Hello, my name is Marc :)

  • Animals do very much come to us in dreams. I think they enjoy it even! More often than not, the animals we identify with strongly are among our power totems. So Wolf and Eagle may very well be among yours. Bee on the other hand may just be accompanying you on this part of your journey. Alternatively it could be a power totem in a position you have yet to explore.

    A lot of people identify with just one animal. That's fine. Others identify with more than one. As I said, we all have 9 power totems, so the fact you've felt a connection to both wolf and eagle is also perfectly fine 🙂 In fact, they may be the animals in your left and right positions (more on that below).

    The book I use has a method for discovering your power totems. The book itself is called "Medicine Cards. The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals, by Jamie Sams and David Carson." You should be able to get a hold of it on Amazon.

    If not, take a quiet moment for yourself and write on a piece of paper, down the left hand side, the words East, South, West, North, Above, Below, Within. The order is significant and you start in the East - the entry point on the Medicine Shield.

    For each position, ask in a reverent manner that your silent guide and helper for that position make its presence felt. Be patient and give each position 24 hours or so before moving onto the next one. Your animal guide may wish to come to you in your dreams while you sleep or cross your path physically during the day. Whatever form it takes, you will know when it "speaks" to you. The animals that appear may "surprise you", as the book says, "but they will be correct".

    For your reference, note down the animals on the right side of that piece of paper. And if you need more insight into that animal or position, feel free to ask 🙂

    The final two positions (left and right) are usually the ones that have been coming to you in your dreams for most of your life. There's a good chance you've already identified your two, so don't be surprised or dismayed if they don't turn up in another position. You have no less than 9 power totems.

    Out of interest AngelBee, are you "drawn" strongly to the moon?

  • Very interesting info about the dolphins Marc, I have often wondered why they chose to be my animal but never really researched it alot. I am going to try your guidelines to find out the other animals.

    I do not know Psychic Sally since I am living in The Netherlands (I am Irish though) but yes basically I help people who have lost loved ones to reconnect with those and find closure. it kind of just happened, well actually I think it has been going on forever but I never saw it for what it was, when I said what I saw for our dear LivingonaPrayer (who also has this gift) and it turned out to be real.

    I have not one much major research in to cleansing, it is just something that comes naturally to me and I like to do it. you can find us on the "alternative for those in need " thread under anything goes if you want to join us and help out. I also have my own thread "what do you see Paddi" also on the anything goes board.

    enjoy the rest of your weekend!


  • angel hugs with flower petals

    PisceanHealer, I am happy my greeting / blessings gives you a smile.

    This is how I got this name. In 2007, my son bought me small a silver car. When I first got into the car, I would say "hi oh silver". (You may be too young to remember the TV program called "The Lone Ranger". At the end of the program, the ranger would ride of on his white horse saying "hi oh silver". This is the way I feel when I am in the car. FREEDOM. As time went, I started to hear / sense the "ANGELS" were with me more and more. Soon I was saying SILVERWINGS as I was seeing their silver like wings shielding - protecting the car and me as we travelled.

    Since I love my son for giving me the car and I enjoy the freedom the car gives me, "LOVING SILVER WINGS" was developed.


  • Yes indeed PisceanHealer, I love the moon, 🙂 I love to look at it when it comes out, and I am hoping to see it at its biggest on the 19th, i don't always catch it on certain occasions, which is a shame, but when its out I just love the thought of walking in the night With the moon out by myself taking a night stroll without being afraid . I done that before, taking a friend to the station, and it was full, so that i will always remember, there was no other lights but the moons. 😄 and i know what i want to do with my studies too, I was reading some of your threads noticed your doing counselling, I want to take that up too, I also love to write and am a big reader, very interested to know what the cards say about the wolf and the eagle. I know some angels can be related to animals too. I like to dig deep in this stuff. I will try get my hands on that animal deck, and see for myself too. 🙂 I love working with cards, I have tarot, and angel cards. I love the pictures and work well with them. I am very interested about the animal totems as well as other things i am into as well. I do have to take on thing on at a time though, or i will not finish what i started in the first place. 🙂 I also love crystals, and have a few of them myself. Love and Light Bee Xx

  • angel hugs with flower petals

    Since my birthday will be in just over one month, May 2, 1947, I may have-do a card reading.

