• Ibelieve,

    Yes i do feel that you need to get your eyes checked i also felt strong pressure i thought it was a headache or migaine but the two could be related have you been experencing heachaches at all ?

  • No headaches but my third eye is acting up again. It's just a tiny pressure there at the center of my brow and I don't even notice it until I find myself rubbing it often. Last time this happened it lasted a about a week and a half then went away. My sister said I was getting a download. Maybe its happening again.

    But yes the eye are still leaking and itching (occassionally) and blurry double vision. AuntBuck said I might have an eye infection and that would account for it. I'm putting warm wash rags on it to see if I can draw the infection out and yes I will make that appointment. I'll give it a couple of days (if it doesn't get worse) cause the eye doctor cant do anything for an infection, she'll just send me to a doctor (which I don't have at the moment) And it appears I do need my glasses prescription updated but I also want to get the air puff test on the floaters just in case.

    Thanks so much for alerting me. I was ruuning around not thinking a much about it.

  • Hi Guys seen 2 more on the weekend the numbers are


    Have Faith in the angels and asceneded masters love and their power to miracculously

    assist you Call upon them often for help, and be opento recieving their guidance and healing energy .


    Youre on the divine right path leading to your abundance as you continue to walk in faith

    trust in and follow your inner guidance.


    Went on the freeway yesterday and i imagined that my car was surrounded in a bubble of white light that nothing could penetrate ,and prayed to Archangel Sandolphon to take my fears away well i drove right next to a semi trailer and felt safe as houses.

  • Loap,

    I yesterday I had angel number dreams. I have infor on the 33, 333 and 300 but the last number I got was quite strong and I do not have a reference for it.


    What does your book say?

  • Ibelive ,

    I am tapping into your energy so strong that when im reading your posts and i know that this is going to sound funny they look all watery and blurry ,at first i wast going to mention the eyes as im having eye trouble myself and i thought it was my own energy but then when this started happening only on your posts and nobody elses this was my guides way of comfirming this for to me for sure., and im so glad that you could relate to the pressure that i was feeling .

    now 574 means

    The angels are helping you to change your life for the better . Keep asking the angels for assistance,and then follow their guidance . Its working for you

    I put these ones down as well incase your info was different


    God and the asceneded masters are with you and within you right now . Your powerful connection with the highest vibrationsof love and light is clear and pure . Speak with and listen to heaven often


    Youve merged withe the asceneded masters ,and they are working with you day and night on many levels.They love , guide and protect you in all ways.

    Many Blessings LOap:))

  • Hi all seen another one today on my travels the numbers were 108

    108 means

    Your beliefs and mind-set around God bring many forms of abundance to you .Like the Creator you can share this wealth with others in many ways . Stay positive and teach others to hold positive thoughts about material supply as well .

  • LivingonaPrayer That was a good example of how to identify fear and to understand how it runs your life and even in decision making and what kinda of control it has over us . You identified confirmed acknowledged and told someone else then ask for courage to face the fear and you faced it head on and now that fear has no power over you now,and now your natural instinct is guiding you, and now our common since prevails and we are in a better position to make decisions not bound by fear.

    Always remember this and when another fear comes up you have faith in the solution and in yourself . You opened your Heart to the solution you ,you chose that path this is how we grow and be rid of the fears that have been ruling our lives and the more you remove the more you become aware and more in Truth you see .

    Ibeleive You also have done the same ,a lot of times we do not want to look because we are afraid of what others might think of us or look down on us or think were stupid ,but the biggest one is admitting it to our self and what will i do then ,that is the fear of not knowing . Now i am going to make a statement i want you all to think about .

    It is none of my business what you think of me none !!!

    Now i want you to think about that really think about it and let me know Love Ya Tooter

  • Hey Tooter.,

    I drove again on a busy road today trucks everywhere and did not feel one ounce of fear normally i would if im the passenger have my foot on the imaginary brake which drives my husband absoloutley nuts as i was petrified of them even when i wasnt the driver ,now i feel so much better . I am a shocking worrier and travellor even when im on a plane there are all thoughts of doom and gloom running through my mind and when turbuance hits forget it im literally shaking in my seat so i will try this next time i go flying as well .

