Hello, my name is Marc :)

  • So I've been posting in the forums for 5 days and while I have interacted with some of you, no-one has met "me" yet. Time to remedy that.

    At the risk of repeating myself, I am Marc. I am 33 years old and live in a small coastal town in South Wales UK. I was born physically disabled, the medical name for the condition being Congenital Myasthenia Gravis. It's a genetic disorder that prevents the muscles from contracting properly. In effect, my muscles are weaker than they should be. Indeed, without regular medication, I will continue to weaken until I no longer have the strength to breathe.

    Unfortunately, I wasn't diagnosed with this condition until I was around 4 years old. As such, between the time I was born and the age of 4, I ended up in hospital on life support a lot of times! Around ten times to be exact. My heart has stopped on at least one occasion and my lungs have collapsed.

    This is why I have always believed in God and angels, Spirit as some of you name it. If it weren't for their Divine protection I wouldn't be here to share this with you today.

    Fast forward 30 or so years to January 2011 and I find myself on tarot.com searching for answers to love and... well, mostly love. It was all part of my spiritual awakening, something which began towards the end of last year.

    All my life I have had a connection with animals, and to some extent nature as a whole (particularly trees). Animals have been known to visit me in my dreams. In exploring this aspect of myself I have been placed - or maybe more accurately - found myself on a kind of shamanistic/druidic path.

    I have a pack of 52 cards, each with a different animal and a book on Native American medicine that I consult daily for a reflection. Currently I am exploring how to put these cards, this system of divination, to use in helping others.

    I am going to stop rambling now, but please, if you have any questions about me or Native American medicine, do ask.

    Or just say hi 🙂

    Love and light to you all,


  • Hiya Marc- Its nice to meet ya, Sounds like your doing well for yourself, 🙂 This is a lovely forum to be on, i guess you experience that for yourself, but the people are friendly and love to help others here, like yourself i guess. Everyone here calls me Bee, But my name is Becca, 🙂 Iv been on tarot for awhile, as have some other users been on and have changed names as such. I hope you find tarot helpful, i know i have, i began my journey from here too, reading about stuff on tarot and things. I hope to see you here more often. I am interested in learning different things involving spirituality, How does native American medicine work, and what about the animal cards, I love animals too see, and have been around em since i was little also. Its very nice too meet you and hope i can learn more things from you too.

    Love and Light Bee Xx

  • Hello Becca 🙂

    I am certainly enjoying my time here on the forums. So peaceful and inspirational. And so full of love!

    Regarding Native American medicine, to quote from my book:

    "Medicine is anything that improves one's connection to the Great Mystery and to all life. This would include the healing of body, mind, and of spirit. This medicine is also anything that brings personal power, strength, and understanding. It is the constant living of life in a way that brings healing to the Earth Mother and to all of our associates, family, friends, and fellow creatures. Native American medicine is an all-encompassing "way of life", for it involves walking on the Earth Mother in perfect harmony with the Universe."

    The lessons of healing are imparted to us through animals and their habit patterns. For example, your choice of user-name suggests you have a connection with Bee. In looking at Bee medicine we see 'service'.

    By collecting nectar from flowers they are providing the service of cross-pollination. They serve their community by gathering and building their hives. They also serve a very sweet treat in the form of honey!

    Bee reminds us that giving is as important as receiving. By serving others we are bettering ourselves.

    Bee is also highly efficient. The honeycomb structure of their hives consist of many hexagonal shaped "cells". The hexagons fit together without any wasted space. In fact, the hexagon is the most efficient way of containing space, using the least amount of material (wax).

    As with all animals, Bee has many lessons to teach us, but 'service' is their strongest lesson, or medicine if you will.

    Does any of that resonate with you Bee? 🙂

  • Yeah i guess it does- Kinda of like helping people, the Bee helps themselves, and us. In ways too.

    Without Bees there would be no Honey. 🙂 Id like to help people too, as well as help myself.

    So i can see how this would fit, 🙂 interesting, thankyou for sharing that information, I prefer Bee's to wasps, and I have not been harmed by either Yet They dont bother you, unless, you bother them.

