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  • Been working in the trekking & tours jobs since 1989,as a trekking guide & tour organizer. My living in the previous periods was very hard. I am very hard working person. I work very hard to make my clients & boss very happy.

    Due to my hard working skill & honesty, I had got some oppertunity to earn some money from the japanese tour groups on 1996. But one of my nepalese friends cheated me & the money, it was my big weakness to trust him & to keep my money with him. This problems severely suffered me for some years to till now. Through the help of one of another nepalese man, I got the money back from those friend,but it took 4 years to get the money back from him.

    On 1997 my british girlfriend proposed me to get marriage with me. I told her okay we get marriage, after married you stay with me in Nepal, & I like to run the same jobs/business tours & trekking,also you & me we work together. She told me, after married you go with me to england,to live in england. I said her,I don't want to go to england,& I prefer to live in Nepal & run the same business. She said to me she can not get the good job in Nepal as her job was a climatic, she was a climatic, she was Ph.D. of climatic. She told me that she can not work for trekking & tour job. She stayed with me 1 month in Nepal,& we went for 18 day trekking to everest base camp together, on April 1997. We did not get marriage. She wants me to go to live with her in england. But I wants her to live with me in Nepal. I did not wants to go to england. She don't like to stay in Nepal, sothat She don't get the good job in Nepal. And she cried very very much. She returned to england, and very often she used to keep sending me letters by post & by fax. But I did not reply her,I did not write her any letters for about 2 years,after she returned to england. On 3 years,she sent me a parsell with a letter,few cassettes tape recorders & a hankerchief in the parcell packet. I did not write any reply & letter to her. But after 5 years, I remember her very very much. And I wrote a letter to her after 5 years. But I never got any reply from her after 5 years.

    I had met the british girlfriend on Sept'1994 during my trekking to Annapurna Region of Nepal, I was guiding the australian group, and I first saw & met the british girlfriend in the tea house in Tukuche Village, the british girl was together with other 2 girls from australia & canada, the british girl was a very slim & thin same like me but she was very taller. Then Every day every times we keep seeing along the trekking trails,& we stay in the same lodge,then I talked with her, every night after dinner I had lots of nice talking with her. Nice talking, thoughts & feeling that we both have similar feelings & thoughts. According our trekking programmes,It was our rest day in Ghorepani Village, Also I advised to the british girl,to takes the rest day in the same village, so they took rest day as same as us. During the noon times as I was free times,I & british girl went to hiking to Poon Hill View Point,& we felt into very closed love at that day. After finished trekking & arrived to Kathmandu, I went to meet her, We spent together 1 week in Kathmandu. On October 1994,she returned to England.

    Now I don't know where is she. Some of my clients who know the british girl,they write me email & they ask me where is your british girl friend, are you in contact with her, are you living together, are you still live in Nepal, or you been living in england? I answered them, i have no contact with her since after 1997 march.

    I am single man, living single. Been working in the trekking guide jobs.I don't know what will be in my future life concerning of my jobs,business etc. I am trying my best to promote my business.

    Though I am single man, I can not be free & I can not live free. Because I am responsible for my duty that I must give money,foods, clothes & the necessary things to living for my old mum- she is 85 year old,my elder brother-he is 55 year old, my elder sister- she is 52 year old, they live in the village/hills.

    I would like to hear that can any body tell me some hints whether my future life will go good direction or bad direction?

  • I wish I could predict the future. I read an article that the longevity of the elderly sometimes is determined by the closeness to their family members. And if the family helps them. Other things are important too. For example, fish in the diet etc. But researchers have found that the closer the family unit the better the life expectancy is for the elderly. Some countries take better care of their elderly. Sometimes it depends on how much money etc. they have. My older sister and her husband take care of my dad. He's 89. I will take care of my mom when the time comes.

    I know that if you believe in yourself, your future will be good. It sounds like you like the work you are in. You probably meet different people. That's a bonus.

    Don't get down. Keep looking up. Maybe you will be able to locate your friend.

  • An interesting story.

    I'm not skilled at future-telling. I do use my tarot cards to communicate to me my near future, and that seems to work out as pretty accurate. I'm so far pleased enough with the results. I will say this about your question though. I believe that the only true path to happiness is in being the man that you were born to be. Figuring out who that person is can sometimes be elusive or challenging. But I do believe that if you follow your heart, and listen to that 'voice' inside of you, at the core of your being, and behave or act in the ways that seem natural to you, then you are being yourself. If you are happy, then chances are you are being yourself. If you are not happy, then chances are you are not being the person you were born to be.

    You seem to be a person that follows his heart, and lives a life that feels 'natural' for you. You are also close and loving to your family. Other admirable traits that I believe are very important to the wellfare of a human's soul.

    You seem to be living a proper life. This will be reflected by an aura of positive energy from within you. If you have a positive aura, it will draw positive energy towards you, and positive energy creates positive and wonderful events in your life. It is my instinct that you will find happiness. Contentment. Peace and harmony.

    If you don't feel happiness and contentment in your life now, I feel that if you continue to follow your heart and keep living a life that feels 'true' to you, then the happiness will come.

    It's a shame about losing your love. But given the circumstances, it seems that neither of you belonged in each other's worlds. At least not in a perminent capacity. That's sad, but sometimes it does happen.

    Keep the faith, Nepaltrekkingguide. I believe that good things are in your future.

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