Newbie here !!

  • Hi all, have been receiveing horoscopes and other stuff off for some time then finally realised there was a forum lol ! so, here I am, look forward to chatting to you,

    Love & Light, shimana

  • welcome shimana!

  • Thanks chick,

    any idea how you edit a reply ? i did reply to one and it looks like ive put something I havent...just four little stars where a word should be lol ! oh well, never mind. Didnt know there was a forum on here, been getting my daily horoscopes sent for quite some time, just didnt realise there was this place ! Anyway, im off to bed, night, and hope to speak to u and others soon, Love & Light, shimana x

  • Welcome Shimana,

    When little stars appear its because the editor program thought you may have written some thing inappropriate. No big deal. Hi and welcome. 🙂

    Peace and Unity

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