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    a message from Jesus/Jeshua channeled by Judith Coates

    Beloved One, you are a visionary. You visualize, you envision everything in your life: what is going to happen in the next moment, what is going to happen in the next day, what is going to happen perhaps in the next year. You are visualizing, envisioning what you think will be, most often predicated upon what has been.

    Generational teaching has molded you in a certain way, and yet the soul of you knows freedom; the soul of you knows improv; the soul of you knows that so-called reality and perceptions do not have to be the way they have always been according to generational teaching. You visualize according to habit, and if it is a habit, it can be changed.

    If what you are visualizing could not be changed, you would not be who you are. But you are divinely empowered to do the improv, as I call it. Even upon a moment’s notice you change your mind and you do something else. You have the power of choice. You have the power to change any of the habits that you have developed throughout this lifetime and other lifetimes. That is power, divine power, where you are not stuck in what you have been told is truth—lower case “t”. You are not stuck in what you have thought yourself to be or who you have thought yourself to be or what the peers and the parents and the grandparents have told you that you are. You have the power to change, and that is very much what you are doing.

    This year in your timing is going to be a powerful year of change—we have spoken of change several years back, because it has been a process ongoing that has started even before this lifetime. Truly, you have descended into density as far as you will ever go, and you are very much on your way back up, ascending, and the ascension is a process, as well. You have declared lifetimes ago that you had reached the bottom of the density. You had gone as far as you wanted to go into the density and into the struggle and into the challenges, and you decided, “There must be something else that I can experience. There must be something else that I can create.” And with that thought, you changed everything; a very powerful thought. And from that moment, which was in time according to this linear reality, you have been ascending; sometimes with a great leap of faith, other times a smaller step, but always changing and ascending.

    Oftentimes when one will speak of changes, the separated ego says, “Oh, no. Change probably means something that I’m not going to be comfortable with,” and fear runs onstage very fast. But the changes I speak of are changes in ascension, and they are good. They are changes that perhaps, at first, separated ego is going to judge as being a bit of a challenge, but that will be only temporary, and it is going to then move into a place where you see the goodness of it.

    Separated ego claims its value in fear, but you are not separated from your Source, you are not separate from your divine power of choice, and you are not separate from your power of visualizing what you want your future, your present, your Now to be. You have the power—no one else—the final decision always comes back to you. It is always your choice.

    You have the power to visualize. Now, habitual visualizing is just that. It is based on habit, and it is based on seemingly past evidence of what happens and what is likely to happen. You have met brothers and sisters who go through this lifetime knowing that everything that could possibly be wrong is going to happen, and they are looking for all the things that are going to be wrong. And what happens when you look for something? You find it. And they do find it, and then they say to you, “See, I told you so.”

    On the other hand, you have your optimists who are happy and they say, “This is going to be one of the greatest days of my life. I know that something good is going to happen in this day. I’m going to meet somebody who is going to tell me something that I’ve been waiting to hear. I don’t know who they are or how this is going to happen exactly, but I’m going to meet them this day.” And even before they get out of bed, they put forward their energy into that day, attracting to themselves the people who are going to be in a good space. You can do that. You have that power.

    Even before you put the feet on the floor, just pause for a moment, even while the eyes are still trying to open and you still feel sleepy. Allow your consciousness to go forward in the day and imagine, “Who am I going to meet today? What are they going to tell me? How is it going to be?” And if separated ego runs in there first, and it often will, say to separated ego, “Okay, I know your story. I want a new story. Today I am going to meet someone who is going to say something to me that is going to light up my world; not only that, but today I’m going to meet someone and I’m going to say something to them that I haven’t rehearsed, but it’s going to be exactly what they want to hear deep within themselves that is going to enlighten their day.”

    You have seen in your world over the last few years, even decades, divisiveness among people, and you have been seeing how ones take pleasure in being divisive, in taking the other side of things and standing in whatever they see the opposition could be, taking great pleasure in what they see the game to be. Now, it is a game, but they do not understand the stakes of the game. The stakes of the game are the ascension or the temporary halting of the ascension.

    You stand at a most pivotal, wonderful place, because you are the visionary: you do visualize from one point of view or another what is going to happen in the next moment, the next day, and the days to come. You often take it for granted because it is usually a habitual way of looking at things, but now you know it does not have to be that way.

    As I have suggested in A Course in Miracles, “I am determined to see things differently.” You can see anew, a new way of thinking, a new way of living. And I tell you, in this time right now — take it to heart — you have the power, the power of choice. If you do not like what you are visualizing and you do not like what seems to be the “evidence” around you, you can change it.

    Look for the good. Give forgiveness to the ones you would judge, because after all, they are going to have to forgive you, or have forgiven you for something that you did in another incarnation, because you have been where they are and you have done what they are choosing to do. That is why you recognize what they are doing. There is the computer program in your computer that, yes, you have been there, done that, and you recognize this as some of your brothers and sisters make choices.

    So begin—first off when separated ego runs onstage and says, “Oh, that’s bad. That shouldn’t be happening. That’s not going to be good”—start with forgiveness, the forgiveness that says, “I understand. I’ve been there. I know.” And then you go on from that place with positive replacement, positive visualization of what you want it to be.