    Love watching the Bees go on the flowers in summer, though i dont stray too close. thankyou for that, and its very interesting what your learning. 🙂

    Love and Light Bee 😄 Xx

  • Hi Marc,

    welcome and blessing to you. I am looking forward to the new perspective you can bring here to the forums. I have studied (some more in depth than others) as many spiritual paths as I have come across all my life. Not as in "searching" so much as in "experiencing the diversity and commonalities" of each. I love native american teachings and often wanted to experience more of it. You wrote "walking on the Earth Mother in perfect harmony with the Universe."

    Such a wonderful and loving thought.

    My animal spirit guide is the Buffalo, however I feel his presence may be wanning as a change of guard is in the works. I love him and respect him and even though I know he will still be with me, I am saddened by his possible displacement.

    Can't wait for you to start a reading topic for you skilss.

    Fair warning: Maybe post how many you will start with to begin as I see readers overwhelmed immediately after posting a open ended topic.


  • Hi Marc & welcome you will find many wonderful people here. The advice & sharing has helped me more than I can say. I just wish I had more time (which hopefully will be soon :))

    to explore all topics. I love the healing ways of the native americans & the way they take care of mother earth.

    Ibelieve buffalo will always be there to help guide you but there are other things that he wants you to learn & he will be open to sharing the lessons to the totem that will be coming 🙂 to impart the knowledge and wisdom. what a wonderful opportunity for you!!!

  • angel hugs with flower petals in your favlurite fragrance



    loving silver wings

  • Hi! Marc I'm so thankful for your wonderful words that makes me feel good . I'm in a good spirit now and working on some issues . I understand your situation I had relative same of your situation. Apparently he love me Dearly and very vocal that I'm his favorite cousin . And he always teasing me that he wanted to see me walking on the aisle and having a wonderful family of my own. I'd love hanging out with him he always reminding me that be thankful for all the blessing that I had cos it's always a wonderful blessing to wake up and start another day. I am leaving overseas and I visit him last year. I really missed him a lot when I saw him he cried and never stop touching my hair and again teasing me and I said to him will get there and don't worry you will be live longer than you think cos his having a good heart . Welcome here I love this site it help me a lot and to all the members on this site I'm very thankful to be a part of this site thanks for all the support and guidance , advice and nurturing my knowledge to become a better person god bless us all.

  • Hi Marc! Great to have you hear. I've been on the site for just over a year and have found such wonderful people. It truly is like a second home for me. I joined over a love issue also but it has now worked into a personal journey of getting closer to spirit. The love part just will come when it does. I had been on the Tarot site for years getting horoscopes and what not and I believe the angels guided me to the forums so that I could expand my spiritual life and deal with the lost love stuff too...but this has become more important. We all need and want love, but I think the key is we want long and lasting and I believe the only way to find that is to know yourself.

    I'd be curious what you say about my name. :0) I actually associate myself with the lovable character of Uncle Buck. I am the female version of him. :0) I did not pick my name for an animal. However, I am like you...I have always been connected to animals. I think at times I could easily fall into the role of the "old" cat lady. LOL.

    Anyway...thanks for introducing yourself. It is nice to meet you. Love and light...

  • shadowmist,

    Thank you. your words lighten my heart in this matter.


  • Hello Marc,

    Welcome to tarot its a great place, i have met many wonderful people here and have been trying to learn the tarot for the past few years, i have the same animal cards as you but i have never been able to connect with them maybe one factor being that i dont have much time to focus my energy properly, anyway looking forward to chatting with you in the future.

    Many Blessings Love and Light Loap:)

  • Thank you all for stopping by, it's an honour to be walking beside you on this spiritual journey.

    ibelieve, thank you for the warning, I've noticed the overwhelm as well 🙂

    Buffalo's medicine is prayer and abundance. It is said that White Buffalo Calf Woman brought "the scared pipe to the people", which in turn is said to be a tool for healing and communication with Spirit. Indeed, Buffalo also has strong healing medicine. Its horns are powerful tools for healing.

    To have Buffalo as your guide is a great blessing 🙂 I agree with shadowmist; Buffalo will always be with you.

    And thank you for your warm welcome shadowmist 🙂

    And to you lovingsilverwings, I smile every time I read your blessing/greeting. So unique. So... fresh!

    annielan, you and your cousin have a beautiful connection, possibly a soulmate connection. Others on the site may be able to tell you more about that. Love and light to you and yours 🙂

    AuntBuck, wonderful to meet you. My love situation isn't entirely resolved, I feel as if something else is in store. Or maybe that's some part of me I still need to release. Your words however, are very true - this is all part of a spiritual journey. I also believe that God is aware of our material needs and is more than happy to provide them for us - when the time is right.

