The Captain, I would love to hear your insight...

  • There's been a man in my life for a while now - Aries - which is supposed to be the most compatible sign for Sagittarians like me. I would love to hear your insight - 1st Dec 88 // 25th March 88.

    Thank you so much.

  • The relationship's catalyst and focus usually lies in the area of thought, so that it produces an intelligence far surpassing that of its individual partners. Ideas about ethics and the raising of children, as welll as far-reaching philosophical speculations, are characteristic of this matchup. It is also marked by an unaffected youthfulness, most noticeably in the survival of a strong physical bond (if you are careful), despite advancing age.

    The intensity of the passion in your love affair may however lead to early burnout. After ecstatic highs, particularly in the bedroom, you two may experience a gradual falling off of intensity. Such a love relationship may often settle into an easier friendship, with both of you making fewer demands. There is some question of whether you two may have been better off restricting your feelings to friendship in the first place, for you make excellent friends and can share many gratifying and challenging experiences. You may also be able to open your secret hearts to each other in a way you cannot do with others.

    There is an easy compatibility here and excellent prospects for longevity. Love affairs generally do not last. So, unless you can turn it into a more relaxed marriage or friendship by regulating the flame of your passion so that it doesn't leave you exhausted and breathless, this relationship will burn out. Learn to pace yourselves for the long haul and not expend all of your energy at once.

  • Thank you so much!

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