Hello, my name is Marc :)

  • Hello dmick59, and thank you for stopping by πŸ™‚ I'm glad you find my ramblings interesting and useful!

    So many cat people around on these forums. Really does speak to them being the guardians of our psychic abilities doesn't it πŸ™‚

    With regards to the other animals you've been dreaming about; the horse teaches us power. But it's power through wisdom. Horse teaches us that compassion, caring, teaching, loving, and

    sharing our gifts, talents, and abilities are the gateways to power.

    Lion's medicine is courage (think of the Wizard of Oz). Lion also teaches us about leadership and pride. Tiger's I'm afraid I don't know much of. I know parts of their body are used as healing tools, powerful healing tools if I recall correctly. Which is why their numbers have been decimated. Tigers are the largest and strongest of the big cats, they are also very solitary animals. I'd probably begin by looking to those areas for lessons.

    Eagle I've already covered πŸ™‚

    GJay, thank you for the welcome and for sharing your experiences. I know exactly what you mean when you say the healing and rejuvenating properties of plants and trees. It sounds like you're already drawing lessons from your time in the dessert, good for you. Have you given thought to the plants that do thrive in a dessert environment? I can't say I know much about the topic, but I'm sure there are things to learn from them.

    I loved reading about your dreams, so vivid! Mine have been of a more serious note lately.

    I was re-awakened, or reminded if you like, about my connection to animals earlier this year when Wolf came to me. I can't remember the exact details of the dream, all I remember is a grey wolf coming out of nowhere and growling right in my face. I also remember not being afraid, but rather feeling deeply ashamed.

    I also had a dream where a big snake with rows of sharp teeth was angry at me and the situation I was in. A bunch of lizards were also in the dream, almost being trampled on as people ignored them. I remember feeling the lizards were sad, almost depressed. That was a big message for me, as I discovered when I looked into all the symbology. The exaggerated anger of the snake, the depressed lizards, the colours and people in the dream all revolved around one core theme: in order to grow, I need to let go of my past.

    Bee, you are more than welcome πŸ™‚

    AuntBuck, lots to think about indeed! It's all good though. I can tell you something about all those animals apart from monkey, some birds, and Bigfoot πŸ˜‰ Any in particular you'd like to learn more about?

    Bobcat's medicine is independence. Of all the cats, big and domesticated, bobcat is the most independent. They have a varied diet, can thrive in many environments, and will even jump straight into water to chase after its prey. Independence is in Bobcat's very nature, so much so that she believes fences and keep out signs are there for someone else!

    I'll have a go at monkey. Whenever I come across an animal that's not covered in the books I have, I turn to what I know about that animal. Sometimes the animal is referenced in everyday language, in this case the phrase "monkeying around" comes to mind. Monkeying around suggests playfulness or a lack of seriousness. I can certainly see the medicine in not taking things too seriously!

    Monkey is also intelligent, shows problem-solving skills, including the ability to create and use tools. To me, Monkey medicine is also about intelligence and ingenuity. We could go on, even turning to individual species to get more exacting lessons. But I have work to do πŸ˜„

  • Looks like lots of people are interested in their animals too, cool dreaming their PisceanHealer- If you like you can post your dreams on the dreaming thread iv made, see if anyone there will be able to help see what it means. πŸ™‚ Love and light Bee Xx

  • Hello darling, just found this wow! You are a medical miracle, welcome, welcome again, I don't believe I have a totem animal unless it's the butterfly. Thanks so much, I think that it's really cool that you know Shaman Medicine, how cool is that!

  • I read where you said we have six, I don't do any animals at all, cats no, dogs no, puppies if they are cute and belong to someone else, not cleaning the poop, fish if they don't jump out of the fish tank, dolphins and whales at Sea World, I love nature shows though and Nature, I won't even go fishing because I'm not taking them off the hook. I was told I died at the hand of a Crocodile before so maybe thats why I'm very squeamish.

  • Hello poetic555 πŸ™‚

    You are so full of wisdom, I'm happy that you've stopped by and said hi. I've really been digging into shamanism (and to a certain extent druidism) this past month or two. I'm really keen to see where it takes me.

    Butterfly, if you're interested, teaches us about the medicine of balance. They are so sensitive to imbalance, that if an ecosystem is damaged, the butterfly is the first creature to leave. They are said to be especially sensitive to Mother Earth's harmonies.

    They are also called messengers of the moment, which makes sense given that they represent the element of air. It is said that if a butterfly lands on you, then whatever decision you are currently making is the right one for you.