    I do have a number of tarot card sets. One of them being "SPIRIT of the WHEEL, by Linda Ewashina.

    With the New Moon on May 3rd, I may wait until then or obtain one sooner.

    I do not recall dreams, thus getting to know who my TOTAM ANIMAL will have to be approached by a different method.


  • Marc - all animals appeal to me oddly enough. They each have their unique characteristics. I am most close to cats of any kind. I really would love to work in a Big Cat sanctuary.

    I will have to think more about this and do your suggestions for finding my animal totem. Thanks for posting that. :0)

    Uncle Buck may not have been the best member of the family. I think my nieces and nephews think of me in terms of Uncle Buck. Not the conventual Aunt but one that is very well loved.

    Love and light...

  • Thanks for inviting me over paddifluff, I will take a look at those threads when I get the chance. I am fascinated by what you can do.

    lovingsilverwings, that's a lovely story 🙂 Animals can come to us in many ways, not just through dreams. You may be in the park and notice a lot of squirrels. You could be sitting in your back yard and hear a lot of seagulls. You could be flipping through a magazine and find an article about tigers. You may be flicking through TV channels and find a documentary about penguins. They will find a way to communicate with you if you ask them to.

    AngelBee, I'm glad you said yes! Wolf is also my totem animal and recently I have been exploring the connection between the wolf and the moon and how I am drawn to the celestial object 🙂

    Speaking of... Wolf's medicine is that of the teacher, the pathfinder. Wolf also has a great sense of family while retaining an equally strong sense of self. In Native American culture (as well as Ancient Egyptian) the "dog star" Sirius is considered to be the ancestral home of the gods - our teachers or forerunners.

    I often find strength and meaning in this excerpt from Rudyard Kipling's Law of the Jungle:

    "For the strength of the Pack is the Wolf, and the strength of the Wolf is the Pack."

    To quote my book (again!), "Eagle medicine is the power of the Great Spirit, the connection to the Divine." The Native Americans hold eagle feathers to be the most sacred of healing tools. Eagle medicine is about experiencing life - the lows as well as the highs. It is about trusting in Great Spirit throughout our life journey so our souls or spirits may soar to great heights.

    Eagles fly higher than any other bird, hence the connection with Great Spirit - they are the animals that come closest to Heaven. This why they are also considered sacred messengers. It is Eagle who carries our prayers to the Creator and returns with "gifts of visions and healing".

    Whenever they wish to commune with Great Spirit, many Native American shamans will call upon the medicine of Eagle.

    It's also interesting to see how many diverse interests you have in spirituality, much like myself. I too must concentrate on one thing at a time or I'll never finish. Must be the wolf inside of us, seeking out knowledge to teach others 🙂

  • AuntBuck, there's a great Big Cat sanctuary in New Zealand - Zion Wildlife Gardens. You may have seen it on TV? 🙂

    Are there any particular big cats you're drawn to?

  • Marc,

    I am going to try your meditation (not today but this week) I am very curious to know what I will find.

    Other than the Buffalo which has been prevailent in my dreams since I was a child, (he also shows up on signs, in a magazines and even twice in email.)

    I also have had Moose (running swiftly and/or standing tall) in my dreams.

    As for the animal I most feel drawn too, that would be Panther. (Black Panther.)

    Like AuntBuck, I have always had an affinity for cats of any knid. They and I understand each other. I have visited several different people with cats that they say to "watch out for they don't like strangers" only to be amazed when the cat jumps up in my lap and starts ribbing its head on my neck and purring. (loudly) I love them.

  • Cats have a special place in Celtic mythology. In fact, to this day there are reported sightings of a black panther like creature roaming the wild moorlands of Scotland. It is said to be a direct descendant of the British Wild Cat of centuries ago. Authorities deny its existence.

    In Celtic mythology cats were considered to be "oracular" and in direct communication with the cthonic powers (spirits of the underworld). They were also considered to be guardians of what we own, including our own psychic abilities.

