Cancer insight needed......

  • Hi hon

    all you need to ask urself in this is :

    what have i got to loose?

    as far as i can see sense have u not lost him once but twice. I doubt he willl stay around for a 3rd. Another issue is, why did you withdraw in round 2? From ur story it shows the cause is u yet he hangs on.

    there must be someone or something that has caused ur over cuatious reaction once it got close again. something between 1990 and now. Only you can know n heal it.

    as for his reactionb to ur need of validation, i understand his reaction is his way of showing u´re secure with him n the constant validation can get old, stuck in rut loose its meaning in long term. he has COMPROMISED to UR need. twice a week is a LOT validationattention ANY many regardless of sign can give. Consider urself one VERY lucky lady.

    again comes to mind the incident in the course from 1990 to now. I dont think u need to question he motives as much as ur own feelings. In an astrologers words, its time to solve heal the weeds in ur garden. Christopher Witecki at soulgarden´s words.

    it means u need to find out what cautious u, what stops u, what makes u act behave move as u do, u need to ask, why do i need this validation 24/24/7? why do i now need this confermation when i back in round 1 didnt need it?

    as for him holding back well can u blame him? not once but twice u´ve shoved him away so to say, round 1 college, understandeble, round 2 ???? only u know sweetie.

    i hope this helps


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