• Living i Think its ur spirit guides, guides guardian angels that send u all this. Like a proverbial shavel swing to connect on ur head.

    At times we say we listen n see, but we as often dont. Maybe these reaccuring messages is a sign they hear u, they help u, n for u to not fear or be ahm pigheaded LOL.

    Their words not mine. I´d use strongheaded instead lol ye more positive.

    my guides at times also has to smack my head to gte me to see n understand hello we´re here we heard n right now ya beating a dead horse to death. knock it off they say to me. LMAO

    i think its a sign u have gotten n now u need to say, i got it i understand it thank u. Sometimes thats all is needed.

    try it n see what happens

    best of luck sweetie


    ps all that yaddiyah regard u fear the unknown heeellooooowe´re human we ALL fear the unknown bc its unknown n no one knows what can happen in the unknown. so to make it into a HUGE paralysing fear factor is NOT a help.- ill never understand why pointing something like that out is a help. i never do n i never will. lord knows life has enough neg surprises for us all. why seek it out? ok im off my soapbox lol

    bless ya all

  • Hey CWB,

    Thanks for your help ive done like you said and i told them thankyou i do get it now ,im glad that i posted this as i would never have thought it was trying to tell me that you do understand, at first i really thought that YDU stood for why didnt you but that didnt make sense and thats another thing i forgot to mention there was a time not long ago when i seen a couple of cars and one was in the cemetery when i was going to visit my Dads grave with WHY on the numberplate that really stood out i mean being an actuall word and all .

    Many Blessings 2u Loap 🙂

  • Your welcome babes.

    at times we need to voice what stands out yet to us its a bunch of trees n not the forest per se. Happens to us all.

    bless ya babes


  • Ydu--Understanding is a gift of the Holy Spirit. Ydu adds to 50 initially. I broke it down to 5. I think there's 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit.

  • Gift of understanding corresponds to virtue of faith.

  • CWB,

    You said: "my guides at times also has to smack my head to gte me to see n understand hello we´re here we heard n right now ya beating a dead horse to death. knock it off they say to me"

    Yeah, I'm right with you there. They have to yell at me a lot.

    As for being negative, I did not mean for it to sound like that, I was saying to turn it around and think positively but as it was late, I probably did not write it very well.

    Sorry Living, it that was what came across. Should have just gone to bed.


  • Ibeleive honey sweetie, ur advice n post was magnificent. I like it a whole lot. With it it triggered a message, so you see it doesnt matter. we both helped living to the best of our gifts. Thats what counts. My ahm well one of my flaws is i at times like to argue issues to death. at times mentioning a core issue as fear is fine, bc its up to us wether we wanna b paralyzed or say eff no n fight it. Ibeleive i embrace n hug you!


  • CWB,

    That was so sweet of you of say, it warmed my heart. Thank you for the message and the flowers and candy. Love em.


    I wrote a journal entry a few weeks back about beating a dead horse on a racetrack while everyone else was celebrating back at the clubhouse. The lesson I was trying to understand for myself was the difference between vigilance and pigheadedness. Many times I just don't know when to quit. It was a great lesson but I still struggle with it.

    Again, thank you for your thoughts, you are quite insightful.


  • Now you get it ,its the heart God help them see, let them reread their writings and see the truth

  • Amen Delbertc'

    Ibeleive, as for my insightfullness urs aint shabby either. in fact they r grand. If i was bold i´d ask u also on my issues LMAo

    but i dont think i will LOLOLOLOL

  • Delbertc,

    Yes, many a time, I get a rough comment back because in my haste to jump in, I don't realize my thought process was not apparent. I do try to re-read my post first before replying though as the first thought is always "I didn't say that!" then I realize it realy was a bit all over the place. I am trying to slow down and feel truth as you said. To think first before I speak and the Heart is where yoou will find truth, not the mind.


  • Forgive me Ladies and CWB your a women after my own Heart and oh yes i would love to spend a day with you and to experience your truths and if i had posted what i wrote the first time well lets just say i didn't.

    Sometimes we get so locked into ideals of this and that we lose sight of the whole purpose and waist all our energy on things that have nothing to do with who we are and what we are trying to do with our life and if you doubt that reread what you have wrote and think but think from your Heart let your Heart guide your mind ,not your mind guide your Heart .

    Do you wait when your child is hungry and crying to see a certain sign or number ? NO if the child is hungry you feed them .If you are panicking when own the free way ask why ,is the freeway a dangerous place ? Yes it is especially when people are not paying attention to their driving by looking at every bodies license plate . Maybe you need to look at the positive side of being surrounded by trucks look how protected you are ,they can protect you a whole lot more than a car next to you and most truck drivers have years of experience of driving.

    I was thinking of a time over at my dads house and my aunts were there and telling some stories when they were kids and my grand parents and some of the things they use to do and one was to make their skin soft and complexion clear they would take fresh cow s*hit and put it own their face till it dried .

    Now my first thought was that is sick and grouse , but think about it back then it wasn't like now and most people did not have the means to buy stuff like that . But when you think about it i can see how it would work by drawing out dirt and stuff out of the pores own your face . Just because i have that knowledge does not mean i am going out to get some cow sh*it and put on my face LOL I think i rather just use soap.