    "Puss" is actually one of eight Irish-Gaelic words for cat.

    Black Panther was known as Midnight or Black Jaguar to the Maya and her medicine is about embracing the unknown. She teaches us to face our fears and "dark behaviours", for darkness is the place for "seeking and finding answers, for accepting healings, and for accessing the hidden light of truth."

    Black Panther teaches us to let go of our fears of the unknown and to embrace the mystery that is unfolding in our lives. She teaches us to simply BE.

    Or put another way: not to be afraid of the dark.

  • Hello Marc,

    I also did my totems many years ago and found them very baffling at 1st but have come to embrace them. My central totem is mountain lion, east west is mouse and squirrel north is turtle south is badger and horse and bear walk w/ me. I cannot remember what is above. Maybe deer, dog. That's a red flag eh! Like I said it's been years. Some I may have mixed up w/ my daughters she has deer otter and swan I remember. I have our totems all over my house. Except for mountain lion. I have a badger above my door as you walk in for protection. On my book shelves w/ my books I have other assorted totems turtle shells mostly little sculptures.etc, My new kitten found them tho and my squirrel tail was devoured before I knew it. I stashed my badger claw earrings from her. (She's a terror.)

    As I age I think ant is the one I try to honor now. For it's fortitude and ability to carry more than it's weight. Plus turtle reminding me we carry our boundaries w/ us. Steady on. Squirrel and mouse I believe are my younger more frenetic self and badger and mountain lion I attribute to having always been a single mother to a autistic daughter (championing her needs,protective, tough love?) What critters do you identify w/ the most?

    I had a dream a few weeks ago that I found a tiny kitten trapped and when I returned to retrieve it a whole bunch more came running out and I was overwhelmed w/ wanting to grab them all up and protect them but was frantic cause there was so many beyond what I could grab up. Overwhelmed by kittens. What a concept. I found my kitten last fall abandoned and she has been the joy of our lives. I have considered working w/ the cat rescue people here as a volunteer.I suspect the dream is due to that. When I dream of animals it is almost always young animals. I have had a few horse dreams. the animals are always a positive.

    Thanks for sharing your love of animals and your history. My family tree says we are from Wales. On my dads side. Being an American I am a mutt☺

    Cheers P

  • My daughter is mad about cats, she always has been right from the start. Sad thing is I am allergic to them so we can't get one, but there are these little toys called furry friends and you stick a battery in and they move about and purr so she treats them like gold.

    Just adding my piece.

    LSW love your story, I was actually thinking today about where that name comes from.



  • PisceanHealer I am very glad you have found your way here like so many of us have and i for one am so grateful for the love and guidance i have gotten here .

    I have tried several times wanting to write something profound and encouraging but thought and words escape me lost in the swirling emotions of like a high speed train running but knowing the track is running out and the train is not slowing down so i can not give what i do not have and today it is not there, why i don't know . But i am very glad you are here and i do not even know if i have a animal guide i like all animals and trees and plants ,but glad your here Tooter

  • Pfree, thanks for stopping by, it's an honour to meet you.

    I'm not sure what you meant by "red flag". The animal in the Above position teaches us how to "honour the Great Star Nation". It is also the "guardian of the Dreamtime".

    Deer primarily teaches us gentleness, while Dog teaches us loyalty. You have wonderful animal totems, as does your daughter. Deer, otter, and swan - gentleness, woman medicine/playfulness, and grace 🙂

    It seems like you have truly explored the aspects of your power totems, hearing every lesson they have to teach us, not just their strongest one.

    I have been touched by many animals, I actually do a daily reflection with the Medicine Cards. But I particularly identify with the wolf and dog. Dolphin was a strong presence in my teen years. Snake and lizard have visited me in my dreams, I even recently dreamt of a parrot. I still haven't quite figured that one out to be honest.

    paddifluff, my ex is the same as your daughter, absolutely adores cats, and despite her allergy has always been around them. In recent years however, she has acclimatised to them and doesn't suffer as badly as she used to.

