Prayers for our friends around the world

  • I have felt restless & very emotional for the last few days. I've been working hard to stay grounded & fill myself with Light. I have been praying for those in areas of unrest & devastation & for Mother Earth. As today progressed I felt calmer yet trepidation remains.

    Blessed Be

  • I actually felt more settled by going outside and raking some pine needles and throwing down grass seed. Just showing a little respect.

  • What a beautiful gesture AB! 🙂

  • Ahliyah it was 3:10 when I read your post. My heart goes out to everyone Mother Earth included. My innards shook for sure. But I'm not comfortable living on the west coast anyway.

    AB I did the same I planted a blackberry bush. My cats love to watch the birds and squirrels from our window and I love the birds singing. Natures beauty even in the suburbs.

    Love to all


  • Still praying, I've been very emotional too, lots of tears, good for us!

  • Stopping throughout my days to pause & pray. I feel drained but calmer. Too early for planting in New England but have ordered some herb plants & planning my veggie garden. I planted butterfly bushes last fall- looking forward to the butterflies arriving!!

  • angel hugs with flower petals

    Today the QI Gong group I go to took a moment to send thoughts to those in Japan and all affected by this latest event.

    After this, our leader asked us to assist him as he asked those of the HIGHEST LEVELS to guide and assist the souls who were trapped on this plane.

    When he was complete, he asked what we felt-saw-sensed. A few saw what appeared to be butterflies ascending. Others saw whisps of smoke, while others sensed a magnitude of souls being carried over to the other side.

    I, myself when there is a major disastrous event, call upon the "Heavenly Hosts" to assist those who are caught-trapped. Be it human or animal or whatever.


  • I have a small globe I put my hands on today and prayed for healing of mother earth and all those who inhabit it. I am having bad dreams all about water for the past week; yet none of them clear. I am unhappy about these events and I did feel a surge of tears and let them be this morning.

    May we be Guided by the Love and Light that surrounds us and give Hope to those who see us Healing to those who need us and may God's Blessings be upon us.

  • Hi Aliyah,

    There are several of us sending light, love, prayer tomorrow to the people and land in Japan. I have had and still do have a bad feeling about the plants in trouble. I feel drawn to send love and light and work with water in hopes to help those still struggling there to help keep another disaster from happening. If you know of others interested, please pass the word.


  • angel hugs

    Grey Star, do you have a definitive time and day you would like to start this prayer.


    Loving silver wings

  • Anytime throught the day toda asz each has time. Does anyoone know someone know how to translate japanese. I got an email today.

  • This is why we have been so emotional, you can't help it, let me know what time the prayer is going be, all of your stories are beautiful, amused I thought of the same thing last night planting flowers the butterflies will be attracted too, saw the most beautiful one on Sunday it was waiting for me, Juliana that is so beautiful. Makes you feel kinda shallow to wonder about personal problems, there are so bigger problems going on in the World.

  • I'm certainly feeling emotional today. Feeling very sad and to be perfectly honest I have already cried twice today.

  • I send out all my prayers to the victims families and loved ones of this tradgedy and may all the

    lost souls find there way home

    My heart and thoughts go out to all

  • My own personal problems seem pale in comparison as they are truly fighting for needs and survival. May hope fill their hearts, light guide them the darkness and love comfort them.


  • From The Heart Of Truth 03-15-2011

    It is a time of great need of guidance and Love from the Heart .It is a time of Love from the Heart not of fear but a time of living from the Heart of Truth and Love seek within and connect to the all and the Light of Truth .

    Those who have connected to your higher selves call upon them to guide and direct you and to give the strength and power to overcome the fears and doubts and let them guide you into the knowing .

    We are being called you might say to flip the switch and turn the light own and this is what we where called to do is to make the connection to the grid of Light and to the all and Mother threw the Light all things are possible and together as one mind with many Hearts .

    We have been ask to guide and give comfort to the many who have lost so much, a time of showing Love and compassion and a time to put all differences aside and come together as one and to give Hope for all of Humanity threw prayer and by service to others by our prayers threw the Light together as one mind with many Hearts .

    By being the example of Truth and by saying we can get threw this we will get threw this and by reaching your hand out to help your brother or sister up threw compassion and Love we are to be like the Mother whose child has fallen and hurt his knee to help them up, hug them and doctor their knee and tell them it will be OK and we will get threw this and they are not alone .

    Our strength is in the Light of Truth and Love of many Hearts and seek your Heart for guidance from Father and Mother and the Angels and our guides . It is time to release the fears of what others think and be in Truth of self with the ONE.

    Together we can apart we fall Love freely Given I Give To You Tooter

  • Angelbee I always lover your pixes that you post they are beautiful thank you

    Greystar i use google translate it is helping me to relearn italian again & my son is using it for japanese & spanish

  • It took me to what looked like facebook in another language and lots of foreign names on the email address. I will forward to poetic to see if she can help send to someone for translation


  • Greetings to ALL,

    Thank you for sharing so many of your thoughts, emotions, and beautiful manifestations that is connected to Japan's tragedy. GreyStar, the visual of you holding a globe and sending such positive thoughts warmed my heart...lovely. If you need additional assistance with the translations of the FB posting, let me know if you like. My daughter is friends with Japanese exchange students and perhaps this would be of some assistance. I hold each of you in my heart, prayers, and intentions. Blessed Be, Two Owls.

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