The lovers card with the Devil card

  • I keep getting the lovers card with the devils card with every reading I have had recently....can anyone explain what this means in more detail as I dont quite understand. This was a major arcarna readings and the question was about a man I have been seeing and where his feelings are towards me. Any advice or insight would be great. Thanx so much.

  • I read your post last night and hoped someone would answer you. I have only been reading tarot for a few months (worked mainly with runes and other divination tools prior to it.)

    Anyway here's my take:

    The Lovers is about choice; making one; having one to make.

    The Devil is about enslavement; losing yourself.

    I find it difficult (nie on impossible) to do readings with regard to someone other than the querant with regards to feelings. The tarot reveals the inner truth (higher mind) of the one doing the asking.

    If you feel these readings are about him and his feelings towards you then:

    He is fighting with himself over how involved he should get and is scared of the commitment at the same time as being drawn to you, so much so that it is triggering his fight or flight syndrone.

    On the otherhand, there is the strong possibility that it is your inner feelings that are comming throuogh the reading. In which case:

    The choice you are facing is an inner battle between on how much or how little of your passionate nature should be released. How much are you willing to invest?

  • Thank you so much for your insight....I think you are right and that this is perhaps my higher self feelng these things however all you said about him being afraid of commitment etc could be the case also...this has caused me deep frustration and anxiety as i dont know quite how to deal to the situation. WOuld i be able to trouble you to read for me and perhaps then i may have a clearer picture if this is a issue with me or him or both and perhaps some advice to go around that. I did the reading 4 times and got those cards in the same spot every time. One way or the other i feel i need to get to the bottoom of this. Deep down i know he is attracted/drawn to me but to what level is unclear...i also feel there is something else that i feel but cant see. I hope this makes sence. I would be so greatful for your help and thank you for the help you have given me already. 🙂

  • I will try a little later to do this.

  • PolarityClarity -

    The Lovers card is almost always about a difficult choice that needs to be made - usually one that involves emotion, but that needs to be made with logic. The Devil card can signify being inhibited or the need to release inhibitions, however it can also point to being currently controlled by your Shadow or inner fears. It seems as though the message being sent to you is that you have a choice to make and you need to not allow your emotions or inner fears to dictate the choice. However, you said that the cards have shown up in the "same spot" each time. What spots did they show up in? The answer to this will help shed light on the meaning for you....



  • I did a major arcarna spread with two rows of three. They cards came up as lovers number two and the devil number 5...aparently they are the final outcome cards in this spread. I do feel like I have a chioce to make and i do feel as though im conflicted very much with knowing eventually i will have to make this decision.

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