What does it mean when Mars is in retrograde?

  • i've heard it's sorta a sucky time, but what does it mean exactly?

    What shouldn't I do, avoid, period? And why?

    I'm a Scorpio...so It's Mars for me.

  • Respectful greetings from Mark, whose mother Marcia was also named after the planet of war.

    Could it mean that after winning some battles it's time to retreat - in order to win the War?

    Marriages may end but divorce lasts forever.

    Marissa Moon will never again write Sex Stars for Forum Magazine. They have mooned her too often.

  • It's a time that happens about 3 times a year. This year is happening 4 times that last about 3 weeks. It's a time where communication can get crossed easily, verbal or things like computers go hay-wire. Electronics usually break down.

    This is a time for re-thinking, re-doing and re-inventing yourself.

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