    It use to bother me when i came here because i didn't know about tarot and the cards and the numbers and the cycles all i knew was i was a Leo and i have had a lot of remarks about being hard headed a know it all and even some women i was getting close to or picking up till they ask what sign then they were out of there LOL .

    Today i am glad i didn't know all of that because my Heart and mind needed to be to were i could see and feel and hear what Father knew i needed ,today i try to follow the path Father has laid out and i have to remember sometimes i have to taste the salt to remember i was looking for the sugar .Love Ya Tooter

  • CWB,

    Oh go ahead. I am better at giving advice than following. I save quite a bit of it to journal as I find I should be working on it myself. We are all human and we are all imperfect. Sometimes more so than others. LOL But we are all Connected as well. Which is the realy wonderful part.

    If you want you can reach me at


  • Thanx u guys. U rule! Ibeleive u´re such an warm sweetheart of an angel. Believe that.

    delbert my darling, u hit the nail. mostly it is about using the common sense íntuition we´re born with, the thing that makes us go zig or zag when head wanna go the other way. its the gutmessage that is never wrong.

    u are like me when we say, focus on ur god given gift ir intuition n u cant go all wrong.

    love u for pointing it out n undermarking it majorly,. LOVE IT

    U too are an angel. Angel of common sense is what i hear. standing obation here lol

    bless u both

  • Ibelieve

    There is no need to apologise i never took anything in your post as being negative i found it really interesting i want to say thankyou to you and everyone here for your help i really have enjoyed reading everyones different outtake on this as we all see things in differently, like myself thinking it was trying to tell me that i dont understand not that i did, and it makes sense now after seeing all the number sequences as i knew 100% in my heart that they were being sent to me from the angels .

    Many Blessings Love and Light Loap:)

  • Delbertc

    I totally agree with you about truck drivers i know that they have years of experience its just that the trucks themselves feel overpowering to me for some reason i dont know maybe something happened to me in a past life as i have a strong fear of them . I love your story about the cow poop truth be known its probably heaps better than anything we can buy in the shops for skin care but i dont think the smell would go down to well pew, it reminds me of how my uncle talks about how he got rid of his warts by urinating on them he swears by it . I feel i was drawn to Tarot as well even though i am learning the cards and was looking for a site to chat with like minded people out of all the sites out there this one jumped out at me and not just becos of its name . I have met so many beautiful people on here and . i never chatted to anyone on any forums b4 as i am a worrier when it comes to computers but im so glad i took the plunge .

    Many Blessings love and light Loap;)

  • Loap,

    Glad to hear I did not add to any discomfort. As I said I was rather tired when I wrote all that and later wondered exaclty what did I write. You know those late nights when you realy understand what is going on and it all makes sense. Then you wake up the next morning wondering,"What was that all about?"

    I do tend towards greater inspiration late at night. I like 3:00 am, I think it has to do with the empath in me and it is so quiet/peacful during that time; I can just feel everyone asleep. Since my schedule (young son) calls for a somewhat normal bedtime the late nights get mixed up with sleepyness occassionally.

    While I was writing I would go to bed at 10, get up at 2 and go back to bed after he went to school but kind of lost track of that one.


  • I believe ,

    I know what you mean im exactly the same i have 3 kids my hubby works in the evenings and they go down about 8.30-9pm by the time i do everything i have to do. its always after 11pm so by the time i send my healing its very late but that is the only time i can give it my full focus .

    I was wondering did you read what i picked up for you on jilnas thread ?

  • Loap,

    OMG, no I missed it. That was during the time when I could not log onto the site.

    Yes, my vision has been blurry and my eyes watering/gluey for a about a week. I am in need of an eye appointment anyway, but wanted to clear up the double vision somewhat first. I assumed it was eye strain but wasn't sure about the watering.

    Also, I aquired a floater (that's what it is called, Eye floaters look like black or gray specks, strings or cobwebs that drift about when you move your eyes.) just prior to the rest of the vision problems. I read it could be a sign of retinal detatchment but is mainly age related, which is why I wanted the eye appointment.

    Do you have any more in-sight on this? (Trying to be a bit humorous on such a serious toppic.)

  • Ibelieve...I think according to Louise Hay eye floaters are the refusal to see something. Wanting to block something out. One another level...sticky eye and watering sounds like an eye infection like pink eye. 8-} You might want to go get that checked out.

    Funny that everyone here is a night owl. So am I. Not working has really turned me into a night owl. I am rarely in bed before 3 am and I think when I do school work my instructors must think I'm insane since I post at 1-3 am all the time. LOL.

    It worked for me when I was training my replacements in Malaysia...5 pm my time is 8 am there time so they loved the fact that I was available at all hours of their day. hehehe. The people I worked with here would always email me and go seriously? Uh-huh. I will say...I am lucky because I don't work right now and am only going to school. Everyone thinks I'm nuts because I have to set my alarm in order to get up to go to class at 1 pm.

    As far as the truckers go? I hate passing them on the freeway because my car gets sucked into the backwind. I can handle it on a clear day but when I have to pass when it's pouring rain...scares the bejesus out of me. Otherwise...they can be very entertaining when you are traveling long distances.

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