• I have been seeing the letters YDU on numberplates everywhere i go, i googled it and it came back with YDU is abbreviated for YOU DONT UNDERSTAND . I was wondering if anybody might be able to do a reading for me to find out why i am getting this message and who it is from.

    Many thanks in advance

    Love and light Loap 🙂

  • Hey gurlfriend

    i think you have it backwards. I believe n feel its a messages that needs to be understood as:

    Many do not understand, but you are one of the few who does.

    by this i feel it is regard to ur gifts as empath, reader, psychic etc.

    many do not understand fully what it is what we do, nor do we at times, but too often we just know, n we stay strong onit no matter what. It just clicks u know.

    i hope this helps a tad sweetie


  • Hey Cwb,

    I never thought of it like that UNDERSTAND DONT YOU i also see number sequences as well on numberplates like 333, 444 ,and so on as well as the letter X and they always come in twos

    so this could be conformation then . Do you think its angels or my guides who are sending it to me?

    Thanks Cwb

    🙂 xx Loap

  • Hi LOP, Sounds like numerology to me. I can do a reading but it'll be tarot. I'll see what I come up with on the numerology.

  • Thanks Daliolite that would be great .

  • Angel Numbers from Doreen Virtue

    333 — The Ascended Masters are near you, desiring you to know that you have their help, love, and companionship. Call upon the Ascended Masters often, especially when you see the number 3 patterns around you. Some of the more famous Ascended Masters include: Jesus, Moses, Mary, Quan Yin, and Yogananda.

    444 — The angels are surrounding you now, reassuring you of their love and help. Don’t worry because the angels’ help is nearby.

    YDU : More apropriately You DO Understand.


  • Thanks i Believe its weird i never thought of it as i do understand just as i dont understand this has just happened after ive been seeing the number sequences for a few weeks now .

    Thanks your interpretations of the numbers is it the little pink book that you have ?

    Blessings Loap:)

  • YDU--breaks down to the number 5 in numerology. Could be any combination of abbreviations. Ask yourself what you think the meaning is. YD could mean year and day. Also, Hebrew is something like this. For example Yhwh is Yahweh. Sometimes answers don't come at once. Could be several months before it's revealed. Based on the number 5, I'd say a change is coming. Maybe you already know what the change is.

  • LOP,

    I got it off the internet some time ago when I was seeing number combinations of 2's and 8's which are transitional. (Doors opeing and closing) I ran across an article referencing her angel numbers in one of the Spirit Library newsletters.


    So, change is comming and the angels want her to know they are with her, maybe. Good to know.

  • Thanks Daliolite That is very ineresting as im a person who cant adapt to changes easily but how i long for them now , i need a break in the monotony .Thankyou so much for takiing the time to do this for me i really appreaciate it .

  • I believe ,

    i see all the multiples from 000 to 999 i have Doreen Vitues angel numbers book which has helped me interpret them and they are such a blessing to see everyday when i am driving about .but before seeing them i would see the letter x on numberplates everywhere i remember one time we were on the freeway my hubby was driving and i get frightend on the freeway as all the traffic is moving so fast and i worry that someone might slam on the breaks suddenly, and i have a strong fear of trucks anyway on this day we were surrounded by tricks either side one at the back and front oh i was having a heart attack then i noticed that they all had the letter x on their numbers plates some had 2 and i was seeing the letter x a while b4 this happened .

  • Hi LOP, I think it very well could be a reinforcemnt to you that God is with you. I don't like driving on the hiway either. If you would, could you tell me what Doreen Vitues says in regard to the number 5 as this number and combos of it like 14, 23 seem to follow me.

    Again, thank you. Your in my thoughts and prayers.

  • Loap,

    I might just have to go get me a copy. I have quite a few of her boooks and I so enjoy them.

    X, typically stands for the unknown. Comes from the mathematical formulas for X=?. The querant must solve the unknown (X) by way of the relationship of the other known factors in the equations. The X-factor, the X-Files are all about the unknown.

    The unknown typifies our fears.

    If you are seeing and X right before the numbers you described; then it appears the angels are asking you t call on them when you are getting caught up in fears. Add that with what Daliolite was saying, then if you are afraid of changes that are occuring or are comming, again call on your angels to calm/comfort you and be with you during the changes.

    X is also the roman numeral for 10. 1+0=1 in numerology. 1 as a positive stands for Leadership but 1 as a negative stands for Fearfulness.

    If you feel YDU as "you don't understand", it brings out your fear of the unknown (X). But if you turn it around so that YDU is "you do understand", then you can solve for X and bring leadership into the equation.

    Hows that sound; does this make since to you?

    With synchronicity, all things have meaning and they can be decipered in either a negative or a positive manner. The only difference between the two is how you perceive them. Keep a positive attitude, keep your faith in your protectors abilities and your fears disappeear. You can then percieve all the positive messages being brought to you.


  • Daliolite,

    Number 5 says

    This number relates to change , transformation, transmutation and alchemy . something in your life is changing or about to change for the better .

    I cant wait bring it on !!!!!!!

    Number 14 says

    Angels are helping you manifest your positive thoughts,affirmations and visualizations into reality .

    Number 23

    The asceneded masters are helping you to keep the faith.theyre with you right now and are available to you as you ask for their assistance .

    Number 32

    Keep Believing in your connection with the ascended masters As you to turn to them with increasing frequency, so shall your faith in this connection grow

    Number 41

    The angels say "Watch your thoughts only think about love and success. In this way only love and success come into your life the angels are available to help you choose positive thoughts as you call upon them for help .

    Number 50

    God and the spirit world are urging you to make this change they ensure the transition is harmonious and that you and your loved ones are supported in all ways . Let go and let God help you during this time of change .

    So i will take note now of what numbers are coming with YDU when im driving .

  • I believe,

    Thanks fior you interpretation like i will have to take note of what the numbers are now with both YDU and the Xs ,another time i was driving on the freeway again and i asked the universe ok if these Xs are a message for me show it to me in a different way ,then a few kilometres down the road there was a huge billboard with the X factor on it . I thought oh this must be just coincidence as the show was on tv at the time .

  • Loap,

    William S. Burroughs quote:

    “In the magical universe there are no coincidences and there are no accidents. Nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen.”

    and of course from the bible:

    "Ask and you shall receive."

    So you asked a question and there was your answer.

    Now, I was getting x-factor and fear factor mixed up. The X in X-Factor probably stands for "extra" as it is used in x-games and x-men. That of being above and beyond the normal. So if that was your answer, then...you are getting extra help, or extra messages?

    I don't know, I kind of had a good process going on my first answer so now I'm a bit lost.

  • Ibelieve

    Your first answer was very helpful thankyou for your insight i have to tell you all that i just seen another one on my travels and i took note of the whole number it was 566 now in my angels book 566 means

    Fears and worry can block your flow of material supply .Release your concerns to heaven . Ask for help, without specifying exaxctly how that help will appear . Be open to recieving the good that comes to you.

    Ok il give it a try


  • The book I have is Healing with Angels and it lists all the possible combinations. You can also google angel numbers and find the list on the internet. I love numbers and have been following them for a long time now. It's really really comforting to see numbers and just know that you are being supported. I like having confirmation and the angels give it to me all the time with numbers. When I really want a message, I ask for something specific like put a coin in my path or one time...it was a specific kind of seashell. :0)

  • As I notice it is 12:22 :0)

  • Aunt buck,

    I had 1111 songs on my ipod and i didnt want to load anymore on just because of that but i have i wish i could have kept it that number for ever .

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