to achieve from it a positive influence on the people who
    occupy it. The word Feng Shui is translated as "earth and sky". It was thus known by their oriental
    ancestors, who practiced in their daily life the observation of nature and its cycles. It is part of
    the so-called shenmiwenhua of Chinese culture, which deals with mysterious,
    secret and impossible to see things. It is said that in ancient China it was developed on the banks
    of the Yellow River and due to this, its inhabitants were always worried about protecting themselves
    from the strong currents of the river when it was growing as well as the furious winds that could
    collapse their houses and even a complete village.Its territory of action is situated on the border
    of two worlds: that of the earth (called ken kai), visible and physical, and that of the sky
    (called yu kai), unknown, invisible and vibratable, considered from a pseudoscience to "A compendium
    of ancient Chinese superstitions." You can know more about this topic in https://wofs.com/

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  • It is the art of making a room or environment look and feel good.

  • Feng-shui tradition, a Chinese practical art intertwined with human life and has a deep influence, in particular, on southeastern China at the aspects of shaping city and village landscape and forming characteristic architecture, etc. It was rooted from Chinese philosophy of harmonious coexistence with nature and human. A summary of research history on Chinese Feng-shui may helps you.