Hello, my name is Marc :)

  • Hi Mark, Thanks for introducing yourself. I'll include you in my prayers. It's probably a miracle that you're here right now. I know what can happen with what you've gone thru. The body is very complex and it's really a miracle that we all are here. Your condition is rare. If there's anything I can do let me know--I'm just happy getting to know you!--

  • Dear Marc

    You really are an inspiration! Sending you love and healing prayers..

    Love and Light

  • Thanks Daliolite and suramya, that means a lot to me 🙂

  • HI MArc, I am going to return your favours now and take a walk through your Otherworld. I will post you here what I find, I expect a lot of animals LOL.


  • Wow what a lot of information to remember. You have a very busy otherworld. My very first feeling was I got really dizzy and could really feel the blood pounding in my head. I never have that feeling myself. Then I was on a hill looking over a flat plain and there was some kind of activity going on either abseiling or parachuting?? and then I saw a few children flying their kites and one little boy in a wheelchair who dropped something and was really frustrated because he could not pick it up. There was a woman with them she said her name was Kate but don't quote me because I am really not good at names. Then I was taken to a farmyard and there was a big black rooster there and I was in a stable kind of thing for horses or cows, not sure, and two men came in and I think they were twins but they were busy laighing so I moved on. Then I was outside beside a pond and there was a fish either floundering on the edge or burying itself in the mud, which fish does that? I thought more of a salmon or a carp.I wanted to help it but Iwas told no it has to learn to do it itself. The pond was small. Then I watched a light aircraft plane (small one) taking off from water it flew over my head. Then I was inside in a room where a woman was sitting on the floor rocking her baby and singing to it, ther was a cot in the room. it was the woman Kate again and she said she was your grandmother or maybe greatgrandmother but I think the first. I asked her for something you might recognise her by and she showed me her hair (beautiful, long thick). Then I was in another room, nice big house by the way, like a country house and there was a man in there, he was a generation behind the woman I could tell that by the clothes. he said he was your great grandfather and when i asked for ID he showed me a pocket watch. Oh and the theme of flying kept recurring, I saw and actually sat in a plane, one of those with a double set of wings with the pilot. The last image I got was an owl. Very clear an owl. I love owls. I forgot to mention that I was taken in to your otherworld by none other than Tigger of Winnie the Pooh fame. And I also saw a picure of a boy and a girl that was the cover of a childrens story book.

    So there you go. i may have left out some details if I remember them I will write them for you. Like I always say, means nothing to me but maybe to you. And it was all very fresh and happy and beautiful, there was no bad energy anywhere.

    Thanks for letting me in, would be glad to follow up if you have any qus.

    Can't wait for your reply.

  • The fish could also have been a caiman or some other sort of lizard/reptile with legs.

  • Re owls, I think they might also be one of my totems I have always been fascinated by them, I had a lovely brooch once and I was absolutely devastated when I lost it. They keep reappearing.

    So, and now no more posting from me.

  • Sorry me again I forgot to say I asked your ggfather what you should do about your love siuation and he answered in the words of Lord Alfred Tennyson - 'tis better to have loved and lost, than never to have loved at all'.


  • Wow, thanks Sheelagh. So much going on there! The planes were interesting and caught my eye straight away. My grandfather (father's side) was a WW2 pilot, maybe the flying aspect extends further back in the family, I will try to find out. My grandmother (mother's side) grew up on a farm, I do believe it was in the family for a while. Her mother, my great grandmother was called Catherine, not sure if she ever went by the name "Kate".

    The hill you were on could very well be the hill outside the village where I grew up, the site of the family's farm. Not sure about the abseiling or parachuting - they are both activities my father has undertaken in the past for charity.

    If you look up mudskippers on Google images, I think that's what you saw. Although a fish floundering out of water could be a reference to me. There were many children on that side of the family as well, though not a disabled boy as far as I know. Again though, it may have been a reference to me.

    Owls are also an animal I have been drawn to. Owl medicine is to do with knowledge, wisdom, the ability to "see" the truth no matter how well hidden it may seem. Owl is about deception or rather the seeing through it. You'll have a very difficult time pulling the wool over an Owl person's eyes.

    Nothing else stands out at the moment, but if it does, I will speak up.

    Thanks Sheelagh, very interesting "read". I'm sure I'll have questions at some point as well 🙂

    Oh and thanks for asking for some advice. Tennyson's words have crossed my mind a few times actually, maybe my great grandfather has been whispering them to me

  • Re: Winnie the Pooh. I've always loved that book, the original A.A Milne stuff, not the Disney version. I'm not sure about the children's book with the boy and the girl though, I read so much as a boy. I mostly remember Enid Blyton books; The Famous Five and The Secret Seven.

  • Dear Marc,

    I just ventured on a "whim" into this forum and saw your posting. Now I get the health messages on your angel reading Your angels say to heed what they said about this subject.

    You are here for a reason which you already know. You now know what that purpose is! Onward my friend!

    Angel blessings,


  • Thank you Miss Beth. I have received your last email and will get back to you tomorrow or later today seeing as it is almost 2am here.

    And I just got the impression that someone - Lorelei? - is saying "staying up this late is NOT good for your health Marc" 🙂


  • Hello Marc,

    I did my animal medicine cards and got the snake i was wondering if you wouldnt mind interpeting it for me? from what i read im assuming it represents change of some sort .

    I can seem to get into these cards and i lose concentration easily with the book as well .

    Many thanks in advance LOAP

  • It is indeed about change, usually powerful change. It is sometimes linked with creation, reproduction, psychic energy, and even ascension.

    With regards to your question or situation, think of it in terms of the life-death-rebirth cycle, or the shedding of old skin to reveal a new one underneath (much as snakes do).

    Snake has very strong medicine, it behoves you to pay extra attention to what you are being asked to do. In this case you are being asked to transform/transmute/change some thought, action, or desire so that you can become whole.

  • Thankyou Marc i am at a time in my life when i am open to accepting change as ive always dreaded it in the past so i welcome them with open arms i really appreaciate you taking the time to do this for me.

    Many Blessings 2 u Loap

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