    Bee, thanks for the invite. I'll take a look at the thread you mention when I get the chance πŸ™‚

  • I like that!

  • I am very much like the bobcat...if there is a sign that says keep out....I want to know why. LOL. I'm nosy at times when it comes to stuff. Learned to read upside down years ago and have honed that skill to where people look at me and go "really?" I hate secrets. I hate it when people hide things from me....I'd rather know. If it is hidden, I will want to uncover by doing research....I'm very good at investigations. LOL. However, I am very much the rule follower too...sheesh. I see monkeys are being curious too. Curious George? It would go along with my being nosy. hehehe...

    I also thought about this later on....I am very attracted to elephants also. One that scares the bejesus out of me? Horses. I am in awe of them, they are beautiful and strong...but I get too nervous around them. I can't be close without worrying about getting bit. Weird...since no other animal freaks me out that way.

  • Poetic...butterflies sound just like you!!! You bring us great messages all the time.

  • LOL AB, Bobcat is related to Lynx, here's what my book has to say about Lynx; "If you want to find out a secret, ask Lynx medicine"!

  • It figures Poetic, your energy is so angelic that you have to have a totem with wings too.


  • Hi again Marc,

    Your truly an inspiration, i hope you feel that...

    "Animals", I can't say i have ever had dream's of them..."Some sort of fear that was introduced to me at a young age.:( "

    I remember when my partner and father passed away just over 4 and a half years ago, i took my now 11 year old daughter, 3 years ago to visit her Grandma in Ontario, Canada...

    I heard the most sadest cry,besides my grief and it turned out to be a

    Mourning Dove...something I will never forget, somehow beautiful in a strange sort of way. I guess in away it represents all the death that I have delt with throughout my life.

    But I do love the Eagle...just because of the beauty when i see them in flight...

    Also being a Leo, I do love the Lion roar, i can do that pretty well lol...

    Just wanted to say hello again...

    Love and Light

    Namaste Marc


    From Vancouver,Canada

  • Hey,

    I guess my son emptied his book bag out last night so I noticed on the table this morning a picture he did of a Cardinal and it reminded me, that I always seemed drawn to them as well.

    Anything on cardinals?

  • Hello again Sheila, than you for your kind words πŸ™‚

    Dove has a well deserved reputation as the symbol for peace, including the mourning dove. Peace through mourning is probably a lesson they can teach us.

    Hi ibelieve, I'm afraid I don't have much on Cardinal. They are classed as song-birds and it is said that when they learn their songs they put their own "twist" on it, making them distinguishable - at least among each other. Individuality then is probably one of their lessons, as well as the medicine of song.

  • Hello Marc,

    By "red flag" I just meant I found it interesting that I should "forget" what was above. In America "red flag" means "pay attention" Sometimes I get so involved in the day to day grind I disconnect myself in a way. Forget to ask Spirit for help and guidance. Have you read any other of Jamie Sams books?

    Cheers P

  • angel hugs

    Marc, my last name "Arnett" means LITTLE EAGLE.

    Does this mean the "eagle is one of my totem animals ?


  • I was drawn to this thread today & have started reading but haven't finished.GREat thread, welcome. I've always been interested in animal totems & messages animals may bring into one's life. How do you find out what your animal totem?

  • Pfree, I see what you mean now! In the UK we use the term red flag to denote a big warning sign.

    Julianna, it could very well be. Do you feel a connection with Eagle? It could also be some sort of family totem adopted by your ancestors at some point. It sounds like a Native American "name"; Little Eagle, Chief Sitting Bull, Dances with Wolves, Loving Silver Wings πŸ™‚

    amused59, I wrote up a short guide for finding your power totems back on page 3 or 4 I believe. Basically we all have 9 power totems, you may already have found some of yours by the animals that most frequently visit you in your dreams, and/or you feel a deep connection with.

  • Sorry Pfree, I forgot to add; no I haven't read any of Jamie Sams' other books. In fact, I didn't even think to look for any of her other works until you mentioned it! Thank you for opening my eyes.

  • Marc,

    It will be awhile before I get to the following stone on my thread but since I came across it while looking for something else and it specifically relates to your topic, I thought I would post it for those wanting to connect.

    Also, plan to use it when I do the meditation you posted and see if it helps.

    β€œLeopard Skin” jasper is associated with shaman travel and spiritual discovery. It helps you to connect with your spiritual animal totem and traverse between the worlds in order to learn the lessons of your personal totem. It is said to assist in self-healing.

  • Marc, Thank you,

    I can really relate TO why i am attracted to the Dove, i am always searching for peace for myself or for someone else:)

    Namaste' Marc


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