    Uncle Buck... Love it. The film. The character. The fact you identify with him AB 🙂 As far as animals go, a buck is usually the term for a (male) deer and goat. I think some also (mistakenly) use it for elk and moose.

    Do any (or all) of these animals "call" to you?

    LivingonaPrayer; great song! 😉 Sorry. I am a huge Bon Jovi fan.

    Thank you as well for your warm welcome. I believe Spirit calls to us and talks to us in myriad different forms. And intrinsically they are all the same. While you say the medicine cards don't connect to you, I say the same about Tarot cards. I also tried Nordic runes several years ago, but to no avail.

    We are each blessed with individual gifts, and at the end of the day, no matter what tool we use, we are all having a conversation with Spirit 🙂

  • HI MArc,

    welcome to the forum world, it is a great place to be and I have found some really good friends here. I have never explored the world of animals but do know that my animal is the dolphin since it never stops showing itself to me including in my dreams. I am busy with chakra cleansing and communicating with the deceased so if I can be of any use to you let me kow.

    xlooking forward to chatting

  • Hello Marc, i would say welcome to the boards but i am a newbie here aswell and am just finding my feet with the site. I love the name and is that symbol indicative to your name PisceanHealer?

    i find it a very peace inducing name. Sorry to go on,am a sagi and tend to say what i feel when i feel it. Anyway, hope we get to chat through the boards.

    Loving Light


  • Hello paddifluff, I've noticed you around the forums, chatting with other members. It's nice to see that side of community shining through. Very dolphin-like! Did you know dolphins name themselves with an individual whistle? They even call to each other by using these whistles.

    You have very strong Dolphin medicine. Their power is community in balance, intelligence, friendship, contentment, and harmony. In terms of the Great Spirit, Dolphin also represents Manna, or Great Spirit's Essence. Our life force.

    To the Celts, the dolphin was akin to Apollo, the Greek god of light, healing and poetry. It was - or is - the protector of sacred wells and sacred waters. Dolphin is the watcher of waters and I do believe I read somewhere that anyone nervous about travelling across water should wear dolphin jewellery or clothing as a kind of talisman.

    What caught my eye though was when you mentioned communicating with the deceased. To the Celts (and Greeks) dolphins are guides to the Otherworld.

    As I said, powerful Dolphin medicine is with you paddifluff. But you already knew that 🙂

    Regarding your gifts; I've been undergoing crystal therapy/healing recently. Opening my chakras has been extremely beneficial so far. I'll probably have some questions for you at some point 🙂

    With the "communicating with the deceased" is that something similar to what Psychic Sally does on TV? Talking with friends and relatives that have passed into spirit and are now watching over us?

    AngelBoots, perhaps we have walked through these doors together 🙂 I'm glad you like the name. My avatar is the rune for Pisces. I'm actually considering getting it tattooed on my arm. What do you think?

    And no need to apologise for who you are. That's what makes you so unique and wonderful!

  • fab idea hope it does'nt hurt

    and thanks


  • Welcome, Marc. I have been visiting this site for over five years now. I especially like doing a yearly Tarot reading to see what may be in my future. In the past I have used the Native American animal cards you describe. They have also given me guidance. My totem is Bear. This is a really great site with wonderful, helpful people. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers.

  • PisceanHealer,

    I am not into tatoos for myself but the one you are considering almost makes me want to. It is very cool.

  • Hello CAKENNEDY508, thank you for stopping by to say hi. I love hearing from others who have identified with their totem animals.

    By the way, we all have 9 totem animals. One each for the cardinal directions: East, South, West, and North. One each for Above, Below and Within (inside and surrounding you), and two that walk with us on either side.

    Thank you ibelieve 🙂

  • PisceanHealer I am curious to know how you find your totem? I can relate a lot to the Bee, but I also have never had any direct connection with them, However in my dreams several times I dreamed of a wolf, and even an eagle, do animal totems connect in with dreams? and how do you find your animal totem? Just thought id ask them questions, if you don't mind 🙂 Very interested in learning something new. Love and Light Bee Xx

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