    Tooter, thank you for the warm welcome. To say thoughts and words escape you like a speeding train running out of track and not being able to stop, sounds profound to me! 🙂

    Even when you are not writing directly to me, I find your words encouraging. I always find something, even if it's just a small bit, that I can identify with. Sharing your life's journey with us here on the forums truly embodies the medicine of Wolf. You have gone forth and explored the trails and paths laid out by Great Spirit and are now teaching us how to follow the same pathways.

    I am glad I am here to learn from you.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Marc,

    Its great to hear your interesting story and I really like how you introduced yourself 🙂 I've been coming here for at least a year and I just love it here! I don't post often but I do read a lot and hearing other peoples stories and the replies has helped me greatly at times, and I've learned so many things here that theres no way I could have learned on my own or even going to classes like I used to. Its just an amazing place 🙂

    I also love animals, plants and tree's too. I can just be around plants and under tree's and feel the healing and rejuvenating energy! I live in the desert right now and its kind of a tough place for me to be, but it has allowed me to go inside myself more than I would have if I was free to roam around, so I am grateful for my time here. I have had a few really cool animal connections in my dreams I would like to share.

    I had never heard of animal totems before having this dream. My husband and I were these golden grizzly bears playfully and forcefully play fighting each other. I could see my husband as a bear through the eyes of me, the other bear as we played around, it was quite a powerful scene, very cool and pretty scenery too. The next day I went to one of my friends that I knew had knowledge of these issues and she said that was my animal totem. She even painted me the most awesome statue of a woman with her bear totem, which sits in a very prominent place over looking my office 🙂

    Another dream I had was getting to visit with several of my very dear old dolphin friends. We were swimming among these ruins in fairly shallow water maybe 20' - 30" deep it was really beautiful seeing the rays of the sun come through the water as we swam through this area that I think we had known and been together in a long time ago. It was fairly close to an island or peninsula that had really old buildings but there was people and cars there I seen as I was leaving so I felt like the visit was current. Our communication was amazing, very intuitive through the heart as we told each other how awesome it was that we go to get together and how much we had missed each other and how long it had been. I miss them thinking about it now, but I still don't know what it meant other than it was amazing and obviously about a past life.

    And my most recent animal dream was last week when this grey and white big beautiful male wolf came into a regular dream I was having and said to me "your problem is you are around too many dead things, and you are even eating too many dead things" So I've been trying to get outside out of the office and house a bit more and eating more live vegetables and fruit too 🙂

    I would love to hear some of your animal dreams, I just find them so amazing. Nice meeting you Marc.

    Love and Light,


  • Hey Marc, Thank you for the information on the wolf and the Eagle, it was very interesting 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your gift with animals, it is wonderful. Many Blessings and love to you

    Bee Xx

  • LOL GJay when I saw your name on the post I thought it has to be a dolphin. Snap again!

  • Ha Paddi, I was just on AngelBee's sight telling her about reading your Dolphin story after posting mine on her thread! Ha Should have known! 🙂

  • Marc, I would have to say I am most attracted to domestic cats, I love the larger breeds of them, i.e, Maine Coons. If there was a wild cat that I am drawn to, it would have to be a bobcat...lynx. I haven't heard about the sanctuary there but I know there is one here in the state that I live but it isn't open to the public. They prefer to keep the animals away from the public eye. I am also very attached to dogs. I would say that I am intrigued quite a bit with monkeys too. I'd love to have one but it would never happen. If I go to the zoo...I love going to the monkey cages. I think they are so fun to watch.

    I have a large backyard that the back half is forest and I have squirrels, birds and raccoons. They all seem to find their way to me. I have rescued, oppossums, squirrels, birds, snakes, frogs and even turtles from my yard. I also managed to give a home to a wild bunny at one time. LOL. I had a mini zoo in my house at one time with the dog, cats, birds, frogs, and lizards.

    Here's something from Indian animal lore. I have a big interest in Bigfoot. I have always been interested/scared in the legend. I grew up with it being "spotted" in my state and I don't know why but it has always been something that I have been fascinated by. Hmmm...giving you lots to think about. LOL.

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