    What do you love? I ask you this as a question. Think of one thing, person, being, whatever; what do you love? You can think of something that you love. How does that make you feel? Expansive, like you can breathe. So when someone is doing something that seems to be something that you could judge, very quickly think of that which you love and how that feels. Ah! That feels good. And that energy, the vibration of that energy — because you are a physical being and you live in energy; that is what you are as you express physically — that energy goes out and expands; it goes out like the ripples on the pond, and touches other ones, and may make a difference in the choices they make.

    There is a week we will spend together in the summer of this year [July 17th – 22nd, 2011 at Whistler Resort, British Columbia, Canada]. I desire to speak with you that whole week about changing, visualization, changing your life. I wish to spend that week with you, spending the days and the evenings speaking with you, guiding you, allowing my mother and my earthly father, Joseph, to also speak with you and to guide you into a new space of being. And you will be ready for it at that point. You will be hungering and thirsting for what I desire to share with you then.

    I have been sharing over the past years, even lifetimes, my love, my guidance, my truths. But in what you see to be your summertime you are going to be at a place most receptive to move, to change, so I desire to spend that week, a very concentrated week, with you to allow you to heal, to allow you to change, to allow you to move into the space of love and to stay in that space of love all of the time.

    You have been steadily guiding yourself into a new space, and I commend you for that. You have been encouraging others to look at their issues and to forgive the issues and themselves for what has seemed to be judgment, for what has seemed to be harsh and cruel. You have known cruelty; you know it well; well enough that you can now be complete with it. You have known sorrow, loss, and abandonment to the depths of your being, to the place where if you want to touch that space, it is very easy to push that button and be right back in the space of great sorrow and loss. And yet you have worked with coming up out of that space, and you have done well.

    However, to live in the space of love all of the time has yet to be realized in this incarnation, in this point of the evolution of ascension.

    That is your assignment, should you choose to accept it. And I will help you, along with my mother and my earthly father, in that week that we spend together in the mountains. It needs to be time apart from the usual activities.

    Go deep within yourself and ask, “What is most important to me? When I get to the place of releasing the body and I look back on this incarnation, what is going to be most important to me? Is it going to be the golden coins that I saved? Is it going to be the mansion? Is it going to be the vehicle, the automobile? Is it going to be the travel that I have done?” What is going to be most important that you take with you out of this incarnation? What can you take with you out of an incarnation? Ponder that for awhile, because the tangible things stay here.

    The intangible is what you take with you: the love, the knowing of self-worth, the knowing that a lifetime is truly a reality of love, even though the illusion of fear seems very strong. What you take with you when you release the body are the intangible aspects of you, and those intangible aspects of you grow. Once you have released the body, you expand into the Light and the love of understanding that everyone is lovable, everyone is truly whole, everyone in any circumstances, any situation, is already whole, and even the situation is whole, because it brings forth creativity.

    So lay up for yourself in the place called heaven the intangibles—love and expansion, the knowing of self-worth, the knowing that truly everything is in its own divine order. And when you do that, the expansion that you feel when you release the body is going to be as a burst of a constellation of stars, the Light that you are. You have a concept about releasing the body and going through a tunnel to the light. The Light that you go to is your own Light. It is the expansiveness of your own Light. And as you very rapidly go through that tunnel and you come to the Light, everything you have ever treasured is there waiting for you: the love that you have always wanted; the loved ones whom you have missed since they laid down the body and released the old shell of the body, they are waiting for you; they are right there, and it is a great reunion, a remembrance of Oneness: re-union.

    You have signed a contract that says you will participate in the ascension of the collective consciousness of mankind/womankind/humankind. You have said that you will come and allow your Light to expand to the place where others catch a glimpse, that they can see things differently, that they can be different.

    That is what I am saying to you about the week that we spend together in this summer. You will leave that week completely changed from the person you perceived yourself to be when you entered that week.

    We are going to guide you in knowing and claiming and living the truth of your being. And you will not be releasing the body, so do not fear that you are going to come to that week, and you are going to “get it” and then you are going to release the body because you “got it”. No, your purpose in the contract is to go back out into the world and to allow the world to feel your vibration, which has been changed and holy.

    Visionaries—you can begin now. Think upon the morrow. What do you plan to do tomorrow? How is it going to go? Are there going to be challenges, or is it going to be easy? Are you going to see everyone as your friend? Are you going to go smoothly through the day, even thanking the weather? Sometimes that can be a bit of a challenge.

    Are you going to look upon the holiness of a raindrop, a snowflake, the sunshine, a blade of grass, a tree; to behold the beauty of the way a tree grows? It does not contemplate dying. It does not even contemplate the next moment. It just lives. Why do you bother so much in worrying about what could be wrong or what could happen that you would not like? Why bother yourself by worrying?

    Visualize the positive. Visualize the world consciousness awaking, ascending in divine awareness. See each brother and sister reaching out to help one another, recognizing the Oneness that they are, and yet appreciating the uniqueness of each one’s talents. You have the choice. Every moment is your choice. Choose you where you will abide. Choose you this day to serve the Christ, the true Self of you, and in so doing you uplift everyone in consciousness and hasten the ascension of humankind.

    So be it.

    • Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus)

    in expression through Judith

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