    I agree yes its much better to not let fear rule your life .

    Love and Blessings Loap:))

  • Alright Mags, I somehow never saw this post and I have to ask about some reoccurring numbers, the numbers 832 and 823. Any info on those???

  • Ibelieve I am fascinated by the fact that you rub the brow like I do when you feel pressure on your third eye. I wonder is there something else we should be doing when we experience this?

  • Tooter,

    Oh yes! You are so right and don't I know it. That does not mean I always remeber it. Matter of fact I got caught up in caring just yesterday. Trying to make it my business. I did not want to...but I still wanted to know. It's that self esteem issue reering its ugly head, like I'm not good enough unless others think so too. I really hate that. I am good enough. I'm not perfect, never will be, I am a work in progress and as long as I keep making progress, that's good enough. I feel better today. Here's to being even better tomorrow.

    Love ya


  • RC,

    You got me thinking about that one. It's a lot more annoying today than yesterday. I'm going to try to write down a keyword each time it happens. Like this morning while reading a post from someone about elephants. There were references to them in the last couple of days and it jumped out at me each time, then this morning as soon as I read the word, it happened. So I wrote it down. It happened again as I was writing to tooter but since I was involved with getting my thought down, I do not remeber what I was thinking when it happened. But I'll see what comes up as I go on from here. I have gotten pretty good at noticing when the song changes in my head and taking note of it. So I can get better at this as well. I am quite closed off from my guides, and i think they are doing whatever they can to get my attention.

    Hope things go well for you today. I'll put a little note for you in your thread. (Promise to be as concise as possible for me. LOL)


  • Hi all seen 3 more on my travels lucky i have a good memory of numbers they are

    016 (16)

    Your positve thoughts create your reality, so only hold positive thoughts and expectations about material issues, and all your needs are met .


    You are qualified and ready now for your Divine life mission.Know and feel that truth . Affirm it often .


    The angels and Ascended masters help all your needs to be met .You and your future are safe and protected

  • Hey RC

    Nice to see you here the meaning s of the numbers 832 and 823


    Keep the faith that the asended masters have heard and answered your prayers , especially about your material needs . Trust and believe as all is well.


    Your faith in the ascended masters love and power has opened the doors for prosperity for you.

    lookin good !!!!!!

  • Yo Mags, Awesome! I'm loving that read thank you. I cannot tell you how many times a week I'm drawn to look at the time and it's one of those two numbers, usually 832 which happens also to be my old address (the one that burned). Cool indeed and the way I've been feeling the last couple days something is about to happen in a good way, I feel like there are these big iron heavy doors being drawn open finally, they're heavy so it takes effort but I can finally see some light....Yeah!

  • Ibelieve,

    I understand where you are coming from I too feel kind of closed off from my guides. I've never doubted their presence in my life I just don't feel like I've connected with them. Funny as I write this I almost hear a chuckle as if I'm about to be shown how silly that statement is....I'll keep you posted on that.

    But I too often have things strike me, cross my mind and there are times when they seem so meaningless you just kind of fluff them off. I've learned time and time again, had I paid closer attention or at least allowed that thought the recognition it deserved I might have figured something out or recognized a message a little bit sooner rather than after the fact adding up the pieces and realizing I should have seen it coming. Anyway, I'll look for your post on my thread.

    Have a good day.

  • Hey RC

    I seen a numberplate today with RC only the 2 letters as we normally have 3 in my state

    i wish i could remember the numbers if i see it again i will defeintly take note .I thought of you straight away .

  • Maybe it was just to get your attention Mags. A simple Hi from me.

  • Hey Guys seen two more on my travels


    Keep your thoughts and beliefs about your sacred life mission at a positive level . Expect success in everything you do , especially as it relates to your spiritaul path and sacred missions.


    The ascended masters are helping you change your thoughts to a more psitive viewpoint this in turn changes your life in wonderful and miraculous ways.

  • Loap,

    put the message of 531 together with the snake reading you got from